Upgrade Your Business With The Best Features Of Travel Agency CRM

Nov 10, 2021

Living in 2021 is almost anti-utopian for us as the future remains uncertain. But we always expect the perfect magical vacation to soothe our senses and rejuvenate. That is why travel industries, as we all know, have to deal with a myriad of complexities to suit every customer’s preference. It is perhaps one of the only industries all around the world that has walked great miles to resurrect during the pandemic era. 

As a Travel Agency, the need for streamlining your business is greater than ever. And, Travel Agency CRM is the right choice here for you. Not only does it help you create a tailored experience for your customers, but also helps you visualize your business health with real-time data analytics. It is just what you need! 

So, get ready to take that load off your chest as Travel Agency CRM comes bearing gifts. Let’s explore the best features of this CRM tool and how you can implement them. 

Manage Your Contact Details Effortlessly

When you’re running a business, unquestionably your customers are your prime concern. And we are sure you must have countless contacts too. A simple spreadsheet holding all the entries of your customers does not seem enough. Other than the broad functionalities that Travel Agency CRM comes with, its basic feature is to manage relationships with your contacts. Yes, of course, you can store and segment every touchpoint interaction with all your clients, record your passengers by pulling out information from your contacts, but also you can simply tag a contact for any other trip passenger. You don’t need to create another separate contact for an existing customer who’s opting for a new trip.

Along with this, you can also update their details.You can send out the ‘Contact Details’ form to them so that they can review and update their passport details, birthdates, anniversaries, address details, or any other information. The moment your client updates his/her details, your CRM system auto-populates all the information fields. This improves the accuracy of your customer data and also saves a lot of time on your behalf.

Engineer Your Fixed Departure Trips Easily 

Operating custom trips, as well as Fixed Departure trips, can make your hands full, we know. That is exactly why we have crafted this CRM application so that you never fall through the crack. In case of a fixed departure trip, first, you need to get your bases covered to market on your website. You need to create or plan a trip (as a product in your CRM) including the start and end dates, the destination, the accommodation capacity (i.e. the PAX or headcount number of passengers and the number of rooms). As soon as these trips attract website traffic and people start booking, all the details regarding the confirmed cases, the balanced capacity in terms of accommodation gets calculated and auto-populated in the respective fields. You can also check how many leads got generated, how many of them were confirmed as trips, and all the vendor reservations that you’ll be needing for this single trip. 

A quick tip– you need to create fixed departure trips as a product so that it becomes easier for you while generating quotes and invoices. Indeed a next-level advancement! 

Enhance Your Sales Cycle 

In this dynamic digital world, people have become increasingly tech-savvy and they do have a clear picture of what they exactly need. Be certain that they have invested a lot of thought while planning a trip. However, as a tour operator, you can guide them so that they find it easier to make the right choice. 

With Travel Agency CRM, you can engage them with automated emails and content disruption to understand and suit their preferences. Or else, you can also assign tasks to your team members to follow up with your clients to give them an extra scoop of personalization. The more you match their needs, the more they’re attracted to your trips. Findstack research surveys show 79% of business buyers find it crucial to interact with a salesperson while making a purchase. It’s no surprise that when you shorten and enhance your sales cycle, your customers are likely to buy sooner than one can expect. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to drive your sales and less tedious for your customers to brood over their purchases. Almost a win-win situation here!

Drive Your Sales With Email Campaigns 

Radicati Group has shown that over 293 billion emails are sent every day. It is also expected that nearly by the end of 2022, there will be over 4.2 billion email users. Imagine how elaborately you can use email marketing campaigns to drive your sales! With Zoho campaigns integrated with Travel Agency CRM, you can create and trigger attractive personalized email campaigns to market your popular destinations, nurture your leads, and increase your sales. You get real-time statistics and trigger auto-responders for newsletters. You can also record your customers’ responses, whether they have opened the emails or not, analyze their engagement, view click and open rates. Quite interestingly, you can also check the geographical location of where these campaigns have been opened.

The icing on the cake fact? You get pre-designed campaigns that you can always customize with your content so that you don’t need to start from scratch. Epsilon states that nearly 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide a personalized experience. Therefore, you can send out customized campaigns for seasonal promotions, or discounts on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Send Out Attractive Quotes

We know that you want to stand out from the crowd by providing the best customer experience. A typical run-on-the-mill kind of approach is not enough. Also, your ultimate goal is to make your trips profitable. The moment a lead shows interest in one of your trips and requests for a quote, you can create beautiful quotes with pre-designed custom-branded templates. You can add products against that quote by in-line editing as per your client’s requirements and the costs of all your services will be auto-populated by your CRM tool. Now once you select a product, say a trip, you can paste the itinerary details in the respective section as well. When it gets approved, you can update the quote stages accordingly. Super cool! 

Generate Invoices In Minutes 

Once you get your customer’s consent to move forward, you can quickly generate an invoice by converting that quote and of course, all the quote details will be flown into the invoice as well. When you start getting deposits from your client, you can record their payment details accordingly. In case of any further alterations, you can simply fill out the payment fields by global or in-line editing. Also, you can create your invoices with stunning pre-designed templates, just like you did for the quotes.

Manage Vendor Communications 

For running a travel business, you must have strong alliances with a plethora of vendors. Travel Agency CRM stores and organizes all the required vendor information in your system. So, when you select a vendor, you can check whether your customers’ preferences are matched appropriately. And accordingly, you can send reservation requests for your customers and track them till they respond. You can get the best deals on your client’s behalf and generate beautiful custom-branded vouchers for them once your suppliers confirm your reservations. The best part here is that you can calculate commissions payable to your vendors and track the ultimate revenue profit that you could pull off from a particular trip. So no more pondering over an issue because your CRM software does it all for you!

Introduce Gamification Scope 

No matter how efficiently you manage your travel business, there’s always a scope for improvement. Now as the leader, you need to be creative and innovate new ideas to improve overall productivity. So, other than boosting the morale of your teammates, setting higher benchmarks to achieve, and analyzing their performance, you can introduce the scope of gamification. You can always make a healthy competitive workspace to make it more interesting for them and increase your company productivity. Killing two birds with one stone!

Data-Driven Sales Strategies 

Automation is hands-down a gift of this digital era. With this CRM software, you can easily manage the colossal amount of data to analyze every minute detail. You get standard customizable reports and multiple dashboards to analyze all the important business metrics. These dashboards demonstrate full visibility on where your deal stands, how many leads are there, the current status, and also, you can customize these as per your choosing.

In short, 

We know you’ve probably outdone yourself from yesterday. And of course, you want to grow your travel business even bigger. But when you implement this feature-rich Travel Agency CRM, you’ll be harnessed with 10x power. We’ve helped 700+ businesses so far, yours could be the next one, for sure! 

Here’s an amazingly factual video down below about how you can implement these features for your business to reach skyscraping heights! 

Click on this link for more information and grab this opportunity. After all, it’s a CRM solution that everyone loves! 

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