Creating Website Copy: How to Create Compelling Content for Your Website

Mar 15, 2017

Creating website copy is probably the most ignored part of website creation till date! While a great web design does catch eyes, it is the copy that ultimately seduces the visitors and compels him to leave his contact details with you.

But, how exactly website copies are created for most businesses? Well, more often than not, the service and product details of the business are slapped on the web pages, with some sprinkle of searchable keywords. To be honest, you do get a workable website this way.

However, is workable really enough in today’s business climate?

The answer is no!

Today, when online space is crowded with thousands of websites offering similar products and services as you, good is not good enough anymore.

To survive and thrive in this climate, you need killer content for your website!

Now, before you get to know how to write a good content for a website, lets discuss the primary objective of website content.

Creating website copy has two main purposes:

  1. To help search engine bots find the website and drive more traffic
  2. To inform visitors about your business and compel them to turn into interested leads.

So, here are some awesome website content writing tips that you can use to create a killer website:

#1 Write for your visitors, not search engines

Over-stuffing your website copy with keywords is the biggest crime you can commit towards your it!

While keywords are certainly important for attracting traffic, repeating keywords again and again simply gives your website a spammy voice. Not to mention, this practice can attract serious Google Penalty too.

Creating website copy that is interesting and informative is the best practice here!

Using only 2-3 keywords per page and blending them naturally into your copy is the best way to write for your visitors while still staying relevant to search engines.

#2 Focus on visitors and their benefits, not how awesome your products are

Well, every business owner is guilty of this crime (more or less).

Of course, you have burnt midnight’s oil to build this amazing product; of course, you are super-passionate about it. But are your visitors really interested in any of these?

The answer is no!

Your visitor is interested in what this product can do for him, how this product can make his life better. Only when he sees value here, he is interested to learn the background story.

Thus, your website copy must focus primarily on benefits the product can offer and then the features of it.

A little boosting may be okay, but the benefit statement is what seduces the visitors!

#3 Offer evidence for your benefit statements

Writing a benefit statement is of no use, if you cannot display evidence to support your claims.

The evidence can be real user testimonials, user reviews, scientific studies etc depending on your product or service. These evidences are objective third party point of views that assure your visitors and build positive image for your business and products

Here, you must be wary of overstating the benefits. While you may get a few customers by amplifying the benefits, in the long run it’ll only hamper your credibility and thus adversely affect your business graph.

The best policy is to identify the strong points of your products and give realistic statements about the benefits it offers.

#4 Format your content into bite size chunks

In today’s world, very few people have the time to read your website content line by line. Thus, wall-of-text formatting is the worst thing that you can do to your copy.

One of the most important website content writing tips is to create concise copy, formatted into easily digestible chunks.

You can use headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points etc to draw attention and make the content skimmable at a glance.

#5 Keep it simple

Using simple language in conversational tone is the best way to create an environment of trust for you users.

The conversational tone of content creates a feeling of one-on-one conversation and foster stronger relation with your visitors.

The best way to implement this ‘keep it simple’ policy is to write just the way you speak.

So, these are the principles for creating a killer website copy. Simply keep these guides in mind and you are all set to create copy that sells.

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