Use the Power Of CRM to Boost Your SEO

Jan 27, 2017

Customer Relationship Management System, in short CRM is crucial for your sales conversion and business growth. While most modern businesses today understand the power of a simple CRM for gathering, nurturing, and converting leads, very few use the CRM to its full potential.

Yes, a cloud CRM can do much more than simplify your sales funnel!

Your CRM is a data gold-mine, which if used properly can give direction to your marketing efforts and propel your SEO.


Well, as bizarre as it may sound, your CRM can do wonders to your SEO. Here’s how!

Unmatched Keyword Insight

Identifying proper keywords and optimising your website according to those, is one of the crucial aspects of SEO. While there are many tools for identifying the trending keywords for your industry or business, nothing gives insight on your consumers’ search pattern better than a simple CRM. The Lead Score tab in your CRM shows exactly where a specific lead has come from.

 Moreover, you can also incorporate some customization to track the individual pages from which a lead is generated. This insight can prove to be essential for your entire SEO efforts.

 With complete knowledge about which search phrases or landing pages are working for your business and which are not, you can obviously streamline your SEO efforts to be more focused and thus, more successful.

 This way, identifying the better performing keywords and optimizing your website home page, product pages and other additional pages to those becomes completely hassle-free.

Simplified Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the holy grail of awesome SEO today! Today, all major search engines give preference to user generated content such as online reviews and ratings about any business. Thus, one cannot ignore the need of reputation management while chalking an effective SEO strategy. And, reputation management starts with nurturing proper relationships with your existing customers. Here, CRM is definitely your one and only tool!

With an advanced cloud CRM in place, you can easily synchronize your marketing and sales efforts across the organisation to offer a unique and rewarding experience to your customers and leads. Having ensured customer satisfaction to the best of your abilities, you’ll be able to collect favorable testimonials to put up on your website as well as other online platforms such as Yelp, Google or any other review site.

Positive reviews and 5 star ratings not only add to your SEO efforts, but also directly affects your sales numbers, by adding credibility to your business.

Highly Focused SEM Strategies for Generating More Leads

If you are a business, offering more than one products or services, you know as well as any expert, that each product or service has a peak performing time. For example, if you are a travel agency offering several travel packages, you can see the Honeymoon Packages bringing more leads and in turn, more sales during the wedding season.

 By maintaining a CRM, you would be able to see which product or service is performing the best during which time of the year. You can do this analysis and segmentation as per the time of the year, the best performing product in a category and so on.

Armed with this intelligence, you can now create highly focused SEM strategies and invest your entire time and money on the top products only.

Using your CRM negligence will not only give concrete direction to your SEM strategies, but also will give you a better ROI figure.

Engage the Social Channels to Suit Your Customers’ Preferences

Although it’s stating the obvious, your cloud CRM carries a vast pool of intelligence about your customers and leads! And, in today’s world, when businesses are increasingly striving to create personalised experiences for their consumers, this intelligence can prove to be a game changer.

 You can track your leads and customers through a simple CRM and engage with them socially through various channels. Be it Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn or Instagram that you are using for your business, by taking a look at your leads’ and customers’ social profiles you’ll know how to engage them in conversation.

On one hand this approach lets you target individual prospects (if you choose to do so); on the other hand, this will give an overall understanding of your customers’ preferences and help you create more engaging social media contents to engage existing customers and leads as well as attract new ones.

Focused Content Creation

Content creation is one of the main pillars of a great SEO strategy. The created content should not only be useful for your target audience, but also should be positioned strategically to aid your SEO efforts.

 When it comes to content creation, CRM again is an infallible source of insight! With a simple CRM system in place, you can clearly see the purchase patterns and preferences of your customers and thus, can predict the same for your target audience. This invaluable insight is sure to help you create content that appeals to your target audience and solve their pain points.

Not only content creation, when it comes to content placement, a cloud CRM can prove to be a pretty helpful tool. By maintaining a proper CRM system, your content team can identify the thought leaders among your customers and approach them for meaningful guest blogging opportunity as well as detailed case studies on your products or services.

 CRM intelligence can thus, lend focus to your content creation which in turn help SEO.

Last Words

A CRM is an advanced source of information and insight for your business. While you may be using it as a sales conversion tool for years, it is time to dig a little deeper and unleash its true potentials.

So, use these tips and tricks to combine your SEO efforts with the in-depth insight of your cloud CRM to optimism your digital presence and maximize your ROI.

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