CRM that Every Travel Agency Loves

A Travel Agent needs to manage myriads of data and co-ordinate amongst hundreds of leads, clients and vendors. Running a Travel Agency without a reliable, comprehensive system can be a nightmare. Hence we decided to create Travel Agency CRM, crafted specifically for the travel agencies on award winning Zoho CRM.

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How Does Travel Agency CRM Help

  • Capture Leads from Anywhere
  • Track Your Website Visitors and Convert Them as Lead
  • Create Tasks, Events, Schedule Calls, Take Notes
  • Prepare Quote and Invoice. Send in One Click
  • Organize Trip and Track Financials
  • Capture Guest Details
  • Book Supplier Reservation and Track Payment Made
  • Get Your Email Inbox inside CRM
  • Store All Communications (Email, Notes, Activity) in One Place
  • Promote Popular Destinations using Email and Social Media
  • Pre-built Reports and Dashboards
  • Powerful Workflow Automation Rules

Simple Pricing

Subscription Fee: $40/User/Month

(Billed Annually or $50 Month-to-Month)

One-Time Fee: $1997

(Travel Agency CRM and up to 15 Hours of Onboarding Services. Additional services @ USD 32/Hour)

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Subscription Fee: INR 2400/User/Month

(Billed Annually or INR 3000 Month-to-Month)

One-Time Fee: INR 1,20,000 + Tax

(Travel Agency CRM and up to 15 Hours of Onboarding Services. Additional services @ INR 1920 + Tax/Hour)

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In the last 20 years of our journey, we have worked on two CRMs, initial few years on Microsoft Dynamics and majority of the years on Salesforce. While working on Salesforce over last 10 years, it was very difficult to keep researching for multiple apps to address our business needs and keep paying to increasing number of apps for different solutions. There was zero support from Salesforce and all the issues were left for the vendor to handle. We were facing grave issues with our Salesforce vendor with little knowledge of the business and high costs and delays.

We were researching ZOHO since last few years and were not ready to shift expecting the poor level of support from the vendors, until our sister concern in north America started using ZOHO CRM successfully implemented by GoldenLion and were always appreciated in our discussions. Despite a ZOHO vendor very close to our office promising physical presence and onsite support, we went ahead with GoldenLion and were very happy with our choice of decision of migrating from Salesforce to ZOHO with GoldenLion putting our fears to rest.

We found GoldenLion extremely efficient with in depth knowledge of not only of multiple aspects of ZOHO CRM but equally good in other apps as well and most importantly were proficient with the requirements of the Travel Industry and helped us put our system up and running with minimal costs and time. I would strongly recommend GoldenLion. Teams and Management at GoldenLion is par excellence and are very efficient in understanding and addressing the issues.

Prem Syal, Founder & Chief Dreamer, HI Tours

Within the first two communications with GoldenLion I knew this was ‘the’ company to work with. They have understood the specialty of our travel business, and delivered a fantastic product. Their knowledge, commitment and feedback is outstanding; and I really look forward to future projects.

Claire Vial, Director, African Safaris Ltd

I can’t say how much I’m happy and thankful for the service provided to my company to learn and start using the software. Arnab is always there and ready to help. He has been extremely helpful and pleasant. He is very knowledgeable. He always have a smile on his face. Like I said there are no words big enough to express what I feel.

His team are also very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much.

They made this transaction very enjoyable and I am so exited to start working with the software.
I already know that it will bring my company to a new dimension.

Rene Piard, Owner, A La Carte Travel

Arnab – from the first day we spoke, I knew instinctively that your product and services were a perfect fit for my business needs. Furthermore i have been pleasantly surprised by your courteous manners and professionalism coupled with your prompt attention to my countless requests, for which i am most grateful.

You patiently ‘listened’ to all my questions and queries and have relentlessly in collaboration with your team found working practical solutions. I thank you for all your efforts and wish you every success with future business.

Nizamuddin Ismail, Managing Director,

I have been working with GoldenLion Consulting to customize Zoho CRM Plus for past 2 months. It has been absolute pleasure to work with Arnab and his team. The project was delivered on time and as per specifications. GoldenLion has exceeded my expectations in every way. I will be working with them again in future also.

Praveen Syal, Managing Director, Indus Travels
Travel Agency CRM

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for the time, effort, patience and understanding given in developing our system and tailoring it to the needs of Caledonia Worldwide. You did a fantastic job and we are more than happy with the system and it’s functionality which has not only made our lives so much easier but our processes are much more efficient now too. A HUGE BIG THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US! We’ll no doubt be in touch again in the future when we have further needs. Wishing you all the very best and I look forward to being in touch with you again in the future.

