Top 5 Hottest Web Designing Trends of 2017

Jan 14, 2017

In today’s fast-moving digital world website design trends are changing at lightning speed. So, if you are looking at developing a brand-new website for your business this year, keeping track of the trends predicted by top web design companies is quite essential.

Like any other creative field, Web Design trends evolve and change with time. What worked for your business last year, may be obsolete the next year. But, being a business owner, making your website up to date is crucial for your success.

So, here are top 5 web design trends that you can use to give your website a chic look.

#1 We are Likely to See More Parallax

Parallax has received a mixed reaction from web designers and UX experts since its inception. If you are not already familiar with it, Parallax is an effect that lets the background and foreground move at different speeds, creating an illusion of depth on the website.

While Parallax was much criticized in the past for weighting the website down, when used moderately and intelligently, Parallax can create stunning visual effects.

In the last year itself, the effect started to appear on a significant number of websites in various niches. The ability to create a sleek look coupled with increasingly advanced devices that are able to handle the effect, Parallax has rightfully taken its place as a favorite for web designers all over the world.

Notably, top web design companies today prefer subtle Parallax design over an on-your-face approach.

In 2017, we are likely to see more websites using the Parallax effect, subtly and intelligently.

#2 Big and Bold Typography to Bring Content in Focus

Web design trends of 2017

With increased focus on content marketing, web designers are today realizing the importance of drawing attention to the content.

Thus, ‘Big’ and ‘Bold’ typefaces that look as solid as the statement itself is likely to become a trend this year. While all caps, no-nonsense fonts are leading the trend, one can see a lot of experimentation with the font type and font color too.

The main principle here is to highlight an all-encompassing statement that sums up the essence of the website and gives the user a solid reason to scroll down.

With almost all top web design companies in love with this trend, Big and Bold typography is here to stay!

#3 Minimalistic Web Designs Continue to Rule

The ‘less is more’ principle gained momentum in 2016 and it is likely to stay on top in 2017 too.

The visual harmony created by bold typography and clever use of negative space (lots of it) is super effective to guide the users’ eyes as well as drawing attention towards the main functionalities of a web page.

Web design trends of 2017

While Google is definitely the pioneer of creating simplistic web designs, today more big names are turning towards minimalist approach to maximize user experience.

With companies as well as designers favoring the simplistic approach, minimalistic web design is going to trend throughout 2017.

#4 Bright Colors are to be Used More Widely

With the popularity of minimalistic designs, designers are increasingly introducing bright catchy colors to give personality to the web pages.

While few years ago, using bright colors like pink, yellow, orange were looked down upon, today these enthusiastic colors are highly favored by top web design companies.

Web design trends of 2017

The color drenched Home Page of Asana and the catchy app icons of Instagram show how brighter colors are capturing the fascination of designers.

Notably, gradients are also back in scene. Blending robust hues together, the gradients create depth and give character to the pages.

Keeping in mind the attraction factor these exuberant hues bring, these bold colors are most likely to dominate the web design scene this year.

#5 Mobile First Approach to Become More Popular

With more and more users switching to smart phones for browsing internet, mobile first approach for web design is going to stay on top.

Although this is not a new trend and mobile responsive web designs have been given priority for quite a few years, the fact that Google Search Bots give preference to responsive web design have given mobile first approach a whole new height.

The mobile first designing approach is also helpful for minimalist design trends, as one have to design the page for a smaller screen and is forced to choose the most important elements first. This way the designer can prioritize efficiently while designing for larger screens.

So, these are the 5 designing trends that top web design companies are swearing by!

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