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GoldenLion’s work quality is unmatched. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say. It’s a proof that we have not only performed beyond expectations, but have earned their trust also – customers have decided to place their names next to our services. GoldenLion earned these testimonials from customers who were able to multiply their profits and enjoyed a high return on investment using GoldenLion’s services for Zoho suite of solutions.

zoho crm for law firm
The GoldenLion team has surpassed my expectations. Sometimes I think they are magicians, the way they can fully grasp and understand our requirements. They have been responsive, enthusiastic, and extremely professional. They have both listened to what we have said we wanted, while also teaching us about aspects of the software we didn't know that we didn't know.
Penn Dodson, Attorney, Firm Owner, AndersonDodson P.C.
zoho for retail

I have been very impressed with the quality of the work provided by GoldenLion. They understood my high level project spec very quickly, asking detailed questions to confirm requirements, and showing a good grasps of the underlying business requirements. They were quick to develop it and more importantly to resolve issues after going live. 

Gabriela Vinader, Director, Monica Vinader Limited
zoho crm for travel agency

I can't say how much I'm happy and thankful for the service provided to my company. Arnab and his team are always there and ready to help. They made this transaction very enjoyable and I am so exited to start working with the software. I already know that it will bring my company to a new dimension.

Rene Piard, Owner, A La Carte Travel
travel agency crm software

I have been pleasantly surprised by your courteous manners and professionalism coupled with your prompt attention to my countless requests, for which i am most grateful. You patiently 'listened' to all my questions and queries and have relentlessly found practical solutions. I thank you for all your efforts.

Nizamuddin Ismail, Managing Director, yourtravelshop.com
zoho crm for wellness

If you are looking for a customized CRM product that will give your business a REAL advantage in the marketplace then you need to speak with Arnab regarding his implementations of Zoho CRM. Hands down his firm GoldenLion is the most significant discovery my company has made to date and our CRM is now directly producing sales growth and has replaced all our previous workflow tools. Incredible value, costs are fractions of other products, and service is unparalleled.

Jennings Staley, President, NineLine Inc.
zoho crm for dealer

We wanted to scale our business for a very long time. We had been looking for the right partner. When we first interacted with the team of GoldenLion, we realized that they have the potential to help us with it. With my personal experience I can vouch for them. And they can be a great resource for you as well.

Pritish Shroff, Partner, Graphic Enterprises
zoho crm for professional services

I was introduced to GoldenLion during my search for a system that would streamline our sales follow up & post sales activities. After couple of day’s of interaction with GoldenLion we eventually decided to purchase Zoho CRM. The most remarkable thing I noticed about GoldenLion was that the quality of response and turnaround time remained similar before and after we made the payments. This is something the whole industry is missing today.

Angshuman Pandey, Head Indian Operations, MIDAS Research & Development
zoho crm for training provider

Alpha Aviation Group, a global brand in the field of aviation training for the airline market, has recently engaged GoldenLion to develop and then support the Zoho CRM product as its basis for a structured and transparent sales process. 

While the Zoho product is an established international product, GoldenLion were brought in as a cost-effective solution and have excelled in their hands-on approach towards Alpha’s introduction. The adoption of a customer relationship management system is a cultural change for any company. GoldenLion have been in the right place and at the right time to smooth along that experience.

Martin Williams, Director Sales, Alpha Aviation Group
zoho crm for law firm

Kohler Law Group retained GoldenLion in order to customize the Zoho platform for our needs. Not only was the cost extremely competitive, but the final product was delivered ahead of schedule. My expectations were exceeded and I recommend GoldenLion without reservation.

Robert Kohler, Founder, Kohler Law Group

Within the first two communications with GoldenLion I knew this was 'the' company to work with. They have understood the specialty of our travel business, and delivered a fantastic product.  Their knowledge, commitment and feedback is outstanding; and I really look forward to future projects.

Claire Vial, Director, African Safaris Ltd

Honest consulting is an oxymoron today. But, wait until you meet the Zoho experts at GoldenLion! They implemented a customized CRM solution not only within the promised time-frame, but also went the extra mile to provide additional demo sessions. Working with GoldenLion was a refreshing experience! Highly recommended!

Harsha N Hegde, Managing Director, Dharana Technologies Pvt Ltd
travel agency crm

The team at GoldenLion have been very good to work with. They have been very attentive to my needs and been available at pretty much anytime to assist me. I am really not sure when they sleep.

