Bust Myths, Build Custom Apps Instead – With Zoho Creator

Feb 21, 2023

Who doesn’t want something unique to them? Let alone a business, which grows with time and requires its diverse needs to be compensated for. Every business is unique and so are its processes. You might be using off-the-shelf software to suit your requirements but what if you have a particular action area where your software cannot help you to map it out? To make your business a notch higher, you not only need to deliver the best experience to your customers but also to manage the system and procedure that keeps the business flowing. The only solution here is to build custom apps with a low-code platform that is easy, fast, and inexpensive.  

Low-code applications have always been a misunderstood concept. And it is not very uncommon to have doubts about something new and innovative. What traditional software development requires is your patience with manually written codes and once the system is up and running, it is difficult to make new changes. So with time and the urgency to stay relevant in today’s digital world, the demand for low-code applications has grown exponentially. The aim is to build an adaptive solution and build them fast. Zoho Creator is an effective low-code application development platform that helps you design, develop and run every software you need for business. 

A research study from Gartner shows that low-code platforms virtually allow anyone to be a developer. According to the expert prediction, by 2025, at least 70% of organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies. Statista reports that low-code development tools might surge up to $65 billion by 2027. However, as this preferred technology is making its mark in the digital workplace scenario, there are several myths that are coming on board as well. Here are 7 of them to be specific.

#Myth 1: Programming – Too Difficult A Task 

Everything looks difficult at first. The same follows suit when you attempt to develop a solution that is unique to your business requirements. But when you have a concrete idea with defined processes, everything becomes a cakewalk as the “programming languages” used in low-code platforms are easy to understand. 

Zoho Creator helps you design and customize apps in such a way that the processes are in the correct order, and easier to achieve the result. You can also find the most effective path by implementing process simulation and deriving new insights. 

#Myth 2: Spreadsheets Will Work Just Fine 

Businesses are not for standing still. Spreadsheets work fine when it comes to storing data and analyzing them but with difficulty as they do not represent data in a visual interface. Even when you need to share your spreadsheets with your teammates, there is a lot of back and forth in case there is a data update. However, an automated workflow can work wonders for you in such a fast-changing competitive landscape. It saves you time, manual labor, and time. When you build a customized application with Zoho Creator, it automates all your mundane activities like capturing data, generating useful reports and dashboards, or business-specific sales pipeline– a power-packed tailored solution. 

#Myth 3: Buying Business Apps Is Better Than Building Them

Next follows buying generic off-the-shelf software– again not a software solution. Packaged software tools are plenty in the market but those are designed for generic purposes and not specifically meant for your business purpose. But every business has unique needs, and even if you have a generic tool that would make do for your current business, what if it requires new changes? A business is an ever-changing entity. So you must have a solution that can adapt well and is flexible enough to cope with those changes. 

For example, let’s say you have a new USP to project in your business that needs a change in the software system. With packaged software, you would have to wait a long to make that change into effect. On the other hand, if you have low-code custom apps, you can make that in a simple drag-and-drop action, update your code, and make it ready.   

#Myth 4: Low-code Applications Are Not Scalable Enough 

Your business is bound to scale if you have solid partnerships– both with your business app and your employees. Zoho Creator is an ideal GUI-rich platform where you can customize your apps and make them scalable enough for business. Here, when you create your app, you need to see whether your users can use it effectively even if your user base goes up and beyond. You can use this platform as a fully scalable productivity solution. Without a patchwork of different tools, instead, you can simply customize your business operating system to boost productivity. You can build your solution, and host training sessions to support your team in achieving maximum KPIs. 

#Myth 5: Chances Of Losing Customer Databases 

Losing data means losing money today. Both customer and company databases are extremely crucial to handle. With Zoho Creator, your data remains safe and intact when you transform a spreadsheet into an app with a few clicks. It also has migration tools for MS Access so there’s no chance of losing data with a system upgrade. 

#Myth 6: There Can Be No App That caters To My Business Needs 

An idea strikes your mind, you research the current market scenario, you get the capital, and you start a business. No, it does not happen like that. 

Your ‘out-of-the-box’ business idea needs proper execution and a definite process thereafter. Now with Zoho Creator, you can have an application built that is solely designed to meet your exact business needs. Again, if you are already running a firm successfully with tons of integrated applications, you can create a customized app that serves a particular action point that nothing can make do. So this platform can be also implemented to bridge any gap and maintain all-in-all growth. 

#Myth 7: Custom Apps Are Far Too Expensive 

Anything customized or suited for your specific needs sounds expensive. It is totally understandable but it doesn’t have to be necessarily true. 

Think of building custom app solutions as building a house. We need to have a proper idea, visualize it and then pin down the architecture and that is just the beginning. There are multiple stages and hence it is a costly process for building a house.  It is, therefore, not too different from designing a solution or commissioning for it. 

Without a precise and definite set of tools for the required functionalities already in check, you have to update the system. That will cost you both time and money without helping you make a single buck from your business. 

In the case of off-the-shelf software tools, since they are designed for general buyers, they are filled with hidden costs whenever you want a system upgrade. On the contrary, Zoho Creator does not compel you to write endless codes, so it requires less programming expertise and it lives on the cloud. Therefore, you can easily cut off the maintenance expenses. 


No two businesses are the same. They can fall into similar categories of course. But your USP differs from others and so do your systems and applications. These are unique, individual, and specifically tailored for fitting your business operations. So why not advance your brainchild with the best in the market? Take a look at the best app development platform in town!

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