Awesome CRM System Built for Real Estate Developer

CRM for Real Estate Developer is a perfect solution for Real Estate Developers engaged in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate development.

Built on award-winning Zoho Creator, it handles everything that’s required for a Real Estate Developer to run their business: Assigning users to different Developments and their related Units, Parking Units, Storage Units, Cabana Units, Managing leads, customers, transactions, and Tracking myriads of activities.

You can also sync your Developments/Projects between the CRM system and your Website so that the Development Status (Active, Sold Out), Development Photographs can be updated real-time from CRM to your website (This service is available as an add-on).

How Does CRM for Real Estate Developer Help

    Developments and Units

  • Assign Users to Different Developments
  • Capture Developments, Units, Parking Units, Storage Units and Cabana Units

    Sync with Website (Available as on Add-on)

  • Sync Development with Website (Development Status, Images get synced from CRM to Website)

    Capture Leads

  • Capture leads for different Developments

    Customers and Transactions

  • When the lead is ready for an Offer: Convert the Lead to a Customer and a related Transaction
  • Track Transaction as it moves through the various stages

    All Interactions in One Place

  • Tasks, Events, Notes: All in One Place
  • Emails are tagged against the relevant lead and customer

    Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

  • Stacking Plan
  • Cumulative Traffic Report
  • Customer Tracking Report
  • Contract Status Report

Simple Pricing

Subscription Fee: $20/User/Month + Tax

One-Time Fee: $1997

(With bundled 15 Hours of Done for You services / Additional hours @ $32/Hour)

Downdload Pdf

Subscription Fee: INR 1000/User/Month + Tax

One-Time Fee: INR 1,20,000 + Tax

(With bundled 15 Hours of Done for You services / Additional hours @ INR 1920 + Tax/Hour)

Downdload Pdf

Questions You Might Have

Which Edition of Zoho Creator Should I Use?

CRM for Real Estate Developer is built on the Premium Edition of Zoho Creator.

What's the Delivery Time?

We will deliver you CRM for Real Estate Developer within 10 Working Days.

How Much Does CRM for Real Estate Developer Cost?

CRM for Real Estate Developer is available at an One-time fee. However you need to pay subscription fee for Zoho Creator.

Can I Further Customize CRM for Real Estate Developer in Future?

Yes. You can either do it yourself OR hire us at an affordable fee.

Can I Have a Demonstration Before I Buy CRM for Real Estate Developer?

Yes! Of course. You can schedule your session here.

Am I Locked with Zoho?

No! Never. You are not locked into any long-term contracts. You can pay monthly or yearly, whichever works best for you.

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