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In our last blog, we talked about how outbound marketing is not so dead after all, even after GDPR implementation. True as this may be, there remains many complexities and shortcomings that are making life harder for outbound marketers in EU countries. How? Well, marketing with purchased list has become near impossible! Firstly, before purchasing the […]

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Effective marketing is one of the key aspects of operating a successful business. In the olden days, the preferred mediums for marketing used to be word of mouth, billboards, newspaper advertisements, television commercials and mails. On October 27, 1994,, formerly known as launched the first ever banner ad on the web. It looked like this: […]

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More often than not, while purchasing marketing automation systems businesses tend to focus on brand names and impressive features. Of course, industry reputation and features matter. But, what matters more is the particular requirements of your business! Now, most marketing automation systems come with a set of features that you can use to create online […]

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Whether you are building a website, an application or a software, there are many ways of developing the User Interface (i.e. UI) and ensure a smooth and consistent User Experience (i.e. UX). But, none are as effective and efficient as User Persona or Persona. When used effectively, Persona can offer amazing clarity and give a […]

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Converting visitors into leads (or customers, in the case of eCommerce businesses) is one of the crucial reasons for putting up a website. Creating a strong web presence, informing your customers about the products and services you offer, positioning yourself as a market leader; all these are just various components for achieving this goal. So, […]

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For most business owners, getting found by prospective customers and generating their interest about the products or services on offer is crucial. So, how exactly your customers found you? Not long ago, we were in the process of creating some case studies on some of our most unique and challenging projects. And when we were interacting with […]

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