Digital Transformation of GoldenLion: The Why, What & How of Our Transformation

Mar 3, 2017

Last week we launched our brand-new website! Now, you may not give two hoots about it, but you sure would find a thing or two to ponder on, in the Why, What and How of our transformation journey.

But, before we delve deep into why we transformedwhat we changed and how we accomplished it, let us quickly tell you our story.

Starting our journey in 2011, we have been creating beautiful CRM industry solutions and custom applications on the award winning ZOHO platform. (To be honest, with a team full of tech-obsessed people, we were utterly happy creating awesome applications to make our customers’ lives easier!)

However, helping our customers manage their sales funnel was not enough for us. Why would it, when we had the magic wand for dramatically increasing their visibility, lead generation, and sales conversion? Of course, we are not talking about getting divine intervention here!

In our experience of working with over 250 awesome businesses worldwide, we found that a strong digital presence and tighter integration of conversion tools with digital outlets such as website and social media channels often result in higher website traffic, more leads and increased sales number.

With the aim of bringing this end to end traffic-lead-conversion solutions to our customers, we started our Digital Transformation division in 2016.

And here comes the interesting part!

Before we asked any of our customers to trust their digital transformation to us, we decided to transform ourselves first! (Because we consider our customers as our extended family and would never ever suggest anything to them that does not give proven result!)

With the clear goal of revamping our web presence, we endeavored to create a brand-new website for GoldenLion!

Here’s how our website was looking like just a week back!



Although the website was serving its function (such as informing visitors and capturing leads) pretty well, it was not quite impressive design-wise.

So, here’s the Why, What and How (yes, finally!) of our awesome new website:

Why Did We Decide to Build a New Website?

# First and foremost, we wanted to go through the transformation ourselves before offering it to our customers. This way, we could measure the exact effect of this digital transformation and also present ourselves as a live case-study to our potential customers!

# We wanted to create a future-ready website that displays advanced web design and super smooth navigation.

# We aimed at revamping our brand persona and create a sleeker, more corporate face of our business.

What did we change?

# Apart from creating a brand-new website, we also changed our logo to create a sleeker brand persona.

# We ensured tighter integration of our website with our conversion tools such as live chat and CRM to reduce response time for each query.

# We started an awesome blog for GoldenLion to offer helpful tips and tricks to our visitors and in turn convert them into interested leads.

# We implemented advanced SEO tactics to increase visibility and bring in more lead.

How did we achieve the changes?

Well, as any business owner will know, changing the entire brand persona, launching a new business division and building a new website is anything but simple!

However, our amazing team of developers, designers, content creations and ZOHO experts burnt the midnight’s oil to make this transformation complete.

Not only our entire team, but our customers were also pretty excited about our transformation. They spent their valuable time to give inputs for in-depth case studies and wrote awesome testimonials that motivated us to push out limits.

So, after months of research, hard work and innumerable cups of coffee, here’s how our new website look like:



The hard work done, website being live, what are the exact result we got from our digital transformation?

Well, to start with, we got an awesome looking website that features advanced design and complete CRM integration.

But that’s not all! We got the most amazing surprise when we looked into the statistics of last week.

In the past week, our website traffic (100% organic) has increased more than 100% and number of leads captured through website increase around 150% in just one week!

As unbelievable as these numbers seem, you can achieve them too with our digital transformation services.

The results are Proven, and effects on your business are Dramatic!

Book a no obligation consultation with our experts here and know how to leverage our expertise to turbo charge your business!

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