Benefits of Using Travel Agency CRM

Mar 6, 2020

Travel agency business is growing at a rapid pace. But with rapid growth arises complexities and challenges of running the travel agency business successfully. Every traveler is unique, has his/her own preferences. This preference category is not homogeneous. This category ranges from holiday destination to food, from mode of transportation to hotel bookings and so on.

So, where do you focus? As a travel agent your number one priority is customer experience. But to provide such an experience you need to collect and organize client details. This will ensure a loyal client base.

Now if you wish to continue with your travel agency business and reap profits out of it then you must again pay attention to every little detail about your clients.

Apart from handling clients you have other important responsibilities as well which will keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • Organizing travel plans, make itineraries
  • Making the bookings
  • Finding new holiday destinations

All the above responsibilities might give you many sleepless nights and keep you on toes!

But the point is if you are still using archaic methods of documentation such as Word, emails, excel sheets, docs etc then it won’t take you much time to start losing business opportunities.

Do not be scared!

Here are some solutions which can help you fuel your travel agency business using the industry specific Travel Agency CRM.

Efficient management of inquiries and lead capturing

You can get inquiries via website and landing pages using Travel Agency CRM directly into your CRM. Then you can distribute leads among your teammates.

This division of labour ensures better lead handling and increases the efficiency of all your co-workers. The more efficient you are in responding to the inquiries and offering relevant solutions, the more the opportunities you have of converting the leads to customers.

Easy automation of tasks

We humans are prone to errors. It is very natural for us to commit mistakes. In a day probably you get 100 inquiry calls, emails. But if you are unable to get back to the inquiries and forget about them you are probably putting your reputation at stake and risking business opportunities. Prospective customers as well as customers expect shorter response time. As a Travel agent you might have to focus on selling your products as well as enriching long term customer relationship.

With the Travel Agency CRM you can easily automate actions. You can also send predefined Email Templates (acknowledgement email, itinerary, alert emails etc), you can create follow-up tasks for yourself and your colleagues as well, update fields (“lead status” to “contacted”) just in one click.

Such automation is time saving and efficient.

For example, suppose you are conducting a trip to Dubai, then you might want to send a list of do’s and don’ts to all the passengers. After that you can go ahead and create an email template and send this to all the trip specific passengers. You can automate this task as well.

Quick generation of invoice and vouchers

You can create beautiful Quote templates using our tailored Travel Agency CRM. The Quotes can be sent straight away to your clients. After the quotation is accepted, it can be converted easily to an invoice by just one click and can be sent to your clients through emails from the CRM system itself.

Effortless management of all your contacts

You can keep records of the entire customer journey using Travel Agency CRM. Track all passengers travelling in a trip and you can categorize them as who is the “primary contact” person from a group and who are the “guests”.

You can easily gather, collate, manage, segregate, filter contacts according to your criteria.

Seamless management of marketing campaigns

Create amazing email campaigns and social media campaigns to market your most popular packages, monitor outcomes and make right business decisions.

You can use the newsletter feature to get the subscription list of whom to send the email campaign templates.

Efficient management of fixed departures

For conducting fixed departures, you must pay extra attention. You cannot cross the capacity of booking intakes as well as there are several other considerations to be taken into account (generate invoices, reservations and so on). Here, Travel Agency CRM can come in handy. It gives you the needed visibility and makes the data more readable. With such insights you can take your travel agency business to the next level of success.

Hassle free integrations

Travel Agency CRM can be integrated with other third-party applications for several purposes. For example, it can be integrated with Google Drive to store information. This stored information can be pulled as and when required. Telephony/ phone-bridge integration, SMS integration, accounting software integration etc are also possible. Integrating your calling and messaging software with the CRM auto logs the call details and contact’s information for future reference and visibility in the CRM system.

Travel Agency CRM seamlessly integrates with other Zoho products as well.

Create relevant reports

With the Travel Agency CRM you can create standard reports and standard dashboards across multiple modules like leads, trips, quotes, invoice, vendors activities etc.

You can generate reports and see what your numbers are. Where you need reforms and which areas need some extra focus.

Case Studies

Keeping your specific needs in mind we provide business solutions that would help you get a 360° view of your travel agency business. With such insights you can grow your business and increase your revenue and deliver excellent customer experience!

We weave magic for you. Don’t believe us? See what our customers have to say about the Travel Agency CRM.


Last Words

As a travel agent you must be looking for a system that can combine marketing automation, manage the sales pipeline efficiently, gather customer feedback into a single platform. You need a system that is rich in functionality yet affordable. Hence, we are here to help you.

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