Zoho Launches Remote Collaboration Tool, Remotely to Beat the COVID-19

Mar 26, 2020

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, social distancing and self-isolation are the new norms. So, it’s no wonder that businesses across the globe have adopted remote working as a means to keep the work going! While, working from home is definitely the safest way to run the business right now, it comes with its own set of challenges.

So, if you are scared that you cannot be fully functional during working from home, relax and hear me out! There’s a brighter side to this as well! (Oh yes, you heard me right!)

Let us look at the brighter sides of working from home

  • Working from home can be cost effective. No need to spend on commuting, buying expensive professional wardrobes.
  • Working from home gives the flexibility to determine your suitable working hours.
  • Lesser distractions when you work from home. You can easily avoid unnecessary interruptions from your co-workers.
  • Less stressful because you do not have to face traffic jams and worry about getting late to work.
  • You can both work and spend time with your family.

Now, isn’t that a silver lining? But the real challenge of working from home is team collaboration and productivity.

Zoho Launches Remotely to Combat the Crisis

As mentioned, Team Collaboration and increased Productivity are the two areas that business are worried about today. With the present economic scenario in mind, businesses need to focus more on serving customers better, upskilling their resources and building a strong team that can help them withstand this tough time.

Keeping this in mind, Zoho recently launched Remotely, a remote team collaboration tool that lets you coordinate with your team and keep the productivity high during this crisis time.

Here’s how Remotely can help your business:

Meetings: Meetings are an integral part of team collaboration. Whether it is for planning a strategy or reviewing a completed project, meetings with your internal team members as well as your prospects and customers are super critical. And, there’s no reason to shy away from meetings at all!

Remotely comes with applications like Cliq, Meeting and Show Time, which let you hold meetings, conferences, training like a pro. Moreover, the suite of apps lets your instant message and group chat, making your internal communication absolutely effortless!

Collaboration: Team collaboration is the building block for any successful business. And in times like this when people are going through a lot uncertainty, keeping your collaboration channels open will not only ensure project delivery, but also help you in keeping the team together.

Remotely helps you in nailing this area with collaborative tools like WorkDrive, Projects and Sprints. So, even if you are managing large projects with multiple stakeholders, you can manage all tasks, set due dates, access required documents, assess progress without breaking a sweat!

Customer Service: What if you are offering customer service and troubleshooting? Well, you can easily use cloud-based remote support tools like Assist and Lens to offer these services from the safety of your home. So, no need to put your team at risk or let your custom support request go unanswered!

Next Step

The entire world is facing a challenge! While this definitely is temporary, and it is super critical to handle this time with caution. Keeping the team together and business running are two primary concerns of the most businesses today. And this is where remote collaboration tools like Zoho Remotely can make a real difference.

Sign up for Zoho Remotely today and nail remote working like a pro!

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