Zoho CRM for Real Estate Developer: Everything in One Place

Dec 23, 2020

A real estate developer has a lot of responsibilities when establishing the functionalities involved in a real estate business. Also, it is a necessity for them to work with large groups and coordinate with the stakeholders.

This makes the job of the real estate developer challenging, exciting, and critical.

So, a real estate developer is the one who manages all the nitty-gritty of a real estate project. This can be an individual or a liable company that takes care of all the assets, legalities, leads, and relevant documentation work.

Hence their responsibilities usually are based on managing properties, getting leads, allocating buildings, generating offers, collecting rents, looking after the records, etc. 

A real estate business is a profitable venture. This is because the possession of properties is equivalent to having a comfortable lifestyle, creating a huge demand-based market. Statistics suggest that the real estate sector is the second-largest workforce employer and accounts for 6% of the economy in the country.  

Also, the interdependent nature of this business indirectly boosts other sectors and suppliers. Hence this sector handles the income of 30 million construction workers.

So if you are good with your work, you can totally lure in the profits right into your pocket. But the intricacies that this work involves require a meticulous system that will enable you to work flawlessly.  

Well, we have the right solution for you!

In this article, we will discuss how you can smoothly sail through these functions by using Zoho’s Real Estate Developer CRM.

How Can Zoho Real Estate Developer CRM Help You Work Like a Pro?

Being a real estate developer, it is of utmost importance that you perfectly execute all the tasks. A single mistake can be very problematic, not only for the project but also for your company’s reputation.

Now, when managing a real estate project manually, it can get daunting if you shuffle from one folder to another to get hold of all the details and documents. This also increases the risk of making fatal errors.

So, to make your life easy, we bring to you Zoho Real Estate Developer CRM

This CRM is specifically tailored to meet the needs of managing various processes performed by the real estate developers.

The best part about this CRM is that you will get all data and communication centralized in one place. This will make it easy for you to quickly navigate to the required information. Hence it will keep the entire work-flow smooth and flawless.

Also, this system uses the exact nomenclature of the real estate sector, making the CRM relatable and easy to comprehend.

Another exciting feature of this CRM is that you can operate and do all your work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Hence, this makes it convenient for you and your team to work uninterruptedly. 

Now, without further ado, let me quickly talk about how you can operate this CRM tailored for real estate developers.

1. Property Management

With this powerful CRM system, you can manage and track the developmental units and buildings. Also, you can tap the main units with the additional units of the property, like the parking lot, etc.  

The Real Estate Developer CRM gives you feature through which you can save, view, and update any information relevant to your development project.

Real Estate Developer CRM: Units

What’s more is that it is integrated with Google Maps, allowing you to share the location of the property easily with your prospects and clients.

Real Estate Developer CRM: Developments

As you can see, the Development summary will give you an overview of all the real estate projects undertaken by you. 

When you click on one of them, you will get access to all the details related to the project, including attorney information and brokerage firm commission.

To get a systematic view of all the property allocations and other detailed information, you can access the stacking plan.

Real Estate Developer CRM: Units

Real Estate Developer CRM: Stacking Plan Report

Hence, with a well-laid stacking plan report, you will have a better understanding of the status of each property. This will make it easy and quicker for you to market the properties to prospects and clients. 

Moreover, this also reduces the chance of making vital mistakes, which can be detrimental to the project.

If you want to know more about how sellers can list properties, then check this video out:

2. Sales Pipeline

With the Real Estate Developer CRM, you can smoothly execute the entire sales cycle.  

Right from the point, when a prospect registers an inquiry to your website, the integrated system will pickup the lead and start the initial sales process.

You will get to see the details of all the leads that get stored in the CRM. This will help you understand when and how to nurture them into becoming clients from being a prospect.

As you strike the deal, the client information gets automatically stored in the contact details. 

Real Estate Developer CRM: Contacts

Moreover, the CRM will prompt you at every stage for the appropriate action, when executing the sales process. Right from initiating a meeting to generate important documents and paperwork, the system will guide you and make sure that you do not miss out on any step, which can go against your company.

Real Estate Developer CRM: step-by-step guidance

You can also get a canvas view,  which makes it easy for you to see all the essential data and information. You get to glance at the deal stages, closing date, total price, and other relevant information of the selected unit without clicking on the deal.

Zoho CRM: Canvas View

With this CRM you will never miss out on any crucial appointments and follow-ups with your prospects and customers. Once you log in to the Real Estate Developer CRM, it will notify you about the upcoming activities, listed under the open activities section.

Open Activities section in CRM

Also, you can view all the deal information in the visual format via graphs and lists. This will help you detect the status of each deal in the pipeline.

Deal visual statistics

3. Manage Crucial Documents and Payments

Raising an invoice, generating offers, and managing lawyer’s fees and brokerage commission can make the work process really complicated. But with the Real Estate Developer CRM, you can effortlessly generate all the relevant documents with the necessary details.

With interesting automated features that simplify the entire documentation process, you can generate offers and deal sheets.

Generate deal Offer and deal sheet

Once you click the Generate Offer Form option, it will automatically fill in the information of the deal, stored in the CRM. You can also download a PDF version of this form to use it as required.

Offer Form

Not just that!

You can also generate a Deal sheet.

A deal sheet reflects all the important information regarding the deal, making the interaction process transparent.

Deal sheet

You no longer have to manually provide all the details. This is because this system will do the work for you, eliminating all the risks of inaccuracy.

When it comes to payment, it is a common practice for the customers to pay the rent in installments. In that case, it becomes quite a tussle to track and update the invoice with the exact deposit.

With the Real Estate Developer CRM, you can straighten up your wrinkled forehead, and avoid the strenuous glare of calculating and monitoring the transactions. 

The CRM automatically parts out the payment into fixed installments as milestones, making things convenient for you and your clients. This also allows you to track the due dates for the upcoming payments.


Real Estate Developer CRM is what you need if you really want to excel in your work. With this system, you can track and monitor all the aspects of your real estate project and will be in a better position to make significant decisions.

Moreover, the centralized aspect of structuring all the details of the customer in one space makes it easy for you to gather data. This also improves speed, enabling you to respond and deliver quickly.

This CRM is meant for anyone who wants to grow and expand their enterprise. You will get features like none other at a super affordable price. The features help to create multichannel for better functionality, can be customized limitlessly, allows team collaboration, enables tight security on crucial data, can be integrated with other Zoho applications seamlessly, and can be accessed from any screen size.

The system makes property management, sales-cycle management, and documentation super-easy, making sure you can continue to handle as many customers as possible.

If you want to know more about the Real Estate Developer CRM, then it is time for an expert consultation!

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