How Travel Agency CRM can boost your Lead Nurturing Process

Sep 17, 2021

Travel Agency CRM are way too crucial for travel agency businesses. Leads are the most crucial components of a Travel Agency Business. If you want your travel agency to grow and thrive, you need to capture and nurture leads in a proper fashion. The Travel industry is currently progressing at an immense pace. Studies show that the travel and tourism industry grew at a rate of 3.9 percent, above the GDP growth of 3.2 percent and contributing a record $8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the economy last year. But with the increase in growth arises challenges of capturing and nurturing proper leads for the travel agency business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on the travel industry as well. Global revenue for the travel and tourism industry has been predicted to decrease by almost 34.7% due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, international as well as domestic tourism has declined sharply which has made the situation more challenging for the Travel Agency Business owners.

As such, Travel Agency Businesses need a completely tailored and unique solution to help capture and nurture leads properly. It also helps to manage contacts and trips accordingly and automate every other crucial business operation. Created specifically for the unique requirements of travel agencies on the award winning Zoho CRM platform, the Travel Agency CRM helps to deliver excellent value coupling with an astounding array of features for the business owners. T This makes it super easy to capture leads from websites and various other channels, nurture them and convert them into customers.

Sit back and relax! In this article, we will speak about how you can effectively use the Travel Agency CRM to manage the entire lead nurturing process and improve business efficiency. Here we go!

Why is Lead Nurturing crucial for Travel Agency Business?

Lead nurturing takes centre stage when a constant stream of high-quality leads discovers your business, and travel agency businesses are getting the message loud and clear. Statistics show that almost 74% of companies believe that converting leads into potential customers have always been their top priority. With increase in operations, Travel Agency Businesses need to deal with a huge number of leads every single day. Without proper lead nurture, the business can easily lose potential customers and revenue which can result in several operational challenges.

With proper lead nurturing, it becomes extremely relevant to convert more leads and speed up the prospects as they go through the entire buyer’s journey. On an average, 50% of leads never wind up making a purchase at all. As such, it is extremely crucial to manage the entire lead nurturing process meticulously. Effective lead nurturing helps to improve the relationship with the customers. It helps to maintain the relationship over time while building the brand value and trust. Productive lead nurturing also helps to maintain and manage the entire sales cycle process.

How does the Travel Agency CRM make the Lead Nurturing Process extremely efficient?

We have already discussed why Travel Agency CRM is crucial for your travel business. Let us now get into the details of how this CRM solution can help to improve the lead capturing and nurturing process of your business.

Capture Leads from Website with Travel Agency CRM

Lead capturing from websites is a crucial task for travel agency business owners. Proper lead capture is important as it helps to collect crucial details from the prospects.

However, entering leads manually into the CRM solution from the website takes up a lot of time. The process can also get quite repetitive. Errors can also creep in during these manual operations. This can result in future complications for the management. Since travel agency businesses deal with a huge number of leads in a single day, entering leads manually from the website into the CRM solution is also not feasible.

Using the Travel Agency CRM, you can easily capture the leads from the websites. The CRM solution integrates comfortably with your website enquiry forms and captures leads directly into the CRM. Once a lead visits your website and fills out the enquiry form, the CRM solution automatically captures the details. This does not end here. You can also assign the leads among your team from the Travel Agency CRM itself. How cool is that!

Here’s how you can easily capture leads from the website using the Travel Agency CRM:

Capture Leads from Live Chat using Travel Agency CRM

Live chat leads help business owners to chat directly with their prospects in real time. Studies have found that almost 94% of prospects who contacted over live chat were somewhat or very satisfied with the experience. Live chat is a great option for Travel Agency Businesses to maximize leads and of course generate more sales. It significantly improves the response time of the visitors and allows the company to capture more leads.

For Travel Agency businesses, manually capturing details about the leads from live chats can pose a big challenge. Dealing with so many visitors on the website, crucial information can easily get misplaced. Registering the details manually also takes up a lot of time.

