Gordon Hein

Dec 4, 2018

Our company migrated from a well-known CRM that was rigid, required all modifications,customization to be channeled through their company and was pricey to boot. We interviewed our peers and were pleased to learn that travel companies that we respected were using Zoho for their CRM and specifically the Travel Agency version developed by GoldenLion Consulting. The construct of Zoho was highly user friendly to the point that a person with reasonable technical skills can master a good deal of customization over time.


After hours of conversations with our peers and lengthy YouTube videos posted by Zoho and Golden Lion we were satisfied that Zoho was the right solution. But what about GoldenLion?


Were there any hesitations to dive into the Travel Agency version? Sure. GoldenLion is a company based in India – a 12 hour time difference. What kind of response time would we encounter? Would there be a language issue during phone meetings? Could their skill in engineering be dialed down to the non-engineer in us? Will they stand behind their product after the sale?


Wow, any angst was for naught. The experience has been extraordinarily positive. They are smart, patient and really, really important is they understand the needs of the travel industry. We didn’t have to bring them up to speed – they designed the Travel Agency version with the background of an informed travel company.


All-in-all, no regrets. We are a huge fan of the Travel Agency version provided by GoldenLion. The team in India assigned for the implementation were exceptional.

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