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As a real estate developer, what is the biggest challenge your sales and marketing department face? If I’m not too wrong, it would be data management. Be it keeping track of all your developments and properties within each development, or maintaining records of all your deals, payment instalments and commissions to be paid; data management […]

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    Customer Relationship Management aka CRM systems has revolutionized the way businesses interact, evaluate and retain customers. CRM works by organizing, automating and synchronizing marketing, sales, customer service and technical support in order to foster stronger relationships with your existing and future customers. In short, a CRM software helps your sales team in closing […]

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably the hottest buzzword in the field of information technology today. And why not? Until recently, AI was more the stuff of doomsday movies (don’t get me wrong, a huge Terminator fan myself) than reality. However, backed by industry majors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google, AI […]

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  When it comes to managing a real estate agency, time and data management is of crucial importance. Between gathering leads, verifying properties, generating recommendation and arranging site visits, real estate agencies often handle a huge amount of data within the shortest possible time.   Keeping in mind the unique business process, it is no […]

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