Have Big Dreams for Your Travel Business? Get the Travel Agency CRM Now!

Feb 13, 2017

One of the prerequisites for scaling any business is de-cluttering the internal operations. However, when you are running a travel agency, it is easier said than done.

With several guests to accommodate per trip, more than one accommodation and transportation reservations to be made and ensuring a completely stress-free experience for your customers, managing your entire operations seamlessly on a spread-sheet is near impossible.

Here, industry specific travel agency CRM is what you need to achieve your goals and drive customer satisfaction!

So, if you have been wondering how a CRM for travel agents can help you fuel your aspirations and achieve your goals, here’s what it can do for you!

Capture Leads from Every Source and Manage Them at One Place

Most travel agents spend a significant amount of time each day for entering leads into the spreadsheet or any other tool that they may be using. This process not only eats away productivity by consuming time but also leaves significant chance for human errors.

But when you are looking at expanding your business, there is simply no room for leaving any details to chance!

With an awesome travel agency CRM in place, you can capture leads from your website Contact Us form, Live Chat tools as well as import Leads from your existing spreadsheets.

When you receive all your leads direct into your CRM and be able to manage them from the same platform, you not only do away with the need of manually entering leads into a system but also never (ever) miss out on any important lead that can potentially turn into a customer as well as give you valuable references in future.

Master the Science of Follow-up and Create Lasting Relations with Your Customers

If you are reading this article, chances are you own or manage a travel business. And in that case, you already know the cruciality of follow-up in this industry. While in most businesses, follow-up usually takes a back seat after closing the sale, in case of travel agencies, it becomes vital.

You follow-up for documents such as visa or passport, you follow-up to send itineraries, you follow up to confirm accommodation and food choices; in short, you follow-up in almost every step of the way to tailor the most memorable time for your guests.

The larger the size of your business, the tougher this job gets!

Without a centralized platform to manage all your customers, the follow-up process can easily become unorganized and thus hamper your customer relation.

Now consider the scenario where you have an intuitive application in place that lets you send itineraries, thank you e-mails, or any other communication with one single click right from its Home Page! Not only that, the application lets you graduate any lead into a customer, remind you of any follow-up or meeting that may be due and help you manage all the information and documents for each of your guests.

Yes, that’s exactly what a travel agency CRM would do for you!

By mastering the science of follow-ups, you would not only create the most enjoyable experiences for your guests, but also build lifelong relation with them. In short, you would lay the foundation for an ever-expanding business!

Take the Guess Work Out of Your Profit Statement

When you are looking at growing your business, having a grip over the trip profitability is of utmost importance. However, with several channels for expenditure, measuring the profit figure becomes difficult in most cases.

Employing a travel agency CRM can take any guess work completely out of the process!

With the help of your CRM you can generate beautiful looking quotes and convert them into invoices once the deal is closed. On the other hand, you can make reservations, generate vouchers or document any other expenditure from the same platform.

This way, you’ll be able to track the inflow and outflow of money for each trip in the most consolidated manner. Moreover, an advanced CRM for travel agents will give you a complete report on trip profitability which can in turn guide you for planning future trips.

The importance of travel agency CRM does not end here!

While the mentioned three are the most crucial ways a CRM can help you scale your travel business, it plays vital role in fostering a lifelong relation with your guests too. Moreover, a great CRM for travel agents would give you the scope to add customized workflows and powerful automation to make your day to day operations super easy.

So, don’t wait any longer for your dreams to come true. Get a highly customized travel agency CRM now and start expanding your business like never before!

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