How a Travel Agency CRM can help Travel Business for Custom Tour (FIT)

April 26, 2017 | Nilotpal Bhattacharya

If you are running a travel agency, then you can probably vouch for the fact that managing a FIT (Frequent Independent Travel) is way more job than organizing a guided tour. While creating a fixed departure tour package is not easy per se, accommodating unique traveling requirements of an individual (or small group of < 10) and managing the self-booked itinerary calls for meticulous planning and detailed execution.   If your travel business is getting …

CRM is not JUST a software: It’s a STRATEGY to take your business to the next level!

April 25, 2017 | Dummy Subs

How are you using your CRM system?   If you are the business owner, you are possibly tracking the sales pipeline of your employees or measuring their performance with your CRM. If you are a sales executive, you are most likely to use this system as a reporting tool rather than a sales weapon that can help you make more sales and improve customer satisfaction.   But time has changed! And sales situations are changing …

CRM: The Key to Improve Customer Retention & Boost Profit

April 20, 2017 | Nabanita Nag

When you are managing a small or mid-size business, sales numbers and bottom line are often your greatest concerns. However, in today’s business climate where customer acquisition cost is ever-increasing, it is surprising to see how few businesses are proactively focusing on customer retention.   A study conducted by leading market research firm Econsultancy in 2014 presents the below figure: Source: Econsultancy   As per the study, 40% of total respondents were more focused on …

Looking for a Real Estate Agency CRM to Manage Your Business? Here’s What You Need to Know!

April 18, 2017 | Nabanita Nag

As an industry, real estate agency has highly diversified requirements from that of any other business. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a CRM system, the generic rules for choosing the right CRM often do not hold true for the industry.   With a large number of property-inventory to maintain, longer sales cycles to take care of and numerous owners, buyers and renters to manage, a real estate agency CRM has special requirements for smooth …

Magically Transform Your Entertainment Business with the Customized Entertainer CRM

April 12, 2017 | Nabanita Nag

You may be an awesome singer or a charismatic magician or a stand-up comedian; if you are in the business of entertainment, you have one priority: to take your skills to the next level!   But, how are you supposed to focus on your skills when you are perpetually tangled in the various nuances of running a business? Gathering the leads from various sources, getting them in one single place, tracking their progress and finally …

Horizontal Vs Vertical CRM: Which One Should You Get?

April 6, 2017 | Nabanita Nag

The business scene has changed drastically in the past few years. With more and more passionate individuals launching their entrepreneur dream, small-mid scale niche businesses have become as significant (and might I add profitable!) as the big boys! However, in one respect all modern businesses, large, mid or small remains the same.   They all face the following business challenges: Improve Productivity Reduce Cost Increase Profit   While there are obviously other challenges (such as …

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