Jacqueline Mesa, Travel and Operations Manager, Caledonia Worldwide
travel agency CRM

As a Travel Agent there are so many details and aspects to booking travels for Individuals and groups. Purchasing the new back office system of CRM for Travel Agents via GoldenLion Consulting was a welcome relief. Service quick and efficient and their system has set my business on the right track by keeping all my bookings organized, communication second to none with my clients and the cost of investment was a fraction of most other services. Thanks GoldenLion Consulting.

Joy Blair-Phillips, CEO, Chic Travel Management
Travel Agency CRM

I was very pleased with the Travel Agency CRM developed by GoldenLion. I worked with Debraj Ray closely during the development. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product.

Quan Pham, Vice President, , Cali Travel & Services
travel agency crm

From hearing about GoldenLion’s industry-focused product to reviewing it & rolling it out, I have been very impressed with Arnab & the whole GoldenLion team. Zoho for Travel Agency is the base which we have used to build so much more over the last 2 years. I would definitely recommend them for any of your industry-specific needs.

Julien Perreard, Group Head of Digital and Online, Giltedge Travel

Great Service and Prompt response. Will consider for future service too.

Vineeth Menon, CEO, VGO Travel & Tours
travel agency crm

Your service has been great so far! Our company had some complicated requests and you have done your best to tweak the program according to our needs. Keep up your great work!

Chaya S., Tourus

I am pleased with how the engagement has gone so far. With minimal intervention from my side you guys have been able to roll out with the features that was required by us. And that was key for me. Going ahead we will discuss more value add in our processes enabling your team to play a bigger role.

Sunil Paulose, CEO, BVC Tourism

It has been a true pleasure working with the team at GoldenLion – not only for the professionalism but even more so for their caring and openness to new ideas. They feel like part of our team – which makes them a special partner!

Terry Suero, Director of Development, Toca Travel
travel agency crm

The team at GoldenLion have been very good to work with. They have been very attentive to my needs and been available at pretty much anytime to assist me. I am really not sure when they sleep.

Jason Webb, Managing Director, Downunder Travel Ltd

Honest consulting is an oxymoron today. But, wait until you meet the Zoho experts at GoldenLion! They implemented a customized CRM solution not only within the promised time-frame, but also went the extra mile to provide additional demo sessions. Working with GoldenLion was a refreshing experience! Highly recommended!

Harsha N Hegde, Managing Director, Dharana Technologies Pvt Ltd
Travel Agency CRM

Our company migrated from a well-known CRM that was rigid, required all modifications/customization to be channeled through their company and was pricey to boot. We interviewed our peers and were pleased to learn that travel companies that we respected were using Zoho for their CRM and specifically the Travel Agency version developed by GoldenLion Consulting. The construct of Zoho was highly user friendly to the point that a person with reasonable technical skills can master a good deal of customization over time.


After hours of conversations with our peers and lengthy YouTube videos posted by Zoho and Golden Lion we were satisfied that Zoho was the right solution. But what about GoldenLion?


Were there any hesitations to dive into the Travel Agency version? Sure. GoldenLion is a company based in India – a 12 hour time difference. What kind of response time would we encounter? Would there be a language issue during phone meetings? Could their skill in engineering be dialed down to the non-engineer in us? Will they stand behind their product after the sale?


Wow, any angst was for naught. The experience has been extraordinarily positive. They are smart, patient and really, really important is they understand the needs of the travel industry. We didn’t have to bring them up to speed – they designed the Travel Agency version with the background of an informed travel company.


All-in-all, no regrets. We are a huge fan of the Travel Agency version provided by GoldenLion. The team in India assigned for the implementation were exceptional.

Gordon Hein, VP Finance/Operation, Latin Excursions Inc

Questions You Might Have

Which Edition of Zoho CRM Should I Use?

In order for the customization to work, you must be a subscriber of the Enterprise Edition of Zoho CRM.

How Much Does Travel Agency CRM Cost and What Do I Get?

Travel Agency CRM is available at an One-time fee. However you need to pay subscription fee for Zoho.

What's the Delivery Time?

We will deliver you the customized version of Travel Agency CRM within 4 Working Days.

How Can I Sign Up for Zoho CRM Account?

You can sign up for a Free Trial here. This will be the Standard Zoho CRM, Not the customized version.

Can I Further Customize Travel Agency CRM in Future?

Yes. You can either do it yourself OR hire us at an affordable fee.

Am I Locked with Zoho?

No! Never. You are not locked into any long-term contracts. You can pay monthly or yearly, whichever works best for you.

I Already Have a Zoho CRM Account. What to Do?

If you already have a Zoho CRM account, our customization will not work. You need to create a new account.

Can I Have a Demonstration Before I Buy Travel Agency CRM?

Yes! Of course. We would love to do that. You can schedule your session here.

What Support Do I Get Once I Go Live?

You get 24/7 Support over Email from GoldenLion. Besides that you get support from Zoho via LiveChat, Email and Phone.

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