Stacey Saephanh

Aug 28, 2020

I have been working directly with Subhadip, Debraj and Implementation Team at GoldenLion. And I have to say they are all just amazing people. Their knowledge and expertise are evident in all the meetings and email communications.

Our company has such unique circumstances that Subhadip and the Team basically helped build our CRM from scratch. We have never used any kind of CRM but the old trusty Microsoft Excel (tons of manual redundant work!) and it’s 2020 so I know we’re about 15+ years behind!

The Team has been incredibly patient with me and my requests. They have also been extremely accommodating – every request I have made has either been completed as desired or a workable solution has been presented. Subhadip has been very prompt in responding to my random odd hours of the day emails – stellar work ethics!

I will definitely recommend GoldenLion to anyone who asks about Zoho!

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