[How To] Improve Your Website Conversion Rate to Grow Your Business

Jun 9, 2017

One of the main reasons for building a great website is to gather inbound leads!

Of course, you want to create a strong web presence and generate awareness about your product and services, but for most businesses, especially B2B ones, all these cumulates into converting visitors into leads.

Now, if you are wondering why your website conversion rate is still below average (even after putting up a great looking website), there may be multiple reasons for that.

But before we dive deeper into it, let’s see how your website fit into the sales funnel.



As you can see, there are two conversions taking place!

While the second conversion (i.e. lead to customer) depends heavily on how you or your sales reps nurture the lead, the responsibility of the first one rests solely with your website.

So, how do you prepare your website for ramping up the lead conversion rate?

Here’s how you can improve the website conversion rate and start generating quality leads for your business!

Adopt the Mobile First Attitude

As per a study conducted by comScore, mobile internet usage in USA accounts for 60% of total time spent online. As per industry experts, this figure is likely to grow in years to come.

Keeping in mind the growing percentage of people accessing the internet through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is crucial for businesses to develop a mobile-first attitude.

Thus, having a responsive and mobile optimized web design is vital for reaching out to a larger audience base.

No matter what industry you are operating in or what kind of business model you follow, making your website responsive is a basic requirement in today’s age.

Write Content for Readers, Not Search Engines

Write for your visitors. Period.

Stuffing key words into each sentence may be tempting, but that is not going to improve conversion rate a bit!

Spammy key words stuffed website copy is not only a huge turn off for your visitors but also a potential cause for getting penalized by Google.

Instead of focusing on keywords, create meaningful copy that adds value to the visitors.

The visitor is spending valuable time on your website, ensure that its worthwhile for her!

Create a User Experience They Can’t Forget

Did you know, 88% of customers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience.

And to be honest, why would they?

In this digital age, your website is constantly fighting with thousands of other (almost similar) websites for the visitor’s attention.

So, offering a great user experience is essential to keep the visitor interested!

A great design, high readability, easy navigation, pictorial representation of complex data all comprises to create an awesome user experience.

Get in touch with our experts for building an amazingly user-friendly website!

No matter whether you are doing it yourself or roping in an expert, ensure that your website is super-smooth to navigate.

Place Call-to-Actions Strategically

Well, there is no greater crime than leaving out a powerful ‘call-to-action’ in your website!

Think about it, you have done extensive SEO works to help the visitor reach your website, then have created fantastic content to keep the visitor hooked and after all this, you are not guiding the visitor to the next step!

A humongous waste of efforts!

Call-to-Action, popularly known as CTA is one of the most beloved components of all marketers.

Using a powerful CTA to guide your visitors into taking the next step goes a long way towards improving your website conversion rate.

Retargeting to Bring Back the Wandering Souls

A visitor can leave your website for a wide number of reasons!

Your products or services may not actually be aligned with her needs, or she may get distracted by an email notification, or she may want to check out your competitors’ products before spending her money.

In the first scenario, nothing you do will bring the visitor back. However, in the case of the last two situations, retargeting can be highly effective in bringing the visitor back and convert her into a lead.

Depending on your target audience, you may choose to go for all around retargeting or social media retargeting.

Last Words……

These are a few tried and tested tips that have worked wonders in improving conversion rate for many veteran marketers.

Implement these on your website today and see how your website conversion rate goes up!

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