Implementing Zoho One to Boost Your Business Growth

Nov 13, 2018

Choosing the right CRM for your business is difficult; no doubt. But, implementing the CRM successfully is a challenge greater than that. A lot of first time CRM users purchase the system and dive head-first into using it. Result? Utter confusion among users, wastage of precious time, poor usability and ultimately failure. Such mishaps can be avoided with implementing Zoho One correctly.

As a zoho premium partner who has the privilege of working with more than 400 businesses across the globe, we have seen this phenomena time and again. When it comes to simple cloud-based CRM systems, Zoho surely is a great choice. And with the launch of Zoho One, you get a whole bunch of business applications (practically for every business process there is) in one place.

Well, the Zoho One suite of applications is a great way to turbocharge your productivity across every business process. BUT, only if you implement it properly.

The best thing about Zoho One is that you get almost every application you need to run a business in one place. Interestingly, this is a challenge too! Most users start using multiple applications from the Go. And, instead of making life easier, it complicate things further. Sounds familiar? Well, you are not the only one. So, the question is how to implement Zoho One successfully? Here’s some idea.

Phase out the implementation process

You’ve just purchased the system and your team is bursting with enthusiasm to start using the applications. I understand. But, getting accustomed to any new application takes some time and effort. More so, if you are a first time CRM user. So, phasing out the implementation process can be a great way for ensuring success. Don’t just rush to implement everything at one go. Prioritize your requirements and plan the implementation process in phases.

For example: If you are real estate developer looking at managing your customers with the CRM system, systematize your accounting with Zoho Books and boost your marketing with Zoho Campaign and Social; then you might want to implement the CRM in the first phase, the Books in the second phase and Campaigns and Social in the third phase.

Remember, just because the application is there in the suite, you don’t have to use it. Focus on the business processes you want to systematize and identify the applications for the purpose. Once you know the ones you need, phase out the entire process.

Customize the system to fit your need or go for an implementation partner to get this done

Time is money for most of the businesses out there. If you have purchased Zoho One and tried to use it without proper customization; you know exactly what I’m talking about. Each business is different and each follow a certain business process. The key for successful implementation is to translate your business process into the system. Changing the nomenclature as per your business requirements and modifying the work-flows accordingly is of vital importance here.

In case you find it difficult to do it on your own, you might want to rope in an implementation partner who knows the in-and-out of the Zoho eco-system. And, here you want to go ahead with seasoned experts with extensive experience of Zoho One (and the entire application bouquet), and preferably some knowledge of the industry you are working in. This way, your implementation partner can not only help you in translating your vision in the system, but also can give you valuable suggestion. Keeping in mind your business process, should you generate your invoices right from the CRM? Or, will it be better for you to use Zoho Invoice for the same? What should be the best way for you to manage your leads? These are some of the questions that can only be answered by a seasoned expert.

Harness the power of integration

Sure, the applications are related. Sure, they are integrated with each other to a certain extent. But, are they integrated to fit your requirements exactly? Not really. No off-the-shelf product is. When it comes to enterprise solutions, there’s no one-size-fits-it-all formula. And without proper integration, you’ll have to enter the same data on various applications manually. Which, totally defies the purpose of implementing the system on the first place.

Don’t forget to train your users

Training drives adaptation. So, no matter how many users you have and how many applications you are using, invest time in training your users. Identifying key influencers and training them to be system advocates is a great way to improve adaptation.

Last Words

Zoho One is an incredibly powerful suite of application for your business. When implemented properly, the Zoho suite of applications boost your business growth and offer unparalleled scalability over long run. So, if you have purchased Zoho One already or thinking about going for it; keep the above points in mind and sky is the only limit for you.

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