GoldenLion Transforms into Traffic-Lead-Conversion Facilitator: New Positioning-Same Value

Feb 23, 2017

In today’s world when businesses are looking at greater and better customer interactions with each passing day, the power of technology is truly formidable! While on one hand, digital media is often the first touch point for customer engagement and interaction for most of the businesses, CRMs and other customer management tools are indispensable for creating a long lasting relationship with customers and in turn foster strong brand loyalty.

Needless to say, most businesses are smart enough to realize the huge potentials of both digital media as well as CRM implementation.

So, here’s how most businesses implement (or should be implementing) the two most potent gifts of modern technology to increase their sales.


Traffic lead conversion solutionHowever, having worked with 250+ businesses in 30+ countries, we realized there’s a major disparity between how a website looks, what kind of digital presence the business have, how the actual brand persona is and what kind of conversion tools the business is utilizing.

As the cruciality of bridging this gaps become apparent, the idea of transforming GoldenLion into an end-to-end Traffic-Lead-Conversion facilitator came into being.


Arnab Bandyopadhyay, Director GoldenLion


From the beginning, our focus was on helping customers scale their businesses. However, with time, we realized a complete synchronization of Traffic-Lead-Conversion tools is the best way to improve customer engagement and drive sales in today’s business climate.

While we were already working as a Zoho Premium Partner, deploying Zoho suite of products to businesses around the world, the idea of starting the Digital Transformation division took hold.

The division came into being in October 2016 and has been offering Website Development and Digital Marketing services ever since.

With this division finally in place, we’ve transformed GoldenLion into a complete growth facilitator; helping customers drive traffic, convert those visitors into leads and convert the leads into paying customers with award winning Zoho suite of applications.”

So, what exactly does this transformation mean?

We Were: Zoho Premium Partner

Services: Deploying Industry Specific Zoho CRM

Crafting Awesome Applications on Zoho Creator platform

Our Values: Help customers manage their business and grow their sales

And then we transformed!

We are: End to end Traffic-Lead-Conversion facilitator

Services: Deploying Industry Specific Zoho CRM

Crafting Awesome Applications on Zoho Creator platform

Website Development

Integration of Website with Required Conversion Tools

Complete Digital Marketing

Our Values: Help customers grow their business with complete traffic-lead-conversion solutions


Anindya Bhanja Chowdhury, Vice President-Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation Division works towards creating a complete brand persona for your business. Right from fortifying your digital presence with an awesome website, SEO services to ensure more visibility till helping you capture greater market share with aggressive digital marketing, the Digital Transformation Division helps you scale your business every step of the way.

While this transformation has added to and enhanced on the company profile and service offerings, the team is also going through massive positive changes.


Sanjukta Banerjee, Director, GoldenLion


We didn’t just add a division; we re-invented ourselves! Apart from an array of exciting services on offer, we have also taken solid steps towards creating proper management structure within the company. Regular training sessions for facilitating skill development, cross-platform exposure of employees, creating a more transparent relationship with customers by sharing regular timesheet are some of the crucial steps we’ve implemented this year!

With all these fabulous enhancements, newly launched division and complete brand makeover, this is a very exciting time for us. But what exactly does it mean to our customers?


Mohammed Ataullah, Senior Vice President 


Business transformation is a big change, a paradigm shift. For our client it means to shun old ways of doing things and embrace the latest tools and strategies to stay ahead of their competition in this ever changing business environment. The greatest value they see is enhanced productivity at reasonable cost and thereby increased profitability. Those who chose not to do this ; they run the risk of becoming irrelevant and obsolete.”

We, GoldenLion family is elated to share this transformation journey with you! Take a look at our brand new website here!

It’s time to give some TLC (traffic-lead-conversion) to your business!

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