What is Your Website Saying About Your Business? (Infographics)

May 3, 2017

For most business owners, getting found by prospective customers and generating their interest about the products or services on offer is crucial.

So, how exactly your customers found you?

Not long ago, we were in the process of creating some case studies on some of our most unique and challenging projects. And when we were interacting with our customers, we realized 99% of them found us via internet!

They landed on our website, liked what they saw and got in touch with us!

Dive a bit deeper into it and you’ll find 81% of shoppers conduct thorough research on internet before engaging with a business or a brand.

And here is the significance of your website!

Your professional or personal website is THE FIRST point of contact with your customers!

This statement is equally true for small businesses, mid-size and large businesses, as well as consultants.

So, why the look and feel of you professional or personal website is SO VERY IMPORTANT to you?

Remember you first job interview?

The amount of time you spent getting ready for it! You wanted to wear your best suits, your best shoes, you put on some great perfume, you even carried a mouth freshener!   More importantly, you carried your resume (duly checked for any kind of error) and every other credential for academic achievements as neatly as possible!


To make the first impression worthwhile, of course!

It’s not so different with your website too.

When your customers land on your website, you want them to think how neat the website is. How amazing it looks and feels! More importantly, how easily they can find the information they are looking for!

You want to create a first impression that oozes competence and generates confidence.

Now the question is, whether your website is doing this for you or not?

So, what’s your website saying about your business?

Well, your website is interacting with your customers right now!

Whether it’s a highly engaging and interesting conversation or a sloppy one, is up to you to decide.

So, let’s take stock of the situation and access what element of your website is saying what to your prospects!




Now that you know what your website is saying to your customers and prospects, go ahead, ensure that it says all the right things!

And, if you want a pair of (in fact, quite a few pairs of) unbiased and expert eyes conduct a review, click HERE, for a NO OBLIGATION video review of your professional or personal website.

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