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CRM that every Real Estate Develoer Loves

Managing properties by Development, capturing leads and nurturing them efficiently, tracking and managing payment schedules are a few functions that can make or mar a Real Estate Developer. The Real Estate Developer CRM is specifically built to map these processes and make your life easier!

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Manage Every Aspect of Your

Real Estate Development Business

Manage Your Properties by

Developments, Buildings and Units

With the CRM software for Real Estate Developers in place, you can now manage your Developments, Buildings within those Developments and Units within a particular Building in an intuitive and streamlined way. Here’s how!


Manage Properties Efficiently

The Real Estate Developer CRM lets you manage all your properties using the Developments, Buildings, and Units module. You can save, view, and update any data you want for each of your development projects as well as buildings and units within a particular development. The Developments module is integrated with Google Maps to help you share the location easily with your prospects and clients.

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Easy Navigation

The CRM for real estate developers makes it super-easy to find crucial data. You can tag Buildings with Developments and Units with the Buildings. This makes filtering Buildings and Units within any particular development super easy with a few simple clicks. Fishing for data; no more!

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Multiple Unit Types

With the CRM software for Real Estate Developers in place, you can manage different Unit Types such as Main Units, Parking Unit, Storage Unit, etc. For each Unit, you can maintain details such as area, price, etc. You can also tag add-on Units for Parking or Storage with Main Units within a Development. As you keep selling properties, the status of the units gets updated automatically.

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Manage Your

Sales Cycle Effectively

Deal tracking is the most crucial task for any CRM. And the Real Estate Developer CRM is built to simplify and organize the complex (and often lengthy) process of a real estate sale – from the creation of a Deal till closing the same.


Automatic Deal Creation

When integrated with the website, for each development-specific enquiry, the CRM software for Real Estate Developers creates a Deal and a Prospect Contact. This way you not only save tons of time that you would otherwise have to spend updating data manually but also can track each inquiry against a particular property. How cool is that!

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View Crucial Data at a Glance

The Kanban view lets you see all deals by stages. You can easily see where a deal is in your sales pipeline, without even getting into the details. Whatmore, you can also view crucial data like Contact Person, Deal Value, etc. at a glance. This helps you in prioritizing the deals and putting more effort into your Hot Deals!

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Easy Activity Management

You’ll never miss out on follow-ups or meetings with your prospects. All upcoming Activities for a particular Deal get listed in the Open Activities list. You can create these Activities for yourself or assign them to a team member. You can create reminders for each Activity. This way, nothing falls through the crack!

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Super Easy

Offer and Contract Management

Generating the first offers, tracking counteroffers, managing brokerage commission and lawyers’ fees are complex components of any real estate Deal. Not anymore! The CRM software for Real Estate Developers simplifies the entire process by automatically tracking offers and counteroffers.


Manage Offers

A real estate sale often involves multiple offers and counteroffers. With the Real Estate Developer CRM in place, you can keep track of all offers made and finally capture the accepted offer. With all the details in one place, your life becomes easier and your sales cycles faster! Moreover, you can capture the final offer details and generate the contract in a jiffy!

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Contract Checklist

The Real Estate Developer CRM generates Contracts with just one click! The system pulls data from the record level and merges the same with the Contract template. The Contract Checklist ensures that your users have added all the relevant information in the CRM for generating the Contract successfully.

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Deposit Details

For almost all real estate sales, the total price is divided into smaller deposit milestones over months or years even. The CRM for real estate developers automatically breaks down the total payable amount into milestones as per the set rules. This way, you can easily track how many deposits are made, how many are due, and the due dates for all upcoming deposits.

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Save Time With

Workflow Automations

Looking at saving time and boosting productivity? CRM software for Real Estate Developers comes with tons of in-built workflows that let you automate mundane tasks and boost productivity like never before.


Automate Mundane Jobs

Time is the most precious resource that you have! Unfortunately, a whopping number of man-hours get wasted doing mundane repetitive jobs. The CRM for real estate developers automates these jobs so that you can spend your time growing your business. The CRM comes customized with industry-standard workflows, making it a plug-and-play system to a great extent.

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Ready-to-go Email Templates

The Real Estate Developer CRM comes with several ready-to-use email templates. The templates are tailored to the standard business process of a real estate developer. You can further customize the templates or add new ones within minutes!

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Measure the Health of Your Business at a Glance

Reports and Dashboards

Convert your CRM data into comprehensive reports for better readability and actionable insight. Whether you are looking at measuring the health of your business, or tracking the performance of your team members, Real Estate Developer CRM makes it super simple!


