Be at your A-Game in The Tourism World with An All-In-One Travel Agency CRM

Oct 22, 2021

You see, traveling is a kind of respite for a person with a 9-to-5 job. Let’s say, it’s a kind of sweet escape from the concrete walls of hustle. So, when you run a travel agency, trust me, you will want to be the sole bridge of convergence where their wanderlust souls find a way to explore the unexplored. To sate your travelers, you must deal with countless demands and for this, you need a tailored Travel CRM as your lifeboat. 

A Travel CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software program designed to coordinate and streamline the entire sales process. It helps you to store an ample amount of customer data– their needs and preferences. Also, not to forget, the CRM analytics based on your real-time interactions with your customers, allows you to target your audience effectively. Imagine it already!

Now in this article, let us cruise deep into the necessities of CRM software for your travel agency. 

Track all your Clients Tirelessly 

Today global connectivity is helping businesses to expand with robust rapidity. So, a well-designed website, social media platforms, email marketing, referrals all play catalysts for attracting your potential audience. Even as an add-on, Zoho SalesIQ helps you to engage with your audience. How?  You can easily approach your website visitor by building a chat-bot (which asks ‘Can I help you?’) and initiate a conversation with your traffic.  You’ll get to see all the real-time visitors of your website, the number of websites they have browsed through and also, you can track the time they are investing in your website. Even you get to store all the live-chat transcripts for future reference. Super cool, isn’t it? 


Market Your Popular Destinations

Technology has struck a massive blow across the globe. And potential customers have become progressively tech-savvy. Believe me, they do have a clear picture in mind about what exactly they want. Now, as they’re aware of their options, they demand personalized service and this is where a Travel Agency CRM comes to your rescue.

With Travel Agency CRM, you can target your audience and capture your potential leads. You obviously have options of attracting potential customers from social media, website, and email marketing. To give it a tinge of personalization, you can capture their interests and preferences and trigger automated email campaigns to promote your brand with seasonal discounts on birthdays and anniversaries. For new leads, you can fall back upon the earlier interactions to delve further and for the existing ones, based on the previous trips, you can market other destinations as well. This tool advances you with the ability to access all your customer databases anywhere and anytime!


Manage your Trips better

Traveling is something that people can never get enough of. Most people require a hell lot of thought for planning a trip. And here you are running your business, dealing with your multiple customers at a time, suiting their myriad preferences. Seems like a limitless job, really! But don’t you worry when Travel Agency CRM has got you covered. As platform advances you to manage your trips better, you can access all the data that is needed. For instance, the start and end dates, PAX (headcount of the number of passengers), the payment information about any particular trip. Also, you can find every information in a streamlined manner– business card details, a detailed information section and all the related lists for a specific trip. Thus, you can document, manage and even share your information with your team.


Interact with your Customers

When you run your mighty brainchild and try to grow it even bigger, it’s quite obvious that your customers become your prime concern. With Travel Agency CRM, you can build strong relationships with your customers and manage their expectations to achieve your goals. It equips you with the ability to collect, schedule, and manage every communication touchpoint with your customers. Be it chat transcripts or client feedback or emails– every single thing is documented, analyzed, and segmented into particular profiles. You name it and you have it!

Improve Customer Service

In a research survey, Management consultancy PwC found that out of 15,000 consumers across 12 countries 73% of respondents reported customer experience as an important factor for purchasing decisions. So, when you manage your business with CRM software you can easily streamline communication with your clients by sending automated responses. Make use of the predefined email templates to ensure consistency and keep it professional. Also, you can add images and logos of your brand and customize them your own way. Templates are extremely helpful for seasonal promotions and email marketing.

A key takeaway from a quality CRM software is the ability to capture deep-rooted customer information. Reviewing their past trips, preferences, experiences, and communication you get real insights about how to communicate with each customer in the best-personalized way possible.

Shorten your Sales Cycle

Even though it is unsaid, it is already known that in any business when you enhance and shorten your sales cycle, there’s a major possibility that your customers will spend less time deciding and buying sooner. Pace Productivity has found that sales representatives spend  22% of their week actively selling their services with automated emails and content disruption. Therefore, the key takeaway here is that you can assign your teammates to engage with different tasks whether it’s a follow-up task or scheduling a meeting or a call. They will get instantly notified about their upcoming task. Seems so simple, right?

Save Time and Labor

Of course you want to sustain your brand name in the tourism world. For that, you must believe that technology is your friend and automation is your tech-twin. A CRM software can anchor email templates, set up task reminders or pop-ups, schedule meetings and calls with one single click. You can even create or add comprehensive reports and dashboards to learn and summarize all the crucial analytics with a quick glance. This, as a result, will help you in connecting with your customers faster and better.

Above everything, you must bear in mind that you can make your customers happy only when they feel listened to and reciprocated. With their valuable insights, you’ll find swelling growth in your business. So, adopt your Travel Agency CRM today. Appease your customers with a joyous journey. And you’re enroute to success in the tourism world!

Here’s a super cool video about how you can implement effective strategies using our Travel agency CRM and take your business to the next level!

So fasten your seatbelts because you are about to fly high in the success sky. Hurry up and check out our website today!



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