How to Scale Your Training Business in 2021

May 10, 2021

With the advancement of technology and change in consumer behavior, you often need to modify your business model and marketing strategy. 

Scaling a business is like bringing change in the system so as to help it grow more effectively within a period of time.

However, the key to scaling a business is knowing when to let go of the traditional methods and put more effort into your foundational process. Having your Training Provider business model based on the Marketing Mix of the four P’s  (Price, Promotion, Product, and Place) might seem relevant but it is not all that will help you to capture market share rapidly.

Training plays a crucial role in any organizational growth. The need for effective employee training and development has resulted in the growth of this industry in the past few years. United States-based organizations assign an average of 11% of their budget to the training and development of their employees.

Keeping in mind the market status of the Training and Development industry let us dig further to understand 5 ways in which you can scale your Training Business in 2021.

5 Ways to Scale Your Training Business in 2021 

Go Online

Classroom training is great! But how feasible is that when your students are working professionals or stay far away from your location. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted everybody to avoid the outdoors as much as possible. With most businesses going online, why not you? 

Going online is the best thing to do at the moment, if not done already. Not only does this enable you to reach out to a larger number of students, but also, it offers the flexibility and convenience that your students are looking for. 

Online training programs are in high demand at the corporate as well as retail levels. Easy accessibility and the pocket-friendly nature of online courses are the added incentives. As you know that business organizations are paying much heed to employee enhancement, now is your turn to use the best of your resources and cater to the market needs. 

Moreover, providing online training programs can be much cost-effective on your part. You don’t have to spend on renting office spaces and their maintenance. Instead, you can invest in better content and instructors that might make your programs more attractive.

Find a Niche and Master the Same

Knowing your customers is the foundation for any successful venture as it influences your content, area of expertise, and marketing strategies. Your acceptance in the market depends on your unique and sustainable product that stands out of the lot. 

Yet, deciding on your niche isn’t always easy. And unfortunately, the “spray and pray” marketing tactic is a huge no-no in the Training Providing business.  Your customers are well aware of what they want. Survey your target market, research the competition, assess potential profitability and check the preference among all your courses. 

For instance, if you notice that more students are opting for corporate skills over the last few sessions, then definitely that is the area where you can plan new courses. Take feedback from the participants and ask what else they would like to include in the program. Talk with your instructors and create an amazing training program.

Once you find your niche, the next step is easy, take it to another level, master it. Market to more targeted audiences and this will increase your conversion. Keep close contact with your associates and always be on foot with recent technological developments. You can also test your ideas among your network of friends and acquaintances and see how they react. Reach out to former students regarding your product.

Use an Awesome CRM System

You have all your resources and programs ready, but, what is that secret ingredient that you need to add before you touch the field? Yes, it is a tailored CRM system built for the specific needs of a Training Provider. It will enhance your productivity and help you scale in unimaginable ways. Let us see how! 

Choosing the correct CRM is often said to be crucial for any business. A survey revealed that 74% of companies have said that using the right CRM enabled them in improved lead conversion at the same time increased their sales.

Most off-the-shelf CRM tools come with a simplistic sales process. The additional details like tailored sales cycle, generating proposals before providing a quote, mapping multiple contacts from the same company, and many more important facets are often missed. Understanding every nook and corner of your business process is essential and without that, it is quite difficult to achieve a breakthrough in this highly competitive market.

So here you need a tool like the Training Provider CRM that has been tailored particularly for your business requirements. This intuitive CRM comes with an array of features that are customized for a training provider business.

From centralizing all your data to managing the sales pipeline, everything is under one roof. Particularities of the training and development industries like batch and enrollment management, generation of certificates, and creating multiple enrollments under a single engagement are placed in separate modules in the Training Provider CRM.

To check on your developments you can always get hold of your progress reports under the reports module of the CRM, which’ll present the reports based on different intersectional properties. 

Check out this video for a better understanding of the Training Provider CRM

Focus on Creating Stunning Marketing Materials

Now let us come to the marketing part of your business. With so much content everywhere for people to see, the only way you can stand out from the lot is by using efficient visual marketing strategies. Your content must be designed to intrigue and attract.

Because let’s face it, what is the use of working so hard to prepare such amazing programs if the intended audience remains unaware? There are more than 4 billion internet users at the moment, and nobody has the time to read black and white content. So, to catch people’s attention you must have something that serves your cause and let you reach the targeted audience. 

This is where visual marketing takes you to the next step. Visual contents like infographics, images, posters, and videos are something that is easily absorbable. Include those in our marketing strategy. But such a challenge is difficult to meet, especially when time is your barrier.

To cater to the challenge you can use a tool like DocHipo, that lets you create amazing documents for free. The application comes with hundreds of pre-built templates under categories like Business Essentials, General Purpose, Social Graphic, and Web Banner. Under each of these categories, you will find wonderfully designed templates that you can tailor for your needs in less than 60 seconds. 

For example, if you are arranging a 7-day program on corporate management, you can create a poster for that and circulate it among all your platforms and associates. Here is a poster I created using DocHipo

Training Provider CRM

Here is another one for promoting your company for the upcoming sessions.

CRM for Training Providers



To know more about how DocHipo provides an all-in-one solution for visual marketing, check out this video


Focus on Marketing to Your Existing Students

No matter what your business model is, selling to existing customers is much easier and profitable than selling to new customers. A Training Provider Business is no different. So don’t overlook your existing students in your marketing gamut. 

Use the Training Provider CRM for better analyzing every students’ needs. The CRM will help you to get an overview of your enrolments and their activities. You can also check their purchase trend and interests by studying their present occupation, enrolment history, the reason for enrolment, etc.

Once you comprehend the demands of your students it will be easy for you to market the right courses to the right set of students. Identify the relevant courses a student can opt for and reach out to them regarding their options. The Training Provider CRM can streamline your searches and help you become more productive here.

Last Words…

Scaling your business starts with identifying your target market and fine-tuning every process to convert them into paying customers.  

So without further ado, keep in mind the 5 points and check where you stand in your business. Work on the needful and use these tips for your business. 

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