6 Powerful Benefits Of Building Custom Apps On Zoho Creator

Sep 30, 2022

Take a good, hard look readers. The business landscape has never witnessed such a massive shift that ushered with the pandemic. Technology, business approach, customers– you name anything and see its 2.0 version. But you know, the best way to win big is when you realize that all these three things are intertwined with each other. 

Long gone are the days when our offices were limited to concrete walls. Today everything is virtual. Customer choices have evolved. And now thanks to technology, we can build and customize applications and make them exceptionally unique for our business. 

I believe there are no two businesses that are exactly the same. Every business has a unique process that you might carry out with off-the-shelf software tools. However, those are designed for generic purposes and not specifically meant for your business purpose. What if you have a particular aspect where none of those off-the-shelf ones fit? Zoho Creator is designed with this thought in mind. You can build and customize your application and make it a power-pact solution with this effective tool. 

In this article, we are going to explore in depth the 6 powerful advantages of using a customized solution. 

#1. Effortless Building Procedure With Zoho Creator

Imagine a platform that lets you create your business app. Enter: Zoho Creator. It is a low-code application development platform that provides a GUI-rich application development environment and features visual programming activities to make it a simplified, augmented, and decipherable architecture. 

The platform comes bundled with rich, intuitive visual builders, with ready-made code snippets, report templates, and built-in connectors. 

One might think that building customized apps can cost a fortune. But no, not in the case of Zoho Creator. Since this platform does not compel you to write endless codes, it requires less programming expertise and it lives on the cloud. Therefore, you can easily cut off the maintenance expenses. 

#2. Flexibility And Productivity

People are taking their business realm into full swing as technology is winging a wide range of functionalities by the day. And Zoho Creator is a product of technology. When you build a full-fledged customized app, you can fit all your preferred functions under an umbrella. 

You know flexibility is the need of the hour in the business ecosystem. And you would agree that there are several major aspects of a business that you need to look after. A customized application takes care of it all. You can customize the features on top of off-the-shelf software and make it flexible enough to adopt interoperability amongst your marketing, sales, and support teams to secure maximum productivity in your business. You don’t need to switch between different tools, instead, you can customize your application to incorporate multiple features. It becomes much easier for you to tackle your business operations, collaborate extensively with your team, increase productivity and have greater ROI rates. 

#3. User Scalability And Support

Let me tell you if you choose the right software and direct your business with data-driven goals, your business is bound to scale. What is scalability? Let’s say you offer a product that can be used by 100 people. Now when you wonder if that particular product can be used by 1000 people today and 10,000 by tomorrow, you are looking at scalability. 

Likewise, when you create your app, you need to see whether your users can use it effectively even if your user base goes up and beyond. You can use this platform as a fully scalable productivity solution. You don’t need a patchwork of different tools, instead, you can simply customize your business operating system to boost productivity. With Zoho Creator, you can build your solution, and host training sessions to support your team in achieving maximum KPIs. 

#4. Mobility With Zoho Creator

We are living in this smart world. Gadgets are of course, more convenient and the mobile workforce has played a significant role in the smart device revolution. Since all the applications built on Zoho Creator are cloud-based, you can use them on any device, and at any time. Since the pandemic, most businesses have transitioned into work-from-home models. And mobility has indeed, played a huge role in driving their success. It becomes a lot more flexible and productive, easier to collaborate with your team, and improves customer service. 

#5. Create Robust Customer Portals 

If we talk about the business approach, we can say that modern businesses are building a customer-centric culture. Since customers have a multitude of options to choose from, for one particular product, everything revolves around them. They are at the center of the business dynamics and therefore, it is important to remodel our businesses with a customer-centric approach. 

The best way to create one such environment is to empower our customers. Customer portals are secure, self-service websites that are designed to give our customers access to pertinent accounts and product information. As an organization, you allow your customers to log in to your dedicated portal, so that they get context-specific access to resources, raise support tickets, lodge questions, find help, and review your products. 

With Zoho Creator, you can create robust customer portals that have built-in authentication and security mechanisms in place. This is a great way to personalize their experience, by giving their own credentials to create individual accounts. Through these self-service portals, you can engage your clients with relevant product information, set up knowledge bases or FAQs to find answers to general questions, and online discussion forums. 

Using this tool, you can import your portal users individually or in bulk. Once they are added, an automated invitation is sent for registration so that they can easily sign up for it. Effortless innovation at its best! 

#6. Easy Integration With Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is extremely flexible when it comes to third-party integrations. You see, it is designed to simplify your business operations and help you to the fullest. And this platform exactly does what it says. You can easily integrate your customized application solution with every Zoho app or other third-party apps (Zoho Books, Zoho People, G-suite, Microsoft, Zapier– to name a few) to unify your business in one central space. 

Final Thoughts,  

Customization is the new normal in the global marketplace. While there are several benefits of using a custom application that I have tried to highlight in this article, the best part is simplifying the complex processes of increasingly specialized businesses. Building one, and creating a hub from where you can operate all the aspects of your business should be your base strategy. 

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