Jason Webb, Managing Director, Downunder Travel Ltd

I have been working with GoldenLion Consulting to customize Zoho CRM Plus for past 2 months. It has been absolute pleasure to work with Arnab and his team. The project was delivered on time and as per specifications. GoldenLion has exceeded my expectations in every way. I will be working with them again in future also.

Praveen Syal, Managing Director, Indus Travels

It has been a true pleasure working with the team at GoldenLion - not only for the professionalism but even more so for their caring and openness to new ideas. They feel like part of our team - which makes them a special partner!

Terry Suero, Director of Development, Toca Travel

I am pleased with how the engagement has gone so far. With minimal intervention from my side you guys have been able to roll out with the features that was required by us. And that was key for me. Going ahead we will discuss more value add in our processes enabling your team to play a bigger role.

Sunil Paulose, CEO, BVC Tourism
travel agency crm

Your service has been great so far! Our company had some complicated requests and you have done your best to tweak the program according to our needs. Keep up your great work!

Chaya S., Tourus

Great Service and Prompt response. Will consider for future service too.

Vineeth Menon, CEO, VGO Travel & Tours
travel agency crm

From hearing about GoldenLion's industry-focused product to reviewing it & rolling it out, I have been very impressed with Arnab & the whole GoldenLion team. Zoho for Travel Agency is the base which we have used to build so much more over the last 2 years. I would definitely recommend them for any of your industry-specific needs.

Julien Perreard, Group Head of Digital and Online, Giltedge Travel
real estate agency crm

Perfectly customized Zoho CRM to suit our Real Estate use-case. Great job by GoldenLion team installing and helping us use it the right way. Thanks a lot, GoldenLion!

Ravi Duddukuru, CEO, PORTIQO Tech Private Limited
zoho crm for real estate

Great communication. CRM system came out as requested. Will come back for future additional work. Thanks!

Dwaine Clarke, President, GCT Commercial Real Estate
zoho crm for real estate

Arnab and GoldenLion Consulting provide top notch service, and I would highly recommend them!

Paul Z. Matysek, President, Matysek Investment Group
zoho crm for magician

I would highly recommend GoldenLion Consulting, Arnab and his team for any of your customization. Thank you Arnab, Sourav, Debraj and those that I didn't get to directly interact with but were behind the scenes working on my project for the awesome customized solution you have provided for my business.

Wij Namasivayam, Owner, Wij the Magician
zoho crm for manufacturing

GoldenLion was a true blessing to our CRM implementation. GoldenLion gave us a vision of what Zoho CRM was capable of and walked us step by step through the process. The real advantage was allowing us to speed up the “time to market” from 6 months down to 6 weeks, what an amazing ROI. Thank you!

Curtis McNeill, VP Sales, Curbco
zoho crm for manufacturing

We had a great experience with GoldenLion in rolling out Zoho CRM for 2 of our companies, viz. G P Tronics Pvt. Ltd. and Galileosolar India Pvt. Ltd. We are extremely happy with the services provided and the commitment that they have shown. Highly recommend this organization.

Saikat Roy Choudhury, Director, G P Tronics Pvt. Ltd.
zoho crm for dealer

I contacted GoldenLion through Zoho website about 3 months ago with a single question. They took the time to Skype and assist me with the issue as a courtesy. Subsequently, my company needed to improve its CRM experience, so I contacted GoldenLion again. Very professional. Very responsive. Very quick. I highly recommend using GoldenLion!

Justin Doria, Managing Partner, Vogue Performance
zoho crm for manufacturing

It has always been a pleasure working with GoldenLion.Your product, training and after sales support are all outstanding. Zoho CRM has really helped us improve our business. All the very best to GoldenLion!

Manish Gourisaria, Joint Managing Director, Lion Picture & Frames (India) Ltd.
CRM for disney vacation planner

GoldenLion has been fantastic to work with. We started a new disney vacation planner company and needed a client management system to be built from the ground up. The constant communication and prompt reply to emails and change requests were second to none. We are very pleased with both the process and the end result.

Jeff Williams, Owner and Co-founder, Key to the World Travel
CRM for disney vacation planner

GoldenLion brings my requests to life, troubleshoot my errors, and collaborate on ideas to make processes smoother, all without overwhelming me with technical specs and jargon. Together we have built a truly custom back-end system that works for my company's specific needs!

