5 Methods To Apply For Customer Retention Using Training Provider CRM

Jan 5, 2022

The 21st-century business world is almost like a battlefront. People are always in search of different ways to sustain themselves in today’s economy. For survival, we need a solid execution plan, our resilient dedication to achieve every goal and of course, our customers, right? Customers are the focal point of any business expansion. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen says “Customer retention is the new growth.” So hear ye, all training providers. We come bearing good news this new year. Your struggle for customer retention can be transformed into a cakewalk situation with the correct implementation of Training Provider CRM.

In this article, we will walk you through 5 different methods you can apply while using Training Provider CRM to retain your customers. 

Well-Designed Landing Pages

Websites act as the primary linking bridge between you and your customers. A well-crafted landing page can showcase your goals, client feedback, voice your opinions on your industry, be loaded with information relating to a wide range of courses that you’re willing to offer on your website.

According to Business 2 Community statistics, it is 6 times more expensive to win a new customer than maintaining an old one. And the only objective with which Training Provider CRM has been designed is to improve your customer retention rate. It is often noticed that learners are not likely to choose other brands when they get just what they are looking for. Through websites, you can find a way to encourage your customers to go for another purchase. Training Provider CRM profiles all your learners in a single view which can help you personalize their shopping experience. You can prompt several recommendations on the website which your learners could think of opting for.

For example, if a learner completes a course on a particular subject, let’s say, ‘General English 01’, that individual might be interested in the next grade too. So accordingly, you can recommend him/her to go for ‘General English 02’ and the thread goes on. 

Go Social For Course Promotion With Training Provider CRM

This digital era demands you to be more social. In fact, after the Covid-19 outbreak, social media has literally become the world. It houses all the millennials and that is why you should be there to promote your brand. It is the only platform that gives life to your brand. You can get your audience involve, interact and recommend ideas about how you can improve your business strategies. You should always open ways for them to communicate their inquiries or complaints so that you can kickstart the required course of action. 

People are increasingly resorting to social media channels for real-time support. Being active and responsive with the internet community can help create a positive customer experience. A quality CRM for Training Providers can collect your clients’ social profiles so that you can easily navigate and communicate with them outside business as well.

crm for training providers

Just because you run a training provider company, it doesn’t mean your posts have to be all serious and tedious. You can always include information relating to new courses you might launch- how are they beneficial, communicate your opinions on different ongoing issues, and so on. Anyhow, your posts need to be informative, relevant, and subtly engaging. For that  DocHipo is the best fit. It comes with a wide range of templates that you customize or create for your social posts. So no need to start from scratch, ever again!

crm for training providers

Customer Retention Via Webinar Events 

You can also use social media platforms or emails to invite aspiring audiences for webinars on different course topics. People find webinars to be extremely informative and gripping when it comes to learning with expert guidance. It maximizes your website traction and scales your lead generation as well.

You can also retain your existing customers for booking webinar events. Based on a customer’s profile and journey history that your Training Provider CRM holds efficiently, you can easily identify who could be interested in which course. Accordingly, you can send out webinar invitations via emails and deliver a tailored experience altogether. 

Here is a DocHipo designed webinar template for you. Let’s be colorful, be creative– all at the same time!

crm for training providers

Target Your Audience With Training Provider CRM

This CRM for Training Providers is a cloud-based software that can be accessible to anyone from anywhere with any device whatsoever. And for making a business successful, internal collaboration is mandatory. You and your team can access any information right from this CRM and use it for keeping your customers engaged. You can always tailor your service by providing course information that is relevant to a particular learner. 

This CRM for Training Providers holds everything in a unified form, and it stores every touchpoint interaction and documents customer history in a streamlined fashion. It also creates a single view profile for each client and has interconnected modules. So that even when you want to view the deal details regarding a customer, you can navigate complete information about them. 

crm for training providers

You can also create and allot tasks to your teammates to nurture connections with your customers. The only thing that you need to do is to sync your schedule for tasks, set reminders or book a date on your calendar or mention any team member so that they get instant notifications. Falling through the crack? Not an option for you! 

crm for training providers

Deliver A Personalized Experience 

To keep your customer’s interest alive, you need to draw their attention to your content and your courses. Remember your Training Provider CRM stores and documents every data, or touchpoint interaction that you can need? Yes, that is the only thing that you need to improve customer engagement and deliver a personalized experience. People are always looking for courses that are relevant to them. When you’re equipped with this CRM solution, you can easily evaluate their preferences, tailor your service and take a notch higher in brand recognition.

If you select any specific record from the contacts’ module, you can view each of your learner’s purchase patterns, the best time for communication (via calls or emails) which helps you understand the kind of courses, offers, or discounts that they can find appealing for future loyalty. A contact does not necessarily mean one opportunity, it could mean hundreds in the future. So leverage the full potential of this CRM for Training Providers to repeat your business! 

crm for training providers

For emails, you can customize stunning infographics from DocHipo with all your informative content. Here’s an exemplary picture laid out, just for you. 

crm for training providers

Create, customize and captivate your customers!

Business In A Bird’s Eye-View 

Training Provider CRM software comes with tons of comprehensive reports and effective dashboards which help you to get a bird’s eye view of your business. As this solution is AI-powered, it gathers real-time information and can timely auto-update itself as well. You can learn and summarize which strategies are working for and against your business banking on all these updates and brainstorm innovative ideas to execute too. Though these reports and dashboards might not seem very helpful at first, they can dramatically improve your business growth when implemented right.

For example, this is how a report looks like- 

crm for training providers

And a dashboard looks like this- 

crm for training providers

Last but not least,

Apart from everything else, you should always look out for your customers, help them and maintain strong relationships so that you never run out of business. Retaining an existing customer is always the best option for business growth as it costs a lot less than acquiring a new one. Maintaining relationships with your customers lies at the heart of this CRM for Training Providers. It also comes with a vast array of benefits that can truly take you to the next level. 

Here’s a super-cool video that can help you visualize the entire process even better.

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