5 Reasons Why You Need the Migration Management App (not just a CRM) for Managing Your Migration Agency

Feb 20, 2017

Running a migration agency is pretty different compared to running any other business. Thus, if you are trying to bring order to your ‘pretty much cluttered’ operations with an off-the-shelf CRM for Migration Agency, then you are in for a rude awakening.

What makes a migration agency different from any other business is the number of stakeholders involved in the entire business operation. As a successful migration agency, you must handle the entire paperwork for each case, liaison with lawyers as well as their assistants, update the clients about the progress of their cases and ensure speedy completion of the entire process. Managing all these tasks smoothly and ensuring proper communication flow calls for a highly-customized application that is built to suit the myriad requirements of a migration agency.

So, here’s 5 reasons why you need the Migration Management Application and not just a simple CRM for your migration business.

#1 Beautiful Reporting to Make Case Management Easier and Faster

When you are handling several cases at once, keeping track of every case, including their present status, how long they have been stuck in the present status, present ownership, documentation, and paperwork are easier said than done.

The intuitive Migration Management App tracks all these details and much more and presents them in form of easy to digest reports, right on the Home Page.

This way, you can track your entire operation at a glance from the application Home Page itself.

Migration management app

#2 Send Automated Follow-up Notifications to The Case Owner

When you are in the migration business, follow-ups are part and parcel of your life (often painfully)! You have to follow up with the clients for documentation, follow up with the lawyers and their assistants for status of the case and follow up with various Govt immigration departments for speeding up the entire procedure.

What happens when a particular case owner misses a follow-up? The entire process slows down and your reputation takes a hit!

Migration Management App is built to send automated notifications to the case owner, so that he/she is never late to make a follow-up call. You can also schedule meetings, calls or any other task within the application to get notifications about it.

Not only this, the intelligent application sends notification to the case owner as well as the administrator for each case that is stuck at the same level for pre-decided period of time. This way, your attention is drawn to any case that is inactive for some time and you can take immediate actions to address the situation.

#3 Document Management Made Easy

As a Migration Agency, you have to collect, assort, submit and curate a whopping number of documents. While keeping these confidential documents safe and secure is your priority, keeping them organized and handy is of crucial importance too!

The Migration Management App does exactly that. You can store all the important documents against each case, and against each family member within a case securely and systematically; so as to be able to find them with a few simple clicks only.

migration management app

#4 Let Clients and Law Firms Access Important Information and Documents Through Separate Online Portals

Your clients are always eager for update. And the lawyers, assistants and associates are constantly demanding documentation to ensure case progress. Between updating clients regularly and supplying the important paperwork to the law firms, you are losing precious man hours doing something painfully mundane!

The Migration Management App addresses this issue and saves you valuable time by offering separate portals for clients and law firms. You can create unique login access for each client, with which they can log into the portal to track the progress of their respective cases. On the other hand, a lawyer or assistant can view all the cases assigned to them and access the documents for those particular clients.

With these portals in place, you not only save time, but also create a relation of transparency and trust among your clients and associates.

#5 Check the Pulse of Your Business with Advanced Analytics

When your business transcends borders and deals with currencies from several countries, tracking your financials is a tad harder!

With the advanced analytics of Migration Management App you can track the inflow or outflow of money (including currency conversion), see cases according to countries and track profit for any financial period. The reports are generated in form of beautiful pictorial representations and thus are highly comprehensive.

Gone are the days when you had to manage with an off-the-shelf CRM or had to deal with complex customization! With the awesome Migration Management App in place, you can manage your business seamlessly and in the most efficient way.

To know more about the Migration Management App or to know what more it can do for your business, get in touch with our experts now!

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