Amanda Harris, Owner, Magically Ever After Travel
CRM for disney vacation planner

GoldenLion has been invaluable to our business! They worked closely with us to create an application that exactly meets the needs of our busy travel business. Requests for help with maintenance or new features are responded to immediately. We highly recommend their services.

Heather Straight, Co-owner, Key to the World Travel
case management software

GoldenLion has a fabulous and hardworking team, we were able achieve almost everything as per our wish list, we have great input from team lead from their side on every step of development. Our overall experience with GoldenLion is fantastic, they have a great customer service, they meet the deadlines as promised.

Rohit K Sharma, Senior Technology and CRM Developer, VisaPlace
software for facility management

I am very pleased with the work GoldenLion did for Grail Management Group by developing an excellent Purchase Order Management system so that we can have control and approve purchase orders before our managers buy things. Great job!

Kevin Grail, President, Grail Management Group
travel agency crm

We initially contacted several cloud CRM. However, all these CRMs are too general and too complicated to use. Fortunately, we found the Travel CRM developed by GoldenLion. The Travel CRM offers exact features and functions that we need. We have been using the Travel CRM for the past six months and would highly recommend them to other travel agencies.

Jia Liu, Managing Director, New Insight Tour L.L.C
professional services crm

We are so impressed with GoldenLion. We work with a number of consultants and GoldenLion is simply the best. Arnab and his team are incredibly responsive, great at offering solutions to unique customizations and a pleasure to work with. We can't recommend them enough.

Richard Janes, CEO, Fanology Social
zoho crm for dealer

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for developing the quote template for me, and for doing it in such a timely manner. It's absolutely perfect for what we need, and I look forward to working with GoldenLion in the future.

Robert Simunic, Sales Director, Delcam Australia Pty Ltd
zoho crm for facility management

GoldenLion has done work for me a couple of times. I find them fast and very responsive to my questions.

Francis Waller, Partner, 3WAN Inc.
zoho crm for media

My primary reason for choosing GoldenLion was the price, but on top of that I had a feeling they would do a very good job setting up and personalizing my Zoho account, and that I would be treated with respect and courtesy. They met my expectations on all levels, and I enthusiastically recommend to anyone wanting to optimally set up their Zoho account. I expect to be working with GoldenLion in the future as my needs increase. I give them my highest recommendation.

Grant Warrens, President, Funnies Extra NW, LLC
zoho for recycling company

Arnab and GoldenLion have been excellent to work with. We have done a lot of development projects based in India and this crew has been the best, most clear and concise to work with of all. Not only do they understand our requirements they actively work to enhance them.

Chris Hansen, President, C2 Management
zoho crm for project company

I am using "Master Installation Base (MIB)" application developed and tailored by GoldenLion for our specific needs. During the course of using the same, we realised that certain alterations in our originally conceived structure, could give us more useful & informative screen retrievals and ease of data entry. Each time I approached them for any required change, I felt as if they were our exclusive partners, giving me the exact modification requested, in the shortest possible time. I marvel their dedication towards customer support. I would wish them all the success. Due to their untiring support, our MIB application has evolved to be a flawless data base.

Aditya Vikram Lakhotia, Director Technical Services, Galileisolar India Pvt Ltd
zoho crm for manufacturing

GoldenLion did a great job creating an email distribution workflow for our sales inquiry application. They were very responsive and professional. I would use them again for future Zoho work.

Jill Crossley, Director of Marketing, West Linn Paper Company
zoho crm for training provider

We have been using Zoho around a year now, and sought help from GoldenLion due to our inexperience with the tool. Since then, they have been a tremendous help.Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services, and couldn't be happier with the service we have received so far. Send them an email, and they answer within the hour! 

Luke Zane Edwards, Marketing Executive, Alpha Aviation Group
zoho crm for system integration company

We have been working with GoldenLion Consulting for the past one year and are extremely happy with their service as well as their knowledge of Zoho CRM. When we implemented Zoho CRM in our small set up we were not sure about the success but after working with Arnab and team, we are glad we went for Zoho CRM implementation with GoldenLion Consulting. They hand-held us through the customization, training and regular queries. We are extremely happy with their support and would recommend their services to everyone who is planning to implement Zoho CRM.

