Mohmmad Sameem

Jan 24, 2019

It’s with pleasure that I am writing a testimonial about GoldenLion who in future will be remembered by my team as one of the pillars of Kashmir Port by enabling us with modern technology.

We came across GoldenLion by recommendation from Zoho team. Initially I did not believe their ability to fulfill my requirement for a Custom made CRM as I was extremely worried about implementation part, having had a bad experience in the past with other companies when it comes to implementing the CRM. However during my first interaction with them I could sense a great understanding of professionalism and hence to test their ability in practice I signed up with them not for CRM but for my other requirement which is New website for my business. Meanwhile I also took some live demo sessions for CRM but did not give them my confirmation as I was still skeptical about the same. Couple of weeks later I received my first set of design layouts for my website and trust me I was literally moved by the work and I had tears in my eyes as the design of my dreams had been prepared by GoldenLion team. That was it and i instantly gave them confirmation on CRM as well.

Important to note here, that building CRM is not an easy process and it requires a lot of patience and persistence by the customer as there are always chances of communication gap between expectations and delivery. However again The team at GoldenLion did not let that happen. Implementing a CRM system is like growth of a child into an adult, requires work for at least 4 to 5 months from the time of implementation but the end result is a beauty. We can now send quotes, invoices, do vendor reservation sitting at our home on our cozy beds.

In short I would say that GoldenLion is helping me achieve my dreams and they are putting their full weight on our road to progress.

Special thanks to Nabanita, Subhadip and Debraj and hats off to the founders of GoldenLion because I believe the team is always a reflection of their leaders. I would in future love to meet you guys in person. Amazingly we guys have never met each other. All has happened over the phone or via internet.

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