Hack Your Way to Success with the Zoho CRM Free EBook

The way to success does not have to be a slippery one, especially when you are using ZOHO CRM. However, to leverage the true power of ZOHO, we need some expert guidence. In this e-book you’ll receive the tried and tested formulas to make your CRM out-perform itself.

This FREE eBook contains 23.5 tips that would help you take advantage of Zoho Suite of applications to fuel your sales revenue and get massive business success.

23.5 Ways To Leverage Zoho

  • Engage With Your Website Visitors.
  • Connect Your Web Form With CRM.
  • Nurture Your Leads.
  • Never Miss An Activity. Take Notes.
  • Stay On Top Of Your Deals
  • Always Update Your Opportunity Amount and Closing Date
  • Track Opportunity Stage History
  • Know Who Plays What Role In An Opportunity
  • Track Your Competition
  • Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices: All In One
  • Gain More Insight With Zoho CRM Reports
  • Take Advantage of Advanced CRM Analytics (Powered by Zoho Reports)
  • Focus On The Top Dashboard Components
  • Track Sales Quota vs. Attainment
  • Leverage the Power of Workflow Automation
  • Combine Email With Your CRM
  • Find Out What’s The Latest With Your Prospects and Customers
  • Have All Your Sales & Marketing Documents in One Place
  • Go Mobile. Take CRM With You
  • Give Right Access to The Right People
  • Get Ideas From Your Team Members and Collaborate With Them
  • Collaborate and Share Easily With Google Apps
  • Extend Your CRM
  • Take Help From An Expert
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