9 Workflow Automation Benefits With Entertainer CRM

Apr 27, 2022

Time is transient. And so are our potential customers. As they become progressively tech-savvy, they want businesses to meet their myriad of expectations. Mind you, they are also constantly bombarded with options. As a modern-day entertainer, we know that you might find great difficulty in tracking opportunities besides your creative space. However, business growth and development require our unhinged attention. That is why we come bearing our most effective solution– our Entertainer CRM. Built on the award-winning Zoho platform, it comes along with a wide range of automation functionalities. 

But for starters, let’s learn about workflow automation and how CRM helps us. 

You see, every industry vertical has its individual unique work pattern. When you are equipped with our tailored Entertainer CRM, a drastic increment in terms of scaling your business becomes visible. Other than fulfilling its own goal of strengthening relationships with your customers, our solution with its automation features helps you do the following: 

  1. Entering potential clients’ data, updating them after conversion
  2. Allows you and your teammates to operate interactions with your customers strategically. 
  3. Voluntarily dismisses daily mundane tasks. 

In this article, we will explore how effectively the automation features of Entertainer CRM can help you.

Automated Capturing Of Your Leads

Leads are one of the most integral parts of developing a business successfully. Without them, your business practically has no future. So before getting started with the process, you need to procure/ generate maximum leads from various sources. Such as website landing pages, social media platforms, referrals, inbound calls, and so on. Now generating an ample number of leads is one thing, but capturing them simultaneously is another. Entertainer CRM automatically does the deed on your behalf. How? Let’s say, an inquirer visits your website, finds a suitable service, and wants to inquire about it. He/ she can show interest by inserting their details on a pre-embedded contact form so that our CRM can instantly capture their information. It also places the acquired knowledge in the respective fields under a new separate lead entry so that you can evaluate their merits later.

Entertainer CRM

Automated Email With Entertainer CRM

As an entertainer, you must already be busy with your creative work, undoubtedly it needs uninterrupted concentration. You surely don’t want to be poked now and then whenever a potential customer inquires about your services. But handling leads most tactfully is another side of a business. Now whenever our Entertainer CRM captures a lead, it automatically sends out an acknowledgment email with the prospect’s name and the price details of the services that they might have inquired about. Therefore, this informative email saves you tons of your time and encourages further interaction with your prospects. 

Entertainer CRM

Instant Alert To Your Sales Team 

It’s a no-brainer that your prospects need assistance when they do inquire about a particular service or product. So when our effective Entertainer CRM solution captures a lead, it almost immediately notifies the respective team members about it so that they can go ahead with the nurturing process. Now, as an entertainer, we are certain that you must be tied up with multiple events in a row. So you can delegate your workload by scheduling various meetings or calls or creating follow-up activities for your potential customers. You can assign the same to your teammates and set reminders or task deadlines so that you never falter during the process. All you require is a one-click mention for teammates so that they get informed about their upcoming tasks instantly. 

Entertainer CRM

Automated Customer Profiling

Once you’re done with nurturing your leads, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is conversion. Once you press the ‘convert’ button for the lead Entertainer CRM creates a contact, company (for B2B opportunities), and opportunity. It automatically profiles your customer under the aforementioned perspectives in separate modules. So if you get inside the contact record of a particular customer, you can view all the contact-related information. Based on their responses to your previous activities, CRM rightly detects the most convenient time for communication. It follows the same pattern for the other two modules. Each of these is dissected into a business-card section, detailed information section, and related lists.

Entertainer CRM

Ready-Made Sales Pipeline With Entertainer CRM

Along with the plentiful features that help you strengthen your relationships with your customers, our Entertainer CRM comes with a ready-made sales pipeline. This pipeline covers all the action points that you can possibly require so that you never have to wonder what your next step will be. Our solution efficiently auto-updates itself after each stage completion. Handling multiple opportunities at a time is tough. But once you’re backed with our CRM software and its complementary pipeline, you can keep a diligent track of your customers’ progress.

Entertainer CRM

Send Out The Show Details Form 

Imagine an automated form that collects detailed data and stores them efficiently. With our Entertainer CRM, it is possible. Yes, the key functionality of our solution is the ‘show details’ form. When you finally evaluate your customer’s merits and decide to move forward with the opportunity, you might want to obtain more information about the event. This form includes all the informative fields that you might think necessary and you can share it instantly via email. And the moment, your customers fill this form out, our CRM automatically captures it and stores them in the detailed information section of the deal record. How cool is that!

Entertainer CRM

Set Your Dates On Calendar 

It is humanly impossible to remember all your event dates and venue, and today maintaining a diary or a spreadsheet is absolutely not your option. With our Entertainer CRM, you can maintain a calendar to set your dates. When you gather considerable information from the ‘show details’ form, you can sync your schedule with your calendar. You need to do is select the date, enter the venue, duration of the performance. And voila, you’re done!

Entertainer CRM

Automated Invoice Generation With Entertainer CRM

Our CRM solution for entertainers comes along with stunning invoice templates. When your customers approve of your previously sent price details, you can easily issue an invoice. You can select the products/ services that they prefer which can be followed for multiple rows. And once you save it, you can download it in a PDF format and share it via email. 

Entertainer CRM

Data Analytics And Insights With Entertainer CRM

With Zoho CRM for Entertainers, you get comprehensive reports and dashboards which help you scrutinize all your business aspects in an aerial view. Be it the overall performance of your business, the number of leads being generated daily, the conversion and sales-win rates– every piece of information is gathered here. Plus, you always get updated with auto-updated data analytics and insights. So that you can initiate innovative strategies and execute them accordingly. Let’s see how a report looks like-

Entertainer CRM

And this is a typical dashboard-

Entertainer CRM

Last Words, 

Honestly, it won’t be wrong if we say that the business world will stop without technology and automation. A smart world deserves smart solutions after all. Built on the award-winning Zoho platform, our Entertainer CRM is a feature-rich solution with effective automation powers. You can accessed with any device and at any hour of the day– just a browser is all that you need.

Watch this video, if you still find it hard to believe us! 

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