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Whether you are planning to start a small business or few years into operation, small businesses face several challenges at some point of time. Challenges may include hiring the right resources, creating your brand name through right marketing strategies, reaching out to the right target audience for your products/services, understanding buyer persona and the biggest […]

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Travel agency business is growing at a rapid pace. But with rapid growth arises complexities and challenges of running the travel agency business successfully. Every traveler is unique, has his/her own preferences. This preference category is not homogeneous. This category ranges from holiday destination to food, from mode of transportation to hotel bookings and so […]

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As a real estate agent, you might have to juggle innumerable tasks and I understand it is not easy. You must maintain good relationship with your previous customers, keep tracks of referral tabs, attend to prospective customers, schedule follow ups and meetings, schedule property site visits for your customers and the list of tasks continues! […]

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