Customers in Software Development Industry

GoldenLion has helped multiple software makers scale their sales by deploying the Zoho suite of apps in order to capture leads, accounts, contacts, sales pipeline, quotes, activities with a variety of awesome reports and dashboards.

logo seshaasai

Seshaasai Business Forms Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business: A leading technology solutions provider.

Country: India

logo link labs

Link Labs

Line of Business: Provides IoT platform for tagging, locating, and monitoring equipment.

Country: United States

logo micromerchant

Micro Merchant Systems

Line of Business: A leading provider of pharmacy software.

Country: United States


Wootag Pte. Ltd.

Line of Business: Provides interactive video marketing platform.

Country: Singapore


CloudWalker Streaming Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Line of Business: Provides digital solutions to harness the power of internet.

Country: India


Community Data Platforms

Line of Business: Helps build smarter communities by harnessing the power of data analytics.

Country: United States


Snipp Interactive Inc.

Line of Business: Provides customer acquisition, retention and engagement Platform.

Country: United States

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