CRM is not JUST a software: It’s a STRATEGY to take your business to the next level!

Apr 25, 2017


How are you using your CRM system?

If you are the business owner, you are possibly tracking the sales pipeline of your employees or measuring their performance with your CRM. If you are a sales executive, you are most likely to use this system as a reporting tool rather than a sales weapon that can help you make more sales and improve customer satisfaction.

But time has changed! And sales situations are changing too.

It’s important that you start understanding the true potential of yourCRM system and start utilizing it differently.

Here are top 5 ideas on how you could make better use of your CRM system:

1. Know your contacts more: Which industry association is your customer part of? Where do they go regularly to network with their peers? Who do they consider as their opinion leader? What’re their goals and aspirations? What’re their hobbies? Which LinkedIn group are they members of? This homework can help you engage with the contact better. Have you ever used your CRM system to track these?

2. Call back within 30 min: Set a goal to return all incoming customer calls (whether it’s for new sale or customer service call) within 30 minutes. Escalate if there is any variance. Track the response against each call.

3. Track how many ideas you are passing to your customers: If you want to earn trust from your customers you must show them value. How many innovative ideas are you passing to your customers every week to scale their sales? Have those customers implemented any of your ideas? Have they got benefited?

4. Monitor customer Referencibility: Track how many customers you could make referenceable in this week. Upload customer testimonials for each one of those customers. Embed these testimonials in your weekly Ezine, Facebook business page. Suddenly you start getting loads of incoming inquiries.

5. Capture why did you win: When you win an account, ask the business owner why they are placing trust on you. Capture their response in your CRM system. When you get this response from 10-15 accounts, you will have a fair idea what’s going right for you. This will not only help you in improving your positioning but also in handling customer objections better.

A CRM system alone may not be adequate to grow your sales. What you need is a strategy around it. A strategy for engaging with your customers, showing them more value, differentiating yourself with great customer service and being ahead of your competition.

To sum it up:




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