I’ve Got A New Website….Now What?

Dec 29, 2017

Getting a brand-new website for your business is as exciting development as any. But, once the tedious designing and development process is complete and you have your website up and running, there comes a time when you start asking ‘what now’. No doubt, you have a great looking website with lots of impressive functionalities (and if you don’t have, get in touch with your Digital Transformation Experts Now) to show off. But, does that mean, leads will start pouring in magically and sales will jump up overnight? Well, as optimistic as I am, this is not going to happen; unless, you take concrete actions towards attracting the right kind of traffic and optimize the website to convert them into leads.

Before we jump into the discussion about the steps you can take right after you get your website up, let me tell how the idea of this blog came to be. Recently we designed and developed an awesome website for one of our esteemed customers. We got the website up and running and the customer was very happy with it. But, after a week, he came back to us and asked this very simple question, “Well, I love the website. But, what to do now?” He wanted more visibility for the website and wanted to capture more leads for his business, which is basically the goal of every website out there. And as we started to consult him on what he can do to achieve that, we realized there are many more businesses out there who must be asking the same question. So, here’s what you need to do right after you get your website up and running!

#1. Add Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is THE tool to understand your website visitors. Understanding how your visitors are interacting with your website; which pages they are visiting, where they are spending time, whether they are coming back or not, which kind of devices they are using to browse the website, what is the average time they are spending on your website etc are the key to better your website. How does this help? Let me give you some quick examples here. If you are running an eCommerce website and see most of your visitors are coming from mobile devices, you might want to launch a mobile app for improving your user experience. In case you see, one particular page is getting most of the traffic, you might want to put your most exciting offer on that page. If you notice, a particular page is having a high bounce rate, you can redesign the page to address the issue. The possibilities are endless here!

So, if you don’t have Google Analytics on your website yet, add it now! And, adding it to your website is super easy too. If you have a WordPress site, you can simply download the Yoast Google Analytics Plug-in. For other websites, here’s how you can set up the Google Analytics tracking code.

#2. Start A Blog (Only If You Can Sustain It):

This one is a killer SEO trick! But, blogging comes with its share of pros and cons. On one hand, there’s nothing like well researched, key-word optimized and valuable content to draw visitors in. On the other hand, if the content is crappy or irregular, it’ll do more harm than good. So, think it through before you implement this.

However, if you have the expertise and bandwidth to start a blog, it can work wonders for your website traffic. Why? In today’s world, when people have a question, they Google it! And this is true for almost everything under the Sun; from fashion advice to the workings of an industrial machine. So, no matter what your business is, rest assured that there are people out there Googling for answers related to it. These are the people who are already interested in your industry and will be easier to convert into leads. Highly optimized, information-rich blogs are the best way to draw this audience in. Just be sure to put up quality content and you’ll be able to build a steady inflow of interested visitors.

#3. Create Some Buzz on Social Media

‘Go where your customers are’ is an old saying among marketers and this is still true in today’s digital age. Be it for recreation or recommendations, today we are dependent on social media like never before. Thus, it is essential to promote your website on social media platforms where your customers might be present. Here understanding your user persona and targeting the right set of social media is crucial. For example, if you are into B2B business, your target audience is more likely to be super-busy business owners or decision makers whose primary goal for using social media is to network and promote their businesses. Thus, targeting a professional networking site such as LinkedIn will go a long way in reaching out to them. Similarly, if you are selling fashion clothing, you might want to promote it on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Here, simply sharing updates about your business is not enough! Creating visually engaging content with pictures and videos with a clear call to action is the goal. Click bait content is another great way to draw traffic to your website. Sharing your blog links or offer links on social media can be an important traffic generator for the site.

Joining industry groups in G+, Facebook, and LinkedIn and commenting regularly can also generate awareness about your business and get you some warm traffic.

#4. Don’t Underestimate Word of Mouth

‘Word of Mouth’ is the most ancient form of publicity and it still works! But how to generate word of mouth publicity for your website? Here are some tips:

  • Add your website URL in your e-mail signature
  • Announce the launch of the new website on your personal social media accounts
  • Add the website URL to your visiting cards
  • Send a nice e-mail to your entire professional network announcing the launch of the new website

#5. Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Efforts

While the above tips are all directed towards strengthening your SEO and generating organic traffic, some digital marketing efforts (organic and inorganic both) can give your website traffic a quick boost. Here are some things that you can focus on:

  • E-mail marketing
  • PPC advertisements
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Retargeting advertisements
  • Guest blogging

Last Words

Creating steady traffic for a brand-new website is not easy and it does not happen over-night. However, with persistent effort, you can achieve this for sure. Implement these tips today and see how your website starts attracting traffic that converts!

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