Streamline Your Sales Process With Zoho One For Professional Services

Jun 20, 2022

When we get innumerable customers in hand, it is indeed a boon. But amidst the onslaught of challenges and immense work pressure, professional service firms find it reasonably difficult to sail their ship without diversion. They constantly encounter difficulties regarding customer acquisition-retention, project management, and team management. But the greatest of all is managing an uninterrupted cash flow. Now, this depends on how well your sales cycle is streamlined. But feel relieved when you’re backed with Zoho One For Professional Services. It is a power-packed solution clubbed with a suite of intuitive applications that helps you manage your business extensively from all directions. 

You see, when it comes to the professional service business, this sector works somewhat differently than the other industries. Since this vertical offers expert consultation as a service, its growth majorly depends on the ability to build relationships with its customers. And you must know that each industry sector has its individual book of business. This is where Zoho One comes to your rescue. It advances you with a unique sales pipeline that is solely designed to benefit you with a flexible interface. 

Let’s explore how our Zoho One solution helps you in harnessing 10x business growth with its effective sales pipeline. 

Capture Innumerable Leads   

Before we start with the sales pipeline, we need to procure an ample number of leads. Without them, your business stands still at a dead end. While there are several channels to generate leads, for professional service businesses, we believe the primary source of lead generation is a well-designed website. It gives you huge scope for highlighting your brand value, showcasing your success stories, and a wide array of services that you offer. Now once an inquirer browses through your services via the website, they can communicate with you by sharing their initial details with a pre-embedded contact/ web form if interested. The moment they do so, our Zoho One solution integrated with the CRM readily collects the acquired intel and locates the same in a separate new lead record. 

Other than this, you’re also equipped with Zoho SalesIQ, an omnipresent virtual agent that greets and caters to your leads’ queries on your behalf. Just like you would greet someone when the individual enters your office, this live chatbot does exactly the same. Except it is virtually present 24*7. You can build this chatbot with canned responses to give your leads several answer options to choose from and have real-time interaction. And as efficient as you’d think our solution to be, it yet again stores the chat transcripts for your evaluation after creating a new lead entry.

Nurture Your Prospects With Timely Appointments 

It is undeniable fact that your prospective clients require thorough assistance with timely interactive sessions before they make purchase decisions. That is the immediate step after procuring your leads. With the CRM application integrated with Zoho One, you can manage your appointments with zero effort. You can also automate your appointments with Zoho Bookings. Once a lead lands in your system, it automatically sends out an acknowledgment email consisting of a link that helps them book a meeting at their convenience. Consequently, our CRM notifies you about the update and creates an open task tagged against that particular client. Furthermore, you can set this meeting time slot for each of your teammates via Zoho Bookings. Just in case, a particular team member is unavailable for the meeting but he/she is working on another day, you can add up a slot and take advantage of their extra time. 

Track Your Customer’s Journey On The Sales Pipeline 

It won’t be necessarily wrong if we say that the proficiency of your business extensively depends on how well your sales pipeline work. For a professional service company, the sales cycle is comparatively longer than the other industries with multiple intermediary stages. With Zoho One you can define the steps of your sales pipeline and quickly update the same as a customer progresses through the journey. However, as your team might grow bigger in size, you can determine a process discipline. With our Zoho CRM blueprint, you can set timely checklists for each pipeline stage. This helps your teammates can update the current status of the deal and even add critical notes for future use. Plus, you can always dedicate dashboards for your pipeline stages, it helps you a great deal in assessing your overall business performance. 

Generate Proposals In Minutes 

For professional service businesses, proposals often act as the deciding factor regarding a particular opportunity– whether it’s a closed-won or a closed loss. Therefore, designing proposals can be intensive and time-consuming. You need to add sufficient details for each of your clients with due diligence on one hand. And quickly share your proposal document with your clients on the other. But there’s no need to repeat the mundane tasks once you are advanced with Zoho One

The moment you capture the requirements for a particular project and add the preferred products, you can generate a proposal by merging the information with Zoho Writer. You get a standard pre-built proposal template with Zoho Writer. So that once you click on the ‘Generate Proposal’ button, the application automatically pulls out all the relevant information from the record level. So when you open the document, you can view the company logo, name of the business, date of proposal, the services table, and other dynamic information that our CRM places serially. The details about your business are templatized, however, you can always adjust the content. You can create different templates depending on the services you offer. You put your digital/ e-signature with Zoho Sign on the document, share it via email, and finish off the whole task right from the CRM itself! 

Raise Invoices In Ease 

Undoubtedly you want to offer the best solution for their business requirements. But at the end of the day you’re running a business too and for that, numbers matter. For a professional service company, the process of invoice generation is a bit nuanced as you might need to collect installments. The moment your clients approve your proposal, you can quickly generate an invoice. Our CRM system is integrated with Zoho Books to help you raise the invoice from the CRM interface directly. Now if you scroll down to the invoice section in the deal record, you can edit the invoice draft. You can add the order number, modifying the terms of payments, and any other adjustments that you might require. And voila, you’re all done! You can save and send your invoice to your clients in a jiffy! 

In case your clients opt for online payment, you can integrate a payment gateway with the invoice so that they can pay their dues by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ button. Once you receive your payments, you can keep a diligent record of the same. For manual transactions, you can update the payment details manually. However, for the online ones, the payments are recorded automatically. Even if your customers have their dues to pay, our system updates the balanced due amount and the current status automatically. Such a big advantage! 

Track Your Business In An Aerial View 

The best functionalities of using Zoho One For Professional Services are the reports and dashboards. This dynamic duo helps you comprehend and assess every aspect of your business. Zoho One makes it super-easy for you to make informed decisions by making the collected data readable. You can implement innovative strategies and execute them to perfection. 

To wrap things up, 

In the ever-so-increasing competitive scenario, who doesn’t want less work and more productivity? And this is what our solution Zoho One For Professional Services is all about. It brings a wide array of intuitive applications under one roof which help you manage your business centrally. Moreover, you can always access this solution at any hour of the day and from any device whatsoever. Business management was never made this easy! 

Intrigued, yes? But do you still have doubts lingering? Then watch this video to understand the process even better! 

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