Measure the Health of Your Business at a Glance

The CRM for Real Estate Developers comes with a number of customized reports and dashboards to help you visualize complex data and keep track of every important business parameter. Be it Stacking Plan to see how many units are available in a particular building or a comprehensive report of Expenditure and Revenue, the CRM comes equipped with all the reports that are crucial for a standard real estate developer.

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Small to Large Developers

Built for Every Size

Whether you are small, mid-size, or a large developer, CRM software for Real Estate Developers will help you streamline your business with effective process management and an intuitive interface. What are you waiting for?



The multichannel CRM makes your operations super-easy by prioritizing your emails, converting website visitors through Live Chat, making one-click sales calls through telephony, capturing leads through social media, and much more.

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The Real Estate Developer CRM is built on top of Zoho CRM and thus, comes with limitless customization capabilities offered by the platform. You can customize and scale almost every module of the CRM to accommodate the unique requirements of your growing business.

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Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is often critical for business success. Real-time feeds, chat functionalities, document library, centralized calendar, gamification, etc. make CRM a dream for any team. Whether you are using the CRM web app or logged in to the mobile app, the fun collaboration features make it super easy to collaborate effectively and easily!

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Data security is vital in today’s world. The CRM for real estate developers lets you assign roles to users and define permission as well as control their access to information. This way, only the relevant users can access the relevant data.

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The CRM for real estate developers offers seamless integrations with other Zoho suite of products as well as a bunch of third-party applications. The system comes with robust integration capabilities as well. So, even if you cannot find a built-in integration, chances are, you can build one.

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The Real Estate Developer CRM is completely accessible through mobile devices. You can download the Zoho CRM app for your iOS and Android mobile device and log in with your credentials. So now, you have the freedom to literally run your business from anywhere and everywhere.

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Simple Pricing

usd inr
One Time Implementation Fee: INR 1,80,000 + Tax USD 2997
  • Real Estate Developer CRM
  • Up to 20 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ INR 1920/hour
  • Up to 20 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ USD 32/hour
Zoho Subscription Fee
  • Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition:
    INR 2400/User/Month USD 40/User/Month
    INR 3000/User/Month USD 50/User/Month
  • OR
  • Zoho One:
    INR 3500/User/Month USD 90/User/Month
    INR 4000/User/Month USD 105/User/Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions on Real Estate Developer CRM

Why your real estate business needs a CRM?

A CRM is a crucial tool for streamlining your lead capturing, lead nurturing, managing developments, tracking deals, and collecting payments. The Real Estate Developer CRM lets you centralize your data and run your business from one place. You can use the CRM for Real Estate Developers on your desktop or mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. So, if you are looking at better managing your processes and scaling your real estate development business, you need the best Real Estate Developer CRM as your primary tool!

How to choose the best Real Estate Developer CRM?

While choosing the right CRM for Real Estate Developers, you need to first and foremost see whether the system works for your business process. No matter how feature-rich a solution is, it’ll fail if it does not follow your business’s process and terminology. The Real Estate Developer CRM, built on top of Zoho CRM, ensures that the solution mimics the standard business process of a real estate developer and comes with all the flexibility of customizing it further for unique business needs. 

What set our Real Estate Developer CRM apart?

The Real Estate Developer CRM comes with industry-standard workflows and automation for you. What’s more, you can easily customize the system further to meet any unique need that you might have. And the best thing is we can transfer this solution to you within 5-7 business days. So, you can go live as soon as possible and start leveraging it for your business. 

How to use your Real Estate Developer CRM?

Using Real Estate Developer CRM is super easy. Moreover, once we’ve set up the solution for you, we offer complete user training that includes process training, building reports, templates, adding fields, etc. We also share tutorial videos for your reference. 

What are the benefits of the Real Estate Developer CRM?

Here are the primary benefits you can derive from the Real Estate Developer CRM: 

  • Centralized data management
  • Effective lead management
  • Streamlined Property Management
  • Efficient Deal Management  
  • One-click stacking plan generation
  • Easy payment milestone management 
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Timesaving automation

Can I make any additional modifications to the Real Estate Developer CRM?

Of course! The CRM for real estate developers is built on top of Zoho CRM and therefore comes with robust customization capabilities. Please let our consultant know about the additional customizations you may require during the demo. We’ll understand the requirement, offer suggestions and present you with the effort estimate for the desired modifications.

Which edition of Zoho CRM is required for the Real Estate Developer CRM?

The Real Estate Developer CRM works on Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition. You may purchase the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition or Zoho One Suite of Applications (Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition is a part of Zoho One).

More questions? We’re here to help. You can reach our friendly team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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