Sanjukta Ray, CEO, Dubai Leading Technology LLC
zoho crm for financial advisor

GoldenLion has been more than a CRM consultant to us. They have been our business coach. They seem to understand exactly what we need. Not only do they have a robust technical background about Zoho suite of products, they also have the ability to understand which area of your business needs to be worked on and they just get things done. I sincerely thank GoldenLion for their efforts in building us a superb system and for being an integral part of our team helping us make the right choices. Definetly worth having GoldenLion on Speed Dial!

Prashanth Prabhu, Founder and Principal Investment Adviser, 29k Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd
zoho crm for professional services

Awesome People and Awesome support. Knowledgeable and helpful. Technical and Passionate about what they do. Professional and Considerate, speaks a lot about them. Great team!

Sunil Sehgal, Managing Partner, TechArcis Solutions, Inc.
zoho for financial services

Not having much database experience, I was quite worried, but the team at GoldenLion quickly calmed my apprehension. Every team member was very prompt at responding to any question or concern we had and being half a world apart, I was expecting communication to be a major issue. Our project was quite large and the team was great at timelines, keeping the project moving and explaining issues/concerns along the way. I would highly recommend GoldenLion and as our database is a 'work in progress', will continue to use them in the future.

Shannon Neustaeter, Office Manager, The Howard Group Inc.
zoho crm for manufacturing

It has been a pleasure and success working with Arnab and his team. I strongly recommend his services and we surely will be continuing to use GoldenLion!

Adrian Van de Mosselaer, Director of Sales and Support Operations, SigmaDek
zoho desk

GoldenLion was a great partner for our Zoho transition. They communicated early and often, had a clear strategy to get us to the finish line quickly, and were a great value. I will definitely use them when I incorporate more advanced features into Zoho. Highly recommended!

Glenn Schatz, Director Business Development, Link Labs
zoho crm for training provider

Awesome services and great team who worked closely with us to make things happen in great software.

Aows Abdulla, General Manager, UniHouse
zoho crm for professional services

I can endorse GoldenLion without reservation. I needed a CRM for client development purposes, and Arnab and his team did not disappoint! The level of care they showed in building an easy-to-use system that would deliver great value to me was truly outstanding. An advantage that GoldenLion brings to an engagement is the amount of first-class talent that they can assign to a project. The team that GoldenLion assembled for me was truly excellent. I felt very well-served and taken care of, from my first contact with Arnab through his team’s delivery of my system. Thanks for a great job, Arnab, Debraj, Sourav, Sanjukta and Mohammed!

Matt Slavik, Principal Consultant, Slavik Consulting
zoho crm for wellness

GoldenLion have helped us customize and implement two different CRM systems and have frankly been terrific. They are great at coming up with solutions and are proactive in suggesting new work flows that have made it easier for us to implement ZOHO in our office.

Yousef Nassar, Marketing Manager (MENA), EON Aligner
zoho for travel agency

From start to finish my experience with GoldenLion has been exceptional. The developers are always on hand and available on skype and have kept me up to date with the entire process. The end product is about to go into full use and i have no doubt it will enhance my business process no end. I have already decided to have more apps developed by GoldenLion should I need in the future.

Toby Jermyn, Director, Pangolin Photo Safaris
zoho crm for manufacturing

I have been very happy with the work done by GoldenLion. They have been exceeding my expectations in every way. I will always go to them first if I need any help with Zoho in the future.

Oliver Pinnock, GM, Boss Laser
zoho crm for event marketer

Arnab and his team at GoldenLion were very cooperative in helping us streamline and customise our marketing process. I would highly recommend them to SMEs and even large corporates to implement Zoho products and take GoldenLion's assistance in doing so. They have a good understanding of the marketing and lead generation processes. Very professional and efficient team!

Anurag Agarwal, Sr. Executive, ITAG Business Solutions Ltd.
zoho crm for training provider

GoldenLion has a very strong customer oriented team. Their understanding of Zoho is exceptional. Keep up the Good work!

Vaibbhav Jain, Senior Manager - Operations, EduKart
crm for packers and movers

You guys are absolutely the best, most talented, and best service oriented company I have ever dealt with. There is not 1 request that has ever been overlooked and each time answered quickly and efficiently. I always get an immediate response which is so uncommon nowadays. We will be doing more business in the future, especially with the CRM.The custom CRM you built has literally changed the way I do business. Following up with my clients is now on Auto-Pilot which has earned me more business and has paid for my system over and over again.

