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Aug 16, 2021

Training industry business has seen massive growth in the recent decade. Individuals and corporate employees are always looking for ways to upskill and improve themselves to their best version. Statistics reveal that 74% of employees feel that they have a lot of untapped potential and want more training. As such, demand for training has increased around the whole world. 

However, with the increase in training demand, training providing businesses have come under a lot of pressure. From managing multiple enrolments to managing multiple batches, operations have become quite challenging for the training providing businesses. But don’t worry! We have got the solution for you. 

With the Training Provider CRM, you can manage your enrolments, track your batches and generate certificates like never before. Built on the award-winning Zoho CRM platform, the Training Provider CRM is completely tailored to map the unique requirements of your Training Providing Businesses. 

In this article, we will talk about some challenges that Training Providing Businesses face with enrolment management and how the Training Provider CRM helps to solve these challenges. So, let us begin!

Challenges a Training Business faces in enrolment management

Segregating between Corporate and Retail enrolment

Segregating between corporate and retail enrolment is a big task for training provider companies. A particular training business deals with a significant number of enrolments per day which are of different types. As such, it becomes quite difficult to sort them properly. 

Often for a corporate enrolment, a particular engagement deals with several enrolments. The person contacting the training business may not be the one enrolling. This makes it quite challenging to manage the information of the enrolments properly and segregate them in a proper fashion. For a retail enrolment, the person contacting the training business often becomes an enrolment. Manual operations can make the segregation of these enrolments quite time taking. There can also be sheer mismanagement of the information and details pertaining to manual operations. This poses a big challenge for the training businesses. 

Also, for any type of enrolment, quotations along invoice tracking and important follow ups are extremely necessary. Particularly for corporate enrolments, it becomes important for the training business to track these details properly as the business deals with several enrolments under a single engagement. As such, any sort of incorrect segregation can result in serious challenges for the engagement as well as the training business. 

Managing Multiple enrolment from One Contact

Multiple enrolments are often big concerns to deal with. With so many enrolments to deal with under multiple enrolments, crucial details can often get missed out by the training business owners. This can result in incorrect details getting registered. It can also get the engagement cancelled. 

With multiple enrolment comes management of multiple batches, timings, details etc. under one single contact. Manual operations with pen and paper can often result in the information getting lost. Business owners can write down the information on a sheet and lose track of them easily. They can also lose track of a single enrolment from multiple enrolments. Multiple enrolments also make it quite challenging for the business owners to follow up with them swiftly, deal with various tasks and meetings and so on.

Tracking each enrolment properly is another crucial part of multiple enrolments. Due to various other crucial business processes, a training business might not find enough time to track each enrolment in a proper fashion. As such, the training business will be left with very little information regarding the enrolments which can result in future operational challenges.

Managing Batches

For training providing businesses, it is extremely crucial to effectively manage the batches. Plenty of enrolments can create challenges with batch management. It gets quite strenuous to keep a track of all the trainees of each batch in a single spreadsheet. 

Updating the details of each batch properly is another big challenge. Batch management also leads to challenges with timings, courses, instructors of each batch and so on. A single training business handles several batches every day. As such, information about the timings, courses or other details of each batch can easily get mixed up. This can result in the students getting incorrect information. Also, it gets quite difficult to sort and track the batches manually. The entire process becomes extremely time-taking and can also result in serious errors. 

Challenges can also arise with the trainee capacity of each batch. If not paid attention properly, a training business can overbook a single batch. This can result in trainee details getting lost or the trainees not getting tracked properly. Overbooking a classroom training also puts the batch instructor under pressure. Since the instructor starts dealing with a greater number of students due to overbooking, crowded classes and lesser instructors can cause problems in student learning.

Managing enrolment details

Enrolment details form the base of a proper engagement for a training business. Training businesses often use spreadsheets to store details of each enrolment. This makes it extremely difficult to update the information whenever required. Incorrect information can easily get registered for a particular enrolment. Storing the information in a spreadsheet or file also makes it difficult to sort it properly. Sorting the data manually takes up a lot more time and accurate results are not always guaranteed. This poses a big challenge for the training business. 

Enrolment details also help to provide other crucial information about the students to the training business. Training businesses can learn about the career of the student, his/her aims, reasons for enrolling with the training business and much more. This helps the company to follow up with them with potential and crucial information whenever required. However, incorrect enrolment details can result in all these details getting wrongly registered or mixed up. This makes it extremely challenging to follow up with the students properly. Understanding the requirements of the students also becomes a huge challenge. 

