Grant Warrens

Dec 4, 2018

I operate a small business and found I needed a good CRM system to keep track of all the leads and customer interactions I handle a daily basis. I researched several CRM software, and finally settled on Zoho because of its ease of use, and because I felt it would effectively serve my needs as I expand in the future.

After finding I was unable to set it up optimally on my own, I started looking for a consultant I could pay to set it up for me. I found several recommended consultants on the website, and emailed many of them with an explanation of my needs. Those that actually got back to me either told me they did not work with small scale projects like mine, or their cost was too high.

Since so much technology work is outsourced to overseas countries, including India, I was very open to hearing what Golden Lion Consulting might provide. I emailed Arnab, and received a swift and thorough response, along with a very reasonable price quote. After a couple more emails to answer additional questions, I decided to work with GoldenLion.

The result was excellent. Absolutely five stars. I emailed him a list (and explanation) of everything I needed the site to do, and they did the rest. The work was completed quickly, exactly to my specifications, and for a very good price. In addition to setting up the site, his fee also included a couple of hours of one-on-one training via Skype, which was crucial for me. (I in fact used a small digital video camera set up on a tripod to record it to later review, which works out great because I have two screens on my computer, and can have the video up on one screen while I’m working on the other). Arnab is an excellent teacher, and explained everything in a thorough, systematic, and friendly manner.

One big point about hiring a consultant is that it doesn’t matter where that company is, since everything is done via the internet. My primary reason for choosing GoldenLion was the price, but on top of that I had a feeling they would do a very good job setting up and personalizing my Zoho account, and that I would be treated with respect and courtesy. They met my expectations on all levels, and I enthusiastically recommend to anyone wanting to optimally set up their Zoho account.

I expect to be working with GoldenLion in the future as my needs increase. I give them my highest recommendation.

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