Gregory S., Owner, MovingConsultant
zoho for professional services

GoldenLion's services are top-tier in every major category, from Responsiveness to Skill to Punctuality. The project finished on time, under budget and exceeded the features I requested. I am definitely going to use GoldenLion for future projects, both internal and external to CADABLE.

Michael Schumacher, Principal Consultant, CADABLE
zoho for real estate

The team at GoldenLion is not only smart and very capable, but they are extremely good  to work with. Always reasonable and very diligent. I highly recommend them!

Roberta Benzilio, Executive Vice President, Terra Development Marketing
zoho for system integrator

GoldenLion is the most responsive and responsible team that I have ever dealt with. Especially with Ratnadeep, he has been very diligent and understanding about our integration requirements. I would like to give them a 5-star diamond!​

Rudy Setiawan, CIO, Wowrack Indonesia
zoho for professional services

At SecurView, We hired GoldenLion to deploy the Zoho CRM solution. In fact, I shortlisted the product because Arnab from GoldenLion presented me the features of the product effectively and gave a level of confidence that he can deploy it to the best of our needs. I must say, he did a splendid job rolling out Zoho CRM for us. I wish GoldenLion team all the best for their future endeavors!

Amit Kulkarni, Director Business Development (EMEA, APAC), SecurView Systems
zoho for professional services

I used GoldenLion team to create a CRM solution customized to the needs of our particular industry. Not only they understood and implemented the solution in a timely manner but kept on making adjustments and enhancements even after the solution was implemented. I loved the fact that their team was always accessible and responded immediately when needed. Kudos to Arnab and his Team - Thank you for helping us accommodate our unique needs and making our Sales process efficient.

Ketan Mehta, Director/President, PrimeIT Inc.
zoho crm for trading

The people at GoldenLion have been very cooperative and understanding. They are good in their work and I am glad that I have made the right choice to move to Zoho with them.

Hemen Ruparel, CEO, Samex Agency
zoho crm for real estate

Thank you so much to Team Goldenlion for creating our customized Zoho CRM for Real Estate. We've been using Zoho for some time now and this customization will now allow our team to automate our sales process saving us time and allowing my business to deliver a better service to our customers. Thanks again, I would highly recommend the services of GoldenLion.

Matthew Holland, Director, Ray White Business Sales Sydney
zoho for retail

We were thoroughly impressed by GoldenLion's commitment towards the Zoho Creator's project! They excelled in all the parameters - time, efficiency, deep understanding of our business need, price. Absolutely 5/5 Stars!!

Prakhar Jalan, Director, Vasundhra Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.
zoho crm for trading

GoldenLion was great to work with, creating quote templates was an initial hurdle when transitioning from an old CRM to Zoho. The team there got us set up quickly with customizable templates at very competitive pricing. Would recommend them to anyone deploying Zoho.

Matt Sump, Account Executive, Shopware Inc.
Entertainer CRM

It's a great system. The staff were easy to work with, easily making all the changes I've requested. Been using the CRM for a month now, and it's making my day-to-day workload much, much lighter.

Phil Pivnick, Owner, Magic in Toronto
Website Developement

Working with the team at GoldenLion has been a breath of fresh air. GoldenLion understands that I am busy, and they use their experience and expertise to make my life easier, not complicate it. VdM Consulting Group receives praise for the work that GoldenLion has done for us. This is one of the rare cases where I feel that we receive very very good value for the money we spend on the services.

Adrian Van de Mosselaer, Principal, VdM Consulting Group
travel agency crm software

I was very pleased with the Travel Agency CRM developed by GoldenLion. I worked with Debraj Ray closely during the development. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product.

Quan Pham, Vice President, Cali Travel & Services
travel agency crm

Mohammed and his team were a real pleasure to work with. Excellent communication, highly professional, and timely delivery of EXACT spec. Thanks so much!

Dominic Meulemans, COO, African Safari Group

We hired GoldenLion to help us customize the Zoho CRM to fit our unique needs. They have been fantastic to work with. They quickly picked up on our sales and work process and have helped us to design a system that will support our team. They are responsive, extremely knowledgeable and work efficiently as a team. We will continue to use them to fine-tune our system and I would highly recommend them.

