Manage Your Inventory Effectively With Real Estate Agency CRM

Jan 27, 2022

The real estate industry has never run out of business in the global marketplace. People have always looked for ways to invest in real estate, even though the sales trends have witnessed remarkable variations. Like today, because of the several months spent in the lockdown, people are now looking for livable spaces with outdoor amenities to enhance their health and well-being. Therefore, it’s no surprise when MSCI research says that “the real estate market continued to grow in 2020 to $10.5 trillion, despite a year of unprecedented challenges.”  

As the pandemic hit a massive blow across the world, most of the industries stood stagnant momentarily. And it has taken a lot of our strength to take things back to normal. Now as a real estate agent, you cannot risk your business for a second time. You need to make most of the emerging marketing trends, manage the customer database and supervise your inventory to stay at the top of the market radar. That is why we have come up with our all-in-one Real Estate Agency CRM. 

What are the main problems in manual inventory management? 

The biggest congestion that happens in the sales pipeline with manual inventory management is that it fails to update the real-time availability status of your properties. You need to have a clear idea of the different features of your units while pitching to your customers. Other than this, you need to carefully calculate the commission and total profit that got generated from a particular property which might be followed by co-brokerage agency commission calculation. Doing it all in the traditional manner with no errors is next to impossible. Considering the gradual demand for properties in the market, it is extremely crucial to monitor all your business metrics from one source. And there’s nothing more ideal than Real Estate Agency CRM. 

You can efficiently implement this CRM solution to effectively manage your inventory and amplify your business expansion. Let’s discuss how! 

Help Sellers To List Their Properties 

We are sure that a mighty real estate agent like you receives several inquiries from sellers who want to list their properties under your agency. Real Estate CRM has got your back for such cases as well. As most of the sellers browse through website landing pages for assistance, you can embed a details form for them. They can easily fill out their details such as contact, property category, location, price range, and upload pictures if available.

Once they submit their forms, CRM creates a new property housing all the previously inserted details and a contact where the individual becomes a prospect and leveled as a seller. The system tags it as a website property so that you can mark the source and creates an instant task to validate the property so that you can publish it on the website as well. It efficiently updates the current status (whether the property is under validation or has been validated) in the summary itself, so that you never miss an opportunity. How cool is that!

Streamlined Property Management 

Properties are the focal point of your inventory. Real Estate CRM makes it super-easy for you to manage them. How? If you select any particular property record, you can see all the necessary information including the name of the property, its code, and the present owner. It automatically names a new property in a corresponding form. For instance, if it’s a residential property, the name will include the code, the type (residential here), the number of bedrooms, and the square feet area. You can also capture the type of property (sale/ rent), categorize it as residential/ commercial, and add the geo-location as well.  

This CRM system can even auto-calculate the deal stage related to this property. Whether it is under validation, available, or a closed-won case, it will automatically update the current status. Managing inventory was never made this easy before!

Property Recommendation

Of course, as a real estate agent, you must provide your buyers with the best-suited properties. Satisfying numerous customers with the best service possible is only possible with Real Estate CRM. Once you have qualified a lead into a contact and deal, you can trigger automated property recommendations. This CRM solution records every touchpoint communication you have with your clients and efficiently detects their preferences. Based on their profile, it instantly creates a list of properties from your inventory that they might be interested in. You can also send out a beautiful PDF document with the recommended property list, to your customers. 

Identify Matching Leads Or Contacts 

A key takeaway of the Real Estate CRM solution is its ability to match your leads or contacts with your properties. If you add a new property and save it in the system, you can identify potential buyers of that particular property. All you need to do is click on ‘Create Matching Leads or Contacts’ and bingo, a list of all your leads and contacts who could be interested in the property appears before you! Yes, it is that easy.

Capture And Nurture Your Leads

As a real estate agent, you might come across numerous business leads via different mediums like websites, social media, newspaper advertisements, and so on. However, keeping a track of which lead got generated from which source seems like a limitless job. Real Estate Agency CRM helps you capture multiple leads along with their sources. Whenever you receive an inquiry, it creates a new entry in the lead module, places all their details, and notifies your team members. A typical lead record is broken into business card details (including the source), detailed information section, and related list. Such an organized record helps you analyze your potential customer’s preferences and check whether your properties can be rightly suited for the deal. The system also helps you create multiple tasks to assign your team members to nurture a prospect.

Marketing is an essential part of your capital investment after all you’re spending thousands of dollars. So you need to know which source is effective for your business. You can always create a dashboard entry on the home page to analyze your lead generation process minutely and strategize accordingly.

Centralized Data And Reporting

The coolest hack of all is the centralized data hub that you get with the homepage. It comprises the most crucial data including the number of leads that got generated, their current stage, the number of deals you have in hand, their status, etc. Every piece of information is readily accessible, no matter what device you use and at what time. What’s more, you get real-time updates on this page. This feature actually makes our solution stand apart. It helps you carefully keep track of your daily growth and detect the bottlenecks that you might face in the future. You can even customize this page by including the dashboards that you might prefer and define your hub.

Last words, 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for managing your inventory then Real Estate Agency CRM is the one. It is one of the best CRM software that you can find worldwide to tackle uncountable customers efficiently and effectively. You know, we have helped 700+ businesses to grow so far. We believe, yours could be the next. 

Watch this super-cool video down below to visualize how efficiently you can manage your inventory with our solution. 

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