4 Essential Features to Look For in Your CRM for New Home Agency

May 12, 2017


So, you have a real estate business dealing exclusively in newly developed properties!

Like most real estate businesses, you too need a CRM system to keep track of your leads, customers, properties etc.

However, in today’s age when more and more businesses are opting for industry specific CRM solutions over horizontal systems, you definitely want a CRM that is tailored for your industry.

Thus, a vertical CRM for New Home Agency is your best choice!

But, the question is, how to choose the best CRM for New Home Agency?

With a number of real estate CRM solutions available in the market, selecting a software that is customized for New Home Agencies is no easy task.

So, here are 4 key features you need to look for in a CRM for New Home Agency!

Contract Status Reporting

One of the crucial tasks for any new home agency is to generate the contract status for each of their projects.

The contract status displays the present status of each property within a particular project. For example, if you are handling a housing project with 500 apartments in total, the contract status should display which of the apartments are booked, which are available, which are in negotiation.

Sending out this report on a timely basis is of utmost importance to maintain a transparent relationship with the concerned developer.

But, generating this report manually requires humongous effort, not to mention it still leaves room for human error (which can, of course, create a loss of confidence).

Thus, any vertical CRM for New Home Agency should have feature for generating contract status for any particular project with just a click of a button.

Below is the screenshot of our New Home Agency CRM, which shows how the contract status report looks like.


CRM for new home agency

Stacking Plan Display

This is another feature which is sought after by New Home Agencies.

While generic real estate businesses simply market the available properties, New Home Agencies can offer the buyers a choice for selecting a particular property from all the available ones.

Keeping the stacking plan handy and having a visual representation available for which of the property units are already booked and which are available is crucial for new home agents.

Thus, going for a cloud-based CRM system that has powerful in-built feature for displaying the stacking plan is the best choice for New Home Agencies.

Here’s how the stacking plan is displayed in our CRM for New Home Agency.


crm for new home agency 2

Powerful Transaction Module

Unlike a generic real estate agency, a New Home Agency has to handle multiple transactions for a single buyer.

If a buyer is purchasing a single property unit in a particular project, he/she may take 3 parking places, 1 storage unit and 1 cabana unit with it.

The new home agent has to keep track of all these transactions details as well as calculate their commission from the entire sale. Here, as per the nuances of your contract with the developer, you may or may not get a commission for accompanying units such as storage units, parking place or cabana units. The commissions for various unit types may also vary.

Thus, a CRM for New Home Agency requires a powerful transaction module where they can keep track of all the units purchased by a single buyer and also generate a comprehensive report for the same with just a click of a button.

This is how our CRM for New Home Agency displays the transaction details.


CRM for new home agency 3

Selective User Module

Being a New Home Agency, you have to handle multiple projects at the same time. And, it is only but natural that you would assign different agents for different projects.

Here, a powerful user module lets you control which of the project details a particular agent can view and update. Through the user module, you can also hide any project details you want from a particular user.

In short, a feature rich user module ensures that your users can view and modify only the projects assigned to them and thus, avoid much confusion.

Here’s how the user module looks like in our new home agency CRM.


crm for new home agency 4

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