How a Smart Reporting System Can Boost Your Business?

Mar 19, 2020

Are you a business owner trying to figure out which of your policies and strategies are working out and which aren’t? Then, hear me out- do not let these worries take away your night’s sleep!

Because every problem has a solution.

Do you know that when you can see all your business’s reports right before your eyes it gets much easier to optimize your marketing and sales?

Let’s see how this helps!

Get a Clear Visibility of Your Marketing Channels

You are spending tons of money on several marketing media to get leads.

Now what?

Do you not want to know which media are bringing in maximum number of leads for you?

Your answer is yes, right?

If you can generate reports to map the performance of various marketing channels, then there is nothing better than that!

From this report you can clearly see which marketing channels are working out for you and bringing in more lead. Look at the screenshot below. With a dashboard like this, you can do proper analysis and allocate your resources accordingly.

What you gain out of this?

You save time, money and energy!

Analyse Your Sales Funnel to Identify the Problem Areas

You might be getting hundreds of leads everyday! But the question remains that, are you able to convert those incoming leads to profitable customers? Do you know the lead conversion rates? Do you have the needed report right before your eyes?

If the answer is no then it is high time to reconsider your business strategies.

But honestly, I am not trying to scare you.

Rather, let us see how can the right solutions help you!

If your leads are falling through the cracks then you do not need to panic. You need to strategically and systematically figure out the loopholes in your business.

Are you getting unqualified leads? Or, maybe your leads are qualified..but somehow you have a longer time gap between the time the lead comes in and the time you table the proposal. Or maybe you are losing prospects after sharing the proposal.

If you can have a proper visibility of your sales funnel, you can analyse it and then find out the problem areas. This enables you to take proper action.

If you look at the dashboard below, you can see how many leads were created, how many were qualified and how many actually converted into sales. This visibility in turn lets you understand the gaps and course-correct if needed.

Get Your Revenue Predictions Right

Isn’t it a great feeling when you get an idea in advance about how much money you are going to receive in your bank account the following month?

Indeed, it is!

Apart from feeling happy, what revenue predictions can do for you?

Well, a lot!

You can prepare for a month ahead. Then you get to know how much money you have to make the necessary investments. You can spend money in new business projects and so much more. Looking at the key market drivers and your money inflow you can make wise business strategies.

These baby steps will not only make you a better business person but also keep you ahead of your competitors.

The benefits of smart reports do not end here.

Yes, you read it right….

There are more benefits!

A revenue prediction report (like the one for a travel agency displayed in screenshot below) will show you the invoices due against each of your customers and hence, follow up becomes real easy.

Generate ROI Reports

Any business owner would like to look at his/her ROI reports!

To run a business successfully there are multiple investments that you probably have to make. So, to know which of your investments bring in more revenue is very important.

Only investing money blindly with the hope of growing your business is not sufficient.

Smart investments are required. If you know the golden investment points, then investing 1 buck there may get you a return of 1000 bucks.

But how to identify these golden investment points?

From ROI reports again!

Generate Service Reports

Are you able to keep a proper record of the customer issues?

Do you have a clear picture about how many tickets are raised every day by your customers?

How many of those tickets are solved?

You can manage the customer service team when your customer data on tickets, issues etc are centralized and properly arranged. You can generate reports and identify the priority areas from that data.

Hence, you can improve your customer support and increase customer satisfaction as well.


Now that you have seen how reports are the integral part of your business, the next question that pops up in your mind must be how to generate these integrated reports?

A solution to this problem is also available!

You need a centralized platform where you can store all your data and access it anytime and anywhere you need so that you can analyse the data correctly.

A cloud-based CRM allows you to generate all such reports from the existing data.

But before reaching this stage there is another small step that is required.

The stage of implementing the CRM successfully. The CRM implementation requires the right kind of expertise and understanding.

If the CRM is implemented correctly and you start learning how to use it to your benefit, then half of your battles are won!

We are more than happy to give you the right business solutions.


Because we want you to grow!

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