How to Implement ZOHO One to Run and Grow Your Business

Aug 3, 2017

Okay; you’ve heard or read about Zoho One is past few days; and (naturally) you are interested in leveraging the power of Zoho One to run and grow your business.

To be honest, it is pretty hard not to be tempted by Zoho One.

  • The suite of applications gives you 35+ apps to support almost every area of your business.
  • The entire suite offers amazing integration opportunities and promises to add more integrations in future.
  • Zoho One comes at a really really affordable cost.

Like many business owners, if you too are curious to know the best way to implement Zoho One to your business, straighten your reading glasses, get a cup of coffee and read on!

Here are some simple yet hugely effective steps for successful implementation of Zoho One.

Step-1. Get to know all the applications

Well, this may sound a bit naïve; but when you are getting 35+ applications in one suite, getting to know the applications is a thorough process. Add to this, the 40+ complimentary mobile apps and you have a huge task in front of you.

It is going to be time-consuming, I agree!

But, it is going to be immensely beneficial for you and I promise, you can save loads of money by simply getting to know the entire suite.


Well, as they claim, Zoho One is the operating system for your business. And thus, it is built to support almost every business process.

In case, you decide a thorough knowledge is of no use, you may still be spending money on a landing page maker while Site (the Website Builder app) sits idle, or purchase a digital signature application while Sign (Digital Signature app) remains unused!

So, take out that time and get to know the entire suite of applications and I promise (I really do) you’ll be able to unsubscribe from a number of business applications you are using right now.

Step-2. Plan the implementation in phases

With so many apps (both web and mobile) on your disposal, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed.

The antidote for the predicament is to divide the entire implementation process into phases.

How to do this?

Well, first and foremost, you have to know all the applications that are there at your disposal (as mentioned in the 1st step). Now, consider your business requirements carefully and prioritize the requirements as per urgency.

For example, you may be in the service business and primarily looking for a CRM, an E-mail Marketing application, and an Employee Management system. In that case, the first phase of your implementation may include CRM, Campaigns, and People. In the second phase, you may choose to implement Sites to create beautiful landing pages to support email campaigns, Reports to generate comprehensive business intelligence, Social to boost your social media marketing and Connect to create an internal social network for your employees. In the consecutive phases, you may choose to implement other marketing applications, finance applications or support applications to make your life easier.

This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on the areas that require maximum attention at this point and then move on to implement Zoho One for other areas of your business.

Step-3. Rope in an expert

Well, customizing an enterprise application as per your specific business needs and implementing the same in your business, requires expertise, experience, and time commitment. And here, we are talking about a whole suite of applications!

Thus, roping in an expert can be the best way to ensure proper customization and minimum go-live time.

While going for an expert, make sure to select a business with a steady track record of implementing Zoho products and great customer service.

Implementing Zoho One can be a bit overwhelming; but, when implemented effectively, the benefits far out-weight the effort!

The suite of applications offers a host of solutions that can support almost all your business processes and thus, save you tons of money while helping you grow your business.

So, don’t waste time anymore; implement Zoho One for your business with these three easy steps.

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