Authority Figure in the Fields of Turnkey Electrical Solutions

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Authority Figure in the Fields of Turnkey Electrical Solutions

After spending 25+ years in building and running Klystron Electronics Pvt Ltd, one of the most reputed turnkey electrical solution providers in Eastern India, Mr. Arghya Banerjee felt the need of giving back to the society and more specifically to the industry. Thus, he started mentoring a young business who have just stepped into the world of turnkey electrical solutions. Besides that, he also wanted to reach out to people who are looking for expert guidance to help them plan and execute large-scale turnkey electrical projects. Mr. Banerjee wanted to build a website that not only showcases his expertise and experience to the world, but also captures the very essence of his personality. Keeping this goal in mind, GoldenLion team designed and developed this website with a motto ‘less is more’. The website not only features a beautiful responsive design, but also comes with an easy to use content management system. So, if you are looking at developing a personal website, get in touch with us and see your personal brand grow!

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Working with the team at GoldenLion has been a breath of fresh air. GoldenLion understands that I am busy, and they use their experience and expertise to make my life easier, not complicate it. VdM Consulting Group receives praise for the work that GoldenLion has done for us. This is one of the rare cases where I feel that we receive very very good value for the money we spend on the services.

Adrian Van de Mosselaer, Principal, VdM Consulting Group

We wanted to scale our business for a very long time. We had been looking for the right partner. When we first interacted with the team of GoldenLion, we realized that they have the potential to help us with it. With my personal experience I can vouch for them. And they can be a great resource for you as well.

Pritish Shroff, Partner, Graphic Enterprises
Website Development

Team Golden Lion was entrusted to make a vibrant, business orientated and corporate-friendly website for me, my organization and my future venture. I’m extremely happy to share that their dynamic, highly professional and brilliant team not only completed the project within a challenging time frame, but they developed a vibrant website that fits my Engineering industry and aligns with my business goals perfectly. I’ve started seeing the magical effects in my business almost immediately. I hope GoldenLion shall touch many more professional peaks in future with their unique business approach.

Arghya Banerjee, Managing Director, Klystron Electronics Pvt Ltd.


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