Be Above Average: Traffic-Lead-Conversion Solutions to Help Your Business Grow

Mar 8, 2017

If you are like most of the businesses, you have a website (which you have made in-house or commissioned a web-development agency to make for you) to secure your online presence and a CRM system to manage your sales funnel. However, when you are managing a large-scale business that deals with myriads of data that needs to be constantly updated into the website as well as CRM, managing the both becomes nothing short of difficult.

Moreover, when you are trying to synchronise your brand positioning, website design, website content, marketing efforts and customer interactions to create a seamless user experience; it become a humongous job with one end or the other constantly falling apart.

So, what’s the solution for this? How can your business become above average and create a tangible brand persona?

These are the questions that have been bothering us and these are the same questions that fuelled us in pushing our limits to become a Traffic-Lead-Conversion facilitator.

As we put on this particular hat, we did some serious R&D and found you a far easier way to manage your business.

So, here’s how a centralized Traffic-Lead-Conversion solution can help you reach your aspirations!

One System to Manage It All  

Well, the subtitle may have some ‘Lord of the Rings’ undertone, but think how awesome it would be if can update all the product information on your website from your cloud CRM only!

This way, you’ll only have to log into your CRM (which you can do from anywhere and everywhere with just a browser) and you can add new products, edit existing product details, view each enquiry against particular products, assign the leads among your sales team, keep track of and interact with leads through beautiful e-mails as well as finally convert those leads into paying customers!

This above screenshot is taken from a demo Website-CRM solution we built for the real-estate industry in particular.

As an end to end Traffic-Lead-Conversion facilitator we are dedicated towards creating similar (or better) business solution that combines beautiful website with an advanced cloud CRM system and lets you manage your day to day activities from one platform only.

Now, isn’t it magical?

A Brand Persona that your Customers Cannot Get Enough Of

You know as well as any business that brand recall is THE secret of success in today’s world!

And creating a humane brand persona is crucial for establishing brand recall. While this is a common understanding among business owners, problem arises when they outsource different areas of brand building to different experts.

For example, suppose you’ve engaged Expert A to create an awesome website and have purchased Digital Marketing Services from Expert B. Meanwhile, Expert C is taking care of your CRM implementation requirements. Although, Expert A, B and C may be highly regarded in their respective areas of expertise; they cannot help but have personality and creative differences which invariably reflects on their work. As a result, your brand will end up displaying three different personalities when it comes to website, online marketing efforts and customer engagement communications.

How confusing will this split personality be for your customers?

And, what cost will your business pay for this confusion?

With our traffic-lead-conversion services, we aim at bridging this gap and create an awesome brand persona for your business.

When you are running a business, the old saying ‘Time is Money’ is too real to ignore!

Be it manually entering every new lead to your CRM or assigning the leads to your sales executives, every task that you are doing manually (but can be automated) is costing you money! They are consuming your energy that you can better utilize by innovating newer business avenues and thus driving business growth.

The best way to save this time is to create seamless integration between your website and CRM.

By integrating your website with your CRM system, you not only get rid of this tiring activity of entering leads manually, but also reduce your response time significantly to create better user experience.

In short, as a Traffic-Lead-Conversion facilitator, we offer you end to end business solution for creating an amazing brand personality, easy to manage Website-CRM system and innovative automation for saving time.

So, if you want to make your business above average, get in touch with our experts here for end to end Traffic-Lead-Conversion solutions.

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