Certificate generation at the end of training

Certificates are the acknowledgement a student seeks. After the completion of every course, a certificate of recognition is provided to the candidate which helps to showcase their expertise and training.

Most training businesses deal with the challenge of designing the certificates. Certificate design generation manually is extremely time-taking. Also, it gets difficult to design and generate certificates for all the different courses that an enrolment might register for. As such, certificate generation has always been a big challenge for training businesses.

There can also arise issues when the training business gets candidates who come up with concerns of losing the certificates. Preparing another certificate after their request also becomes quite challenging for the training businesses.

Since training provider businesses work with several courses and students at a given time, designing and generating certificates for each course and student can get quite repetitive and boring. Manual certificate designing can also result in proper details not getting updated properly which is a big challenge. 

How Training Provider CRM manages these challenges

Manage enrolment Details properly with Training Provider CRM

With the help of the Training Provider CRM, it becomes relatively easy to manage the details of all the enrolments. The Training Provider CRM stores the details of the enrolment in an organized and centralized fashion. 

The Training Provider CRM allows you to capture all the crucial information in a proper format under the enrolment module. Once you click on a particular enrolment, you get access to all the further details such as enrolment Owner, Engagement Name, enrolment Name, Course Name and much more.

Training Provider CRM- Create Enrolment

Whenever you need any information regarding an enrolment, you can search by the contact’s name or enrolment name. This will give you access to all the details seamlessly. Managing enrolment details with Training Provider CRM helps you in managing your business properly. It also makes it possible to run different marketing campaigns based on the courses your students have opted for, reasons for taking up the course and so on.

Easy Management of Multiple enrolments with Training Provider CRM

The Training Provider CRM also helps you with seamless management of multiple enrolments under a single engagement. You can manage both the corporate as well as retail enrolment easily with the Training Provider CRM. Just create the engagement under the respective name and create multiple enrolments under the same. You can simply navigate to the “enrolment” module in the left panel and access the same.

Now, add new enrolments to each of the candidates sequentially. You can enter Course Name, enrolment Name, enrolment Owner and much more. Once you enter all the details, you can save the enrolment.

You can continue to add more enrolments in the same manner. After editing and adding all the enrolments, you can check the number of enrolments associated with a particular engagement. This way you can easily manage multiple enrolments using the Training Provider CRM.

Training Provider CRM- Multiple Enrolments for one Engagement

With the Training Provider CRM, you do not have to store multiple enrolment details in any paper or spreadsheet. The Training Provider CRM solution remembers the details for you. This way you can bring down the chances of losing crucial information or track of the enrolments.

Proper Batch Management with Training Provider CRM

Proper batch management is crucial for training provider companies. It is very important to select instructors properly, adjust the batch timings, maintain the number of students to prevent overbooking and much more for proper batch management. With the help of the Training Provider CRM, all these operations look way too easy and simple.

The “Batches” module in the CRM system shows you all the batches. You can filter out the batches by Batch Name, Batch Owner etc. Once you click on a particular batch, you will find all the relevant details of the batch in one place. You can edit the information easily using the Training Provider CRM.

Training Provider CRM- Batches List View

The Training Provider CRM helps in selecting instructors, adjusting class timings and also selecting the number of students in a particular batch. This provides a clear idea about the total capacity of the batch and the number of seats available after each enrolment. You can also customize and manage the seats as per the requirements of the batch and course. This prevents over-booking of any batch and helps to reduce batch management challenges.

One-Click Certificate Generation with Training Provider CRM

Training Provider Companies face huge challenges with smooth and seamless certificate generation. However, Training Provider CRM has made it extremely easy to generate certificates with a single click. Best part: The entire process remains automated and happens pretty fast. You can generate the certificate and directly mail it to the candidate. 

You can either use one Certificate Template or create multiple Course-specific templates for different courses and enrolments. The “Mail Merge” option from the drop-down menu at the top right corner in the enrolment record will help you create the certificate for the student.

Training Provider CRM- Certification Generation Step 1

The system takes data from the record level, merges the same with a pre-built certificate template and generates a beautiful certificate in less than 1 minute. How cool is that!

Training Provider CRM- Certificate


For a training provider company, proper management of enrolments is the base to providing proper student training. For most organizations, 76% of employees and students look for opportunities to train and upskill themselves. Upskilling is a popular trend today and has seen massive growth in recent years. 

This is where the Training Provider CRM comes in. Using the Training Provider CRM, training businesses can effectively streamline enrolment management, provide proper training and help upskill their clients. Moreover, this ready to use solution comes at an affordable price and can be availed from any electronic device.

You can check out more about the Training Provider CRM from the video below:

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