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As a real estate developer, what is the biggest challenge your sales and marketing department face? If I’m not too wrong, it would be data management. Be it keeping track of all your developments and properties within each development, or maintaining records of all your deals, payment installments and commissions to be paid; data management […]

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When it comes to managing a real estate agency, time and data management is of crucial importance. Between gathering leads, verifying properties, generating recommendation and arranging site visits, real estate agencies often handle a huge amount of data within the shortest possible time. Keeping in mind the unique business process, it is no surprise that […]

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  As an industry, real estate agency has highly diversified requirements from that of any other business. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a CRM system, the generic rules for choosing the right CRM often do not hold true for the industry. With a large number of property-inventory to maintain, longer sales cycles to take care of […]

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