Melissa Fones, VP of Business Development, Vesta Settlements

We had a very good experience with GoldenLion. The Team is very prompt and knowledgeable. We are moving towards organizing ourselves internally as well as with our clients. GoldenLion has played a major role in achieving our growth aspiration. Thank you!

Gayatri Kini Sali, CEO, Ocea Marine Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.
zoho crm inventory template

Only the best words for this great company GoldenLion. Great service and the best support for helping with the Zoho software! Also thanks for making a great Quote template for our Zoho CRM account. Go ahead guys!

Bart Hillebrand, CEO, Hillebrand Elektroservice
Michael Schuit

I would like to recommend the GoldenLion team (ZOHO Partner) for excellent service given for the implementation of a ZOHO CRM solution for our real estate and property development companies. From start to finish Golden Lions team completed all projected objectives with the highest level of professionalism within the critical time line given. The Goldin Lion team are outcome focused with very competitive pricing. I would highly recommend their service.

Michael Schuit, Group Marketing Manager, Elan Property Group
travel agency crm

As a Travel Agent there are so many details and aspects to booking travels for Individuals and groups. Purchasing the new back office system of CRM for Travel Agents via GoldenLion Consulting was a welcome relief. Service quick and efficient and their system has set my business on the right track by keeping all my bookings organized, communication second to none with my clients and the cost of investment was a fraction of most other services. Thanks GoldenLion Consulting.

Joy Blair-Phillips, CEO, Chic Travel Management
Website Development

Team Golden Lion was entrusted to make a vibrant, business orientated and corporate-friendly website for me, my organization and my future venture. I'm extremely happy to share that their dynamic, highly professional and brilliant team not only completed the project within a challenging time frame, but they developed a vibrant website that fits my Engineering industry and aligns with my business goals perfectly. I've started seeing the magical effects in my business almost immediately. I hope GoldenLion shall touch many more professional peaks in future with their unique business approach.

Arghya Banerjee, Managing Director, Klystron Electronics Pvt Ltd.
Zoho CRM Consultant

It was a great experience to work with GoldenLion. We are very satisfied with their knowledge in providing solution on Zoho Suite of Apps to map our requirement. Thank you so much.

Vinod Matkar, Sr. Manager EDP, Kam Avida Enviro Engineers Pvt Ltd
Real Estate Developer CRM

We worked with GoldenLion to customize our needs through Zoho CRM. They were extremely responsive and helpful through the whole process, and successfully helped us create a customer service tool that is both intuitive and easy. We were very impressed with our experience and look forward to working with GoldenLion in the future!

Sarah Neal, Operations Manager, Podium Developments
Travel Agency CRM

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for the time, effort, patience and understanding given in developing our system and tailoring it to the needs of Caledonia Worldwide. You did a fantastic job and we are more than happy with the system and it’s functionality which has not only made our lives so much easier but our processes are much more efficient now too. A HUGE BIG THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US! We’ll no doubt be in touch again in the future when we have further needs. Wishing you all the very best and I look forward to being in touch with you again in the future.

Jacqueline Mesa, Travel and Operations Manager, Caledonia Worldwide
Travel Agency CRM

Our company migrated from a well-known CRM that was rigid, required all modifications/customization to be channeled through their company and was pricey to boot. We interviewed our peers and were pleased to learn that travel companies that we respected were using Zoho for their CRM and specifically the Travel Agency version developed by GoldenLion Consulting. The construct of Zoho was highly user friendly to the point that a person with reasonable technical skills can master a good deal of customization over time.


After hours of conversations with our peers and lengthy YouTube videos posted by Zoho and Golden Lion we were satisfied that Zoho was the right solution. But what about GoldenLion?


Were there any hesitations to dive into the Travel Agency version? Sure. GoldenLion is a company based in India – a 12 hour time difference. What kind of response time would we encounter? Would there be a language issue during phone meetings? Could their skill in engineering be dialed down to the non-engineer in us? Will they stand behind their product after the sale?


Wow, any angst was for naught. The experience has been extraordinarily positive. They are smart, patient and really, really important is they understand the needs of the travel industry. We didn’t have to bring them up to speed – they designed the Travel Agency version with the background of an informed travel company.


All-in-all, no regrets. We are a huge fan of the Travel Agency version provided by GoldenLion. The team in India assigned for the implementation were exceptional.

Gordon Hein, VP Finance/Operation, Latin Excursions Inc
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