Prem Syal

Feb 1, 2019

In the last 20 years of our journey, we have worked on two CRMs, initial few years on Microsoft Dynamics and majority of the years on Salesforce. While working on Salesforce over last 10 years, it was very difficult to keep researching for multiple apps to address our business needs and keep paying to increasing number of apps for different solutions. There was zero support from Salesforce and all the issues were left for the vendor to handle. We were facing grave issues with our Salesforce vendor with little knowledge of the business and high costs and delays.

We were researching Zoho since last few years and were not ready to shift expecting the poor level of support from the vendors, until our sister concern in north America started using Zoho CRM successfully implemented by GoldenLion and were always appreciated in our discussions. Despite a Zoho vendor very close to our office promising physical presence and onsite support, we went ahead with GoldenLion and were very happy with our choice of decision of migrating from Salesforce to Zoho with GoldenLion putting our fears to rest.

We found GoldenLion extremely efficient with in depth knowledge of not only of multiple aspects of Zoho CRM but equally good in other apps as well and most importantly were proficient with the requirements of the Travel Industry and helped us put our system up and running with minimal costs and time. I would strongly recommend GoldenLion. Teams and Management at GoldenLion is par excellence and are very efficient in understanding and addressing the issues.

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