Travel Agency Marketing: Why CRM is the Most Potent Tool

Jun 25, 2021

Travel agency marketing is all about reaching out to the right audience, at the right time and with the right information. While you might be running a number of offline and online marketing campaigns, the big question is, are you running them effectively! Well, your CRM can help you in running an effective marketing campaign and improve your ROI significantly. Interesting, right? 

CRM is primarily the tool that streamlines your sales process. While this is absolutely true, you can leverage CRM data for fine-tuning your marketing campaigns and take them to the next level. Let’s see how! 

What Travel Agency Marketing entails in the Present Climate?

The Present Climate has had a significant effect on the travel industry. Covid-19 had brought the entire travel industry to a complete halt. With travel bans being lifted all around the globe, the industry is bouncing back heavily. And recent times have shown the tourism industry to be one of the most resilient ones.  

Worldwide, travel agencies are either resuming operations or planning their grand comeback. So, it might be a right for you as well to evaluate your marketing strategy and optimize the same. However, before you can rush into the strategizing mode, there are a few points that you must keep in mind. 

Engaging the customers properly

Engaging existing customers is the wisest thing you can do right now! To be honest there’s no hard and fast rule here. You can implement a referral system where existing customers can refer new leads to you as well as incentivize them with some discount offers, goodies or benefits in return. 

Also make sure to start sharing interesting information, travel updates etc. to keep your existing customers engaged. A lot of times, especially if you are dealing with a select luxury clientele, a personal phone call can work wonders. 

The approach might differ based on your customer profiles, their age group etc. But the key here is to keep communication open and strengthen the engagement with your existing customers.  

Turning Insights into Action

Are you sure that you do not want to turn your business insights into action during this present climate? Take our opinion and do it immediately with the help of a proper CRM system. Also, use the CRM system wisely to identify and solve customer problems in real-time. Keeping this in mind, you can also use the behavioral data of the customers, identify their engaging patterns and customize the marketing in a specific manner. 

With the insights, you can seamlessly identify which customers are buying more from you or which customers are engaging more with your business. If you want to centralize all the customer data and insights into one place to avoid confusion, you will also have the liberty for the same. You will also get the idea about their patterns from a mobile application if you have one. All with just the help of proper insights. Just make sure to keep the data or insights well researched and analyzed and you will be ready to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers in the present climate.

Go online with your marketing efforts

If you do worry about working offline with your marketing team in the present climate, I feel you should immediately digitize your marketing efforts. The digital transformation will help you and your marketing team achieve the goals in the best possible fashion and with less effort. You can also use CRM systems to digitize the marketing efforts and provide answers to customer queries. Not just that! Your marketing process for your company will also start to improve when you move the marketing operations online.

You can use different modules of the CRM system you are using and focus on customers and leads of your choice. You can also choose to select the marketing campaigns, just the way you like it. If you aim for the best results, undergoing digital transformation is the key.

How does an intuitive CRM system boost marketing for travel agencies?

For travel agencies, CRM systems have been of some great help. Ranging from automation of different operations to keeping track of leads and sales, CRM systems help the travel agencies in one way or another. However, an intuitive CRM system can help boost marketing for travel agencies in a more curated fashion.

Assimilate every information and data in one place

With the Travel Agency CRM system, you can easily assimilate and gather all the important information in one place. The data remains entirely centralized and can be easily accessible. The Travel Agency CRM provides travel agencies with a wide range of features that they can effectively utilize to ramp up marketing and close more leads and sales. The “Home” module in the CRM system will provide all the details regarding the sales, fixed departures, leads by agents, vendor payments, and much more. Along with this, the “Leads” module will also provide the details regarding all the leads along with the contact information. All this data and experiences gets tailored and centralized as per the requirements of the consumer and also helps the travel agency marketing team to identify the different purchase patterns.

Capture and follow-up lead from different sources

Capturing and closing leads is crucial for any travel agency business. With the proper Travel Agency CRM system in place, you can easily capture leads from various sources, be it websites or social media, or spreadsheets, and incorporate them into your system for better tracking and analysis. You can analyze each lead separately, follow up with them and also track them at your convenience. This allows for effective lead nurturing. One of the best features of the Travel Agency CRM is that you can even set rules for the distribution of the leads amongst your team members which makes the lead nurturing task relatively easy.

Application of the 80/20 rule

Business and business marketing utilizes the 80/20 rule in most scenarios. Known as the Pareto Principle, this rule helps to assert that 80% of the outcomes or profits result from 20% of the inputs or leads. Business organizations use the 80/20 rule to discover and prioritize inputs that can be the most profitable. With the Travel Agency CRM system, you can easily find out which customers help to bring your business the most profits, which customers contribute significantly to the growth, and who falls under the 20% category. This way you can easily target those customers using the CRM, follow up with them, and sell more to them.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Email campaigns play a big role in any type of business marketing. However, it is not always profitable to send a similar type of email to all the customers as every customer has their requirements. This is where the targeted email campaigns set in. You can effectively sync your contacts and leads based on interests, geographic locations, purchased trips, and much more. Once done, you can easily send the targeted marketing emails to the leads to drive sales and nurture the leads properly. “Email Campaigns” module in the CRM system provides details to this. The “Contacts” module provides details for synchronization and sorting of the leads and contacts. The “Email Campaigns” module in the CRM system will also provide details regarding the reach of the campaign, email opens by location, email opens by time, and much more.

Record passengers contact details easily

With the Travel Agency CRM in position, you can easily check for the passenger and contact details and update them accordingly. The CRM system will allow you to identify your contacts as “Primary Contact”, “Guest” or “Primary Contact and Guest”. This classification will make it easy for you to identify and contact them accordingly. You can also utilize the “Contacts” module to find out the details of the passengers and send them a contact details form, if necessary. The CRM system helps you to easily develop the form and send it to the passengers to make them update it according to their requirements. This helps to prevent any sort of errors and improve the data accuracy.

Quotes and Invoices makes it easy for payments

The use of a Travel Agency CRM to check for statistics, quotes, and invoices are critical for the administration of sales and travel agency marketing ideas. Frequently, check the sales statistics and conversion stage. The statistics include every part of the sales process. You can check for and create the quotes accordingly using the Travel Agency CRM system. Once the quote gets approved by the customers, you can convert them into invoices and start recording the payments. The Travel Agency CRM also helps to keep a track of the payments  already made by the company.

Automated reminders mails

One of the biggest reasons most travel companies see a downfall in leads and sales relates to not following up with the consumers after they came back from a trip. If you are a company owner, do not make that mistake. Repeated follow-ups with your business customers are an integral part of travel agency marketing. With the assistance of the Travel Agency CRM system, you can easily keep in touch with your customers regularly by sending them reminder emails, postcards, special day wishes, and much more. This will help to develop a close and strong relationship between the company and the customers and will help ensure better leads and sales.

Final thoughts

The Travel Agency CRM is go-to software for your travel agency business. Apart from scaling up the sales and leads gathering process, the travel agency CRM will also help you to improve your marketing efforts and help to grow your company in the right direction. Also, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have got any queries regarding the same. Our team members are available to help you with any of your queries. Feel free to reach out to us or order a No-Obligation Demonstration of the Travel Agency CRM today

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