Content is NOT the King Anymore…but Who Is?

Mar 29, 2017

Yes, you read it right.

And coming from a person who earns her livelihood writing, it may send you into a minor shock!

So, I repeat; content is not the king!

In fact, while writing web content, marketing content, brochures and what not, I’ve often wondered whether the digital world has gotten rid of monarchy altogether and started walking towards democracy!

Baffled? We were too!

While our Digital Marketing division came into being, we started working with clients who wanted to increase their website traffic. However, as per our experience, increasing traffic to your website is not the key to success.

To thrive in today’s business climate, you need to attract the right visitors and more importantly, convert those visitors into interested leads! Thus, increasing your lead conversion rate is THE most important job for all your digital communication which includes your website, marketing emails, blog posts and social media posts.

Now the question is, how to increase visitor to lead conversion rate?

The only weapon in your arsenal is content here.

Now, wait a minute!

Didn’t I just say content is NOT the king anymore, in the very beginning?

Well, yes!

Content itself will not do much to your lead conversion rate.

So, what are the components that you need to pay attention to increase visitor to lead conversion of your digital communication?

Let’s find out!

#1 Great ideas generate great content

While much has been discussed and debated about the importance of awesome content, ideating remains one of the least talked about topics!

A good copy writer can write a great copy on any topic you give him/her. But a great copy writer can write an awesome copy without any topic guide at all!

As cheeky as it may sound, the capability of generating innovative ideas is THE superpowers every copy writer should pray for.

What do I mean by the word ‘Ideating’?

It refers to the entire process that takes place BEFORE you write the content, select suitable pictures, place them together, sprinkle some pixie dust on (nahh, just joking!) and hit the publish button.

Ideating means finding out what to write, how to write and what is the best way to make it look gorgeous!

Here are some tips to flex your idea generating muscles and come up with contents that’ll take your lead conversion rate through the roof.

# Read, read and read some more: Reading is the best way to find out new ideas. Read your competitors’ websites, authority blogs in your own niche and different ones, online magazines etc can be of great help here.

# Think: This one is a no-brainer! You cannot generate ideas without thinking. So, make sure to spend time thinking and make it a habit of jotting down the thoughts somewhere. The thoughts may look scattered at first, but they’ll help you clarify your vision and give you the one unique idea for anything you want to write.

# Connect the dots: Connecting the dots between what you’ve just read and how you can use the idea, deviate from the idea or even go straight opposite the idea is often the best result that comes out from your thinking sessions.


content is king


#2 Base your communication on right context

The secret ingredient for increasing visitor to lead conversion rate is to create solid content based on clear context!

Now, what is context?

Context is the undercurrent of your copy; the gloriously unsaid part that creates waves of emotion!

For example, if you are watching a crime-thriller and the screen shows the footsteps of a lonely man entering a room, with doors squeaking and clock ticking, immediately you experience a feeling of foreboding. Here, the context is of unknown danger. You start anticipating what happen next and that keeps you hooked to the screen!

Now, when it comes to your website content or your marketing content, what is the context you want it to be based on?

Do you want to offer a solution? Do you want to educate your readers about something? Do you want to propagate an idea?

Having clear understanding of your goals is the key to create the context!

Make sure that the context is clear in all of your communication.

For example, when your visitors are coming to your website, your goal is to convert them into interested leads.

The content of your website is a gift offered in good faith to generate trust of your visitors. And all the content should be laid out as per the context (that is to ask the visitor to get in touch with you).

This way the visitor already got some insight on what he/she is seeking and is now anticipating on what more is on offer.

When you offer valued content (that generate trust) and set down clear context (that makes your visitor anticipate what else you have on offer), your lead conversion rate will automatically go up.


content is king


#3 Offer proof for every promise

Let’s get this straight; your visitor or lead or customer have stumbled upon at least a dozen other websites or emails that promised to solve his/her problem!

Then would he/she take your claims on face value?

The answer is, NO. He/she won’t take your promise on face value!

You’ll have to offer proof to support your claims.

No matter how compelling your content is and how beautifully you’ve laid out the benefits, your visitors will still want some proof, something tangible to measure you by.

So, how to prove your credibility to your visitors?

# Free Trails: If you are a SaaS company, offering free trails can be the best way to increasing visitor to lead conversion Nothing builds more trust than knowing that you can try out the product without having to pay for it. If your product is as great as your content says, a free trail customer will turn into a paying one in most of the cases.

# Customer Testimonials: This again is a great way to generate trust. Showcasing people who have already used your product or services and can’t get enough of it definitely goes a long way in generating trust.

# Money Back Guarantee: Well, it may not be everybody’s up of tea, but the term ‘money back guarantee’ can be great way to establish authenticity when you are starting new and have don’t have any testimonials to show.


content is king


# Looks do matter

Ask any Website Development company and they’ll tell you how great content lacks visibility and readability due to messed up design.

Positioning your content, formatting it properly and using an awesome typography are all crucial factors to consider when it comes to making your content look great.

For example, as I’m writing this blog post, I’ve been constantly clicking on the Preview button to know how it looks on the webpage.

The same goes for your website content, marketing mails, landing page content and what not!

Using small paragraphs, introducing visual elements and highlighting subheadings are all great for making your copy more readable. And when you’ve got your visitors to read the first sentence, the content should be good enough to keep him/her hooked!


content is king


Well, if you are sad about the downfall of undisputed king, rejoice, because Content still holds the position of Prime Minister!

Simply combine great idea, clear context, tangible proof and amazing design with rock solid content, and you’ll cook up THE recipe for increasing your lead conversion rate for sure!

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