Outbound Vs Inbound Sales: Which One Should You Focus On

February 23, 2018 | Nabanita Nag

  As a business owner or manager, your primary concern is to ‘sell more and sell often’. And there’s been a lot of buzz about how to attain this goal (not just for one day, but on regular basis). While most seasoned salespeople follow their unique sales process, the methods of selling can be largely divided into two categories: Outbound Sales and Inbound Sales.   As the names suggest, outbound sales refer to the process …

Want to Boost Your Sales Conversion? Look Past the Vanity Metrics!

February 17, 2018 | Nabanita Nag

  If you are running a business then metrics such as page views, social media likes, users etc matters a lot. In fact, you are probably monitoring those metrics on regular basis and spending a considerable amount of money and time to up those graphs. But, have you ever noticed that even though some graphs such as raw pageviews, user registration, social media likes are getting higher, you are seeing minimal growth in terms of …

[How To] Supercharge Your Customer Support with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

February 12, 2018 | Nabanita Nag

  From the pages of science fiction, AI has stepped into our daily lives today! Be it Alexa ordering your monthly groceries or Siri searching the web at your command, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its presence felt to the billions of people across the globe. But, it can do much more than follow simple commands. In fact, AI has been disruptively changing the way businesses serve their customers since its very inception. With technology …

Is your business ready for a CRM system? Here are the Top 3 Indicators!

February 7, 2018 | Nabanita Nag

  John runs a travel agency. When he started out 5 years ago, his most valuable capitals were his passion for exploring new places and a keen eye for details. Operating with a small team of 3-4 individuals on a bootstrap budget, John made do with the most familiar tools that he could afford. With time, the business grew! Today, John’s travel agency has a robust team of 40 and an ever-increasing clientele. But, he …

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In CRM is What Your Business Needs

February 3, 2018 | Nabanita Nag

  Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably the hottest buzzword in the field of information technology today. And why not? Until recently, AI was more the stuff of doomsday movies (don’t get me wrong, a huge Terminator fan myself) than reality. However, backed by industry majors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google, AI research has accelerated at a break-neck speed for the last couple of years. Innovative IT providers, including these market leaders, have …

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