With the Travel Agency CRM integrated with your website, you can easily track real-time website visitors, chat with them and convert them into a lead from the chat itself. Integrated with Zoho SalesIQ, The CRM captures Leads from every live-chat session. The process remains entirely automated and can be completed with just a few clicks. How cool is that!

Check out the video below to learn how to capture Leads from Live Chat using Travel Agency CRM:

Capture Leads from Social Media efficiently

Capturing leads from Social Media is extremely crucial for a Travel Agency Business. Effective social media lead generation helps to improve the brand awareness, reach out to new customers and improve the website traffic significantly. Since Social Media is home to almost 3.4 billion active users, capturing leads from social media and nurturing them in a proper fashion becomes extremely essential for a Travel Agency Business.

However, registering details of the leads from social media profiles can sometimes prove to be quite challenging for the business owners. Repetitive tasks, misplaced details or important lead getting missed out- Travel Agency Business Owners face several obstacles.

The Travel Agency CRM system monitors and lets you participate in various Social Media activities, as well as convert any contact (from the Social Media platforms) into Lead with 1-click. The CRM system pre-populates the information once you click on a contact, saves it as a Lead and stores it under the “Leads” module.

Here’s how you can capture Leads from Social Media using Travel Agency CRM:

Capture Leads from Spreadsheet seamlessly

For a Travel Agency Business, capturing leads from spreadsheets seems quite a daunting task. It gets quite challenging for business owners to update the details properly and make sure no crucial information gets lost. Manual operations take up a lot of time while importing the relevant details from the spreadsheet to the CRM system.

With Travel Agency CRM, you can easily import all your leads from your spreadsheets into the CRM system. This simplifies the management of the leads and makes sure all the details have been updated and stored properly for future use. To capture the leads from spreadsheets using the CRM solution, you need to set up a quality spreadsheet which contains all the relevant details of the leads.

Once you click on the “Import Leads” option in your CRM system, the details get imported and the leads get captured properly. Congratulations! You have some new leads to nurture now.

So, if you are still using spreadsheets to manage your leads: import them all in just a few clicks.

Check out the video below to learn more about capturing Leads from Spreadsheets using Travel Agency CRM:

One-Click Follow-Up with Travel Agency CRM

Being a travel agency business owner, your main focus might be selling as many trips as possible and improving the revenue of the company. As such, you would definitely require a system which helps with your daily operations such as sending crucial emails, managing itineraries, sending invoices and much more.

All these can be done seamlessly with the Travel Agency CRM solution. Thanks to the “Macro” feature of the system, you can automate all these operations and perform tasks smoothly with just one click.

The powerful follow-up feature lets you send predefined emails, create the next steps and update lead status with just a single click.

Here’s you can follow up with your leads with just a single click using Travel Agency CRM:

Manage meetings, calls and tasks efficiently with Travel Agency CRM

For a travel agency business, it gets quite difficult to manage all sorts of meetings, calls and tasks simultaneously. Businesses deal with thousands of tasks and calls every single day and human errors can result in serious mistakes. However, with the Travel Agency CRM, you can manage your meetings, tasks and calls, all too easily and simultaneously.

The Travel Agency CRM lets you create tasks for yourself or a team member and set crucial reminders. This helps to provide notification for every single task. With this CRM solution, you can also invite your team members and customers with whom you want to arrange meetings and save it in an intuitive calendar.

Here’s how you can manage your tasks with Travel Agency CRM:

The CRM solution also helps you to schedule calls with your leads and contacts with just a few clicks. Record incoming as well as outgoing calls, create the next tasks, upload necessary documents against each lead and enhance your team performance- All with the Travel Agency CRM.

Check out the video below to learn more about logging your calls easily with the CRM solution:


Capturing, nurturing and managing leads are extremely crucial for a Travel Agency Business. With the Travel Agency CRM, all these operations seem quite simple and automated.

The Travel Agency CRM has been curated in such a fashion that it provides an array of features for Travel Agency Business owners to deal with their daily operations. Best part: All the operations remain completely automated and happen with just a few clicks.

Start using this CRM solution to effectively capture and nurture leads for your business.

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