How Travel Agency CRM can help you manage your trips effectively

Aug 30, 2021

Travel Agency CRM is quite beneficial to the Travel Industry. Travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With a total contribution of over 247 billion dollars USD to the GDP and estimated to double in the coming years, the industry is expanding with every single day. Although other parts of the economy sailed on turbulent waters in recent years, the travel and tourism industry had grown as an important source of foreign exchange in several countries. For the people on the ground, it has been creating jobs, both directly as well as indirectly.

However, the Covid-19 has shaken the operation aspects of travel business of all sizes. Revenue decreased by almost 42.1% for the travel industry which put the business owners under a lot of pressure. However, with the introduction of vaccines and travel regulations getting lifted up, the travel industry is slowly coming back to its normal operations.

With increase in demand comes increase in operations. Travel businesses need to manage all aspects of a trip properly to make sure that the clients feel satisfied. Often managing all trip aspects simultaneously can prove to be challenging for the business. This is where the Travel Agency CRM steps up.

Created specifically for the needs of travel agencies on award winning Zoho CRM, Travel Agency CRM delivers outstanding value with an astounding array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system. Tailored to meet the unique requirements, it can help with quotes creation, converting quotes to invoices, making reservations and so on.

In this article, we will speak about how the Travel Agency CRM can help you manage your trips effectively with your Travel business. Here we begin!

Importance of Trip Management

It is crucial for travel businesses to manage the trips accordingly. A trip, well managed, will have a positive impact on the clients. It will also help to improve the revenue of the business. For the travel agencies, effective trip management helps them to curate the leads properly, follow up with them, manage the reservations, generate vouchers, invoices and much more. Proper trip management makes sure that all the operations of the business regarding a particular trip are executed properly. Productive trip management helps business owners to track several trips simultaneously, complete each trip successfully and follow up with the clients efficiently.

Another added advantage of trip management is the ability to reduce costs associated with travel. This can include everything from airline tickets, to hotel room rates and travel insurance. By handling responsibility for this to a dedicated travel manager, or a travel management team, individual employees of the business can spend far more of their time doing core day-to-day tasks and less time on planning trips.

How Travel Agency CRM can help you in managing your trips effectively

Studies show that almost 50% of buyers choose vendors who respond first. As such, you must always be available to respond to every lead as capturing them is a critical part of a travel business. With the Travel Agency CRM, the process becomes far more seamless. The tailored CRM helps you to manage your trips effectively. You can also calculate the profits against every trip in no time with the CRM solution. Let us now. Let us now move forward and see how the Travel Agency CRM helps you to manage your trips seamlessly.

Create Awesome Quotes with Travel Agency CRM

Creation of a stunning quote often takes up time. However, with the Travel Agency CRM, you can create a stunning quote in seconds. The Travel Agency CRM solution is tailored to map the business processes and create stunning quotations for your customers. The solution also comes with stunning quote templates which you can readily use. The Travel Agency CRM also allows easy customization of the templates as and when required.

Once you get the details of a lead and feel that the person is genuinely interested to move forward with the trip, you can convert the lead to a contact. Click on the “Convert” option on the top right to create a contact. The system will ask you to create an entirely new trip.

As such, you can create a trip with the Stage Quote requested. Various stages are present such as Quote Requested, Quote Sent, Quote Accepted and so on. You can select the most preferable one and convert the lead to a contact.

Once your client requests for a quote, you can easily create one from the “Create Quote” option. The details get pre-populated to the form automatically. You can also add the Product Details from the “Add Line Items” option. This option helps you to add the different travel products which you are going to sell to the client. You can also add the Terms and Conditions along with the Itinerary easily.

Once the quote gets ready, you can easily download it in a PDF form or directly send it to your client via email. You can also choose from any of the given quote templates to make your quote look more engaging.

For more details on how you can create and send stunning quotes to your customers in a few clicks, click on the video below!

Use Travel Agency CRM to convert Quotations to Invoices quickly

Once your customer accepts and approves the quotes, you can easily change the status to “Quote Accepted” and convert it into an invoice to send to the customer. The CRM solution automatically captures all the details of the trip and the customer on the invoice, just like it was on the quotation.

Once you change the status to “Quote Accepted”, you can easily convert the quotation to an awesome looking invoice using the “Convert” option.

The moment you convert the quote to an invoice, all the details of the quote flows back into the invoice. The invoice carries the invoice date, trip date, invoice number and so on. All the other details get captured just the way it was in the quote. You can easily download the invoice in the PDF version or email it to your customer directly.

Once you start recording the payment against a particular invoice, you can edit the invoice as and when required easily. This helps to maintain the crucial details properly.

The system automatically calculates and shows you the balance once updated. This way the entire process remains error free and becomes automated.

You can learn more about converting quotations to invoices from the video below!

Create Vendor Reservations seamlessly

Using Travel Agency CRM, you can manage all your vendors and their contacts. You can also send reservation requests via Email, track them till they confirm and record all payments. It also helps you to record all the payments you make to your vendors.

The CRM solution comes with automated operations which lets you manage your vendors and their contacts effectively. You can also manage which vendor gets assigned for which client and so on. The best part: The entire operation remains smooth and happens within a few seconds.

To check the vendors of your company, you need to simply go to the “Vendors” module. The module shows you the list of all the vendors and their contacts that you deal with as a travel agency.

Once you click on any vendor from the list, you can check various other information such as contacts, vendor reservations, products the vendor is selling and so on. You can also check the vendor reservation status from the list.

To make a vendor reservation for a contact, click on the “Create Vendor Reservation” option. Simply fill out all the relevant details, add the product items of the trip and click on save. The vendor reservation can also be extracted in the PDF version easily. The Travel Agency CRM solution provides you with several template options to choose from for your vendor reservation.

You can also send the vendor reservation directly to the vendor via email. Depending on the vendor reservation costs, the CRM solution automatically updates the total trip cost and the balance of the trip. Everything happens within seconds and with just a few clicks.

Click on the video below to learn more about creation of vendor reservations!

Generate and Send Vouchers in One Click with Travel Agency CRM

With the Travel Agency CRM, you can seamlessly generate Reservation Vouchers without much hassle and send them to your customers. The issued vouchers can be used to avail the services from the vendors.

In order to create the voucher, you need to use the same vendor’s official record. Update the voucher number and other relevant details for the generation of vouchers. 

The voucher can be downloaded in PDF version after successful completion of the steps. You can readily choose from the various templates given while downloading the voucher. As such, the system will automatically create the voucher, download it and display it in front of you.

Once the vendor reservations get confirmed, you should issue the voucher to the client so that the client can avail the services of the vendor and its contacts. To learn more about voucher generation, click on the video below!


As such, you have got a fair idea of how seamless and smooth Travel Agency CRM really is. Also, the Travel Agency CRM can help you to perform some of the crucial yet difficult tasks in an effective fashion.

With a wide array of functionalities and features, the Travel Agency CRM is surely the best solution for travel agencies in the market. If you are looking forward to managing your trips effectively, you